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RealAstrologers needs your help!

Initially, there were two of us, but Diane left in March 2010, and now I’m on my own to write and program all the content, perform all the webmaster duties, and foot all the bills. It’s too much for one person and not a viable long-term strategy.

Taking RealAstrologers into the future will require funding, and that’s why I’m appealing directly to you.

Before I tell you how you can help, consider that you have had access 24/7 to some of the most original, insightful astrology content on the Internet, free of charge and without interruption by annoying advertising. Delivering this service to you is nearly a full-time job, for which I receive no pay. I don’t have a rich husband or anyone else to support me. No trust funds, venture capital, or other financing. NPR has charitable foundations to underwrite their costs. Nothing like that here.

In short, I’ve been carrying the load myself and have kept RealAstrologers going only through hard work and personal sacrifice. Unless I’m able to transform RealAstrologers into a self-sustaining venture, I’ll need to fold.

There are three important ways you can help keep this site growing:

Make a donation. Clicking on the “donate” button in the right sidebar will take you to PayPal, where you can make a secure contribution. Any amount would be appreciated. If everyone who enjoys this site gave up one latte or beer a month, that’s all it would take. Those of you who are able to give more would help cover those who genuinely don’t have the means. (To those who recently made very generous donations, you have my heart-felt gratitude.)

Get a reading. Diane and I initially conceived RealAstrologers as our storefront, with a blog on the side to give you an idea of our style and approach to astrology. That hasn’t worked very well, as most of you come to the site for the free content and then leave. How many shops could stay open if every customer came into the store for the free samples and left without a purchase? Click here for a complete list of affordable reports and forecasts found exclusively on RealAstrologers, and here to learn more about telephone readings.

Provide start-up funding. If you have access to venture capital or know someone who does, I have a business plan to add lots of exciting and innovative services to this site. In just over two years, RealAstrologers has amassed a readership in 133 countries on six continents. There are many possibilities for monetizing this loyal user base, without compromising the authenticity, honesty, and spiritual integrity that RA readers have come to rely upon and expect.

Regardless of how you choose to support RealAstrologers, your contribution is a valuable investment, with an ROI that isn’t just about the money, but also about your spiritual well-being, which in turn impacts your happiness and material abundance. It’s a different way of looking at the world, and I believe that’s what most of you are here for.

Please won’t you contribute today?