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Order a Report

Thank you for choosing a report from RealAstrologers! Please follow this simple two-step process to place your order.

  1. Fill in all the blanks in the form below. You will get a more complete report if you know your birth time, so be sure to include it in the “message” field with your birth data.* If you’re ordering a compatibility report and have a birth time for only one person (probably you), write “birth time unknown” for the second person.
  2. For new customers, the cost is payable in advance (before I start working on your report) through PayPal or by check through special arrangement. You also can pay with your credit or debit card through PayPal. Once I receive your order request, I will let you know my availability and when you can expect to receive your report. Because these reports aren’t automatically generated by a computer, I need time to enter your data, construct a chart wheel, and write my analysis, depending on which report you are requesting.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.

* BIRTH DATA: date, month (spelled out, please), year, place, and time, as accurate as you know it. For SOLAR RETURNS, include your location on your CURRENT birthday.

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