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Full Circle Solar Return Report

Full Circle Solar Return Report

Birthdays are like a personal New Year’s Day, when we look toward the coming year. In astrological language, this is known as a Solar Return, when the Sun returns to its exact position in your birth chart.

The Solar Return reading is a way of determining what parts of your life will be prominent in the coming year (from birthday to birthday) and what energies will be available to you to further your goals.

Full Circle is a unique two-part report that pairs a personal evaluation of your Solar Return chart by a professional astrologer with the one of the best synastry software programs available. The planet-to-planet interpretations are written by Mary Fortier Shea, who literally wrote the book on Solar Returns.

Before her report begins, you’ll find my one-page analysis, along with a beautiful ArtWheel that I created just for this report.

View sample report.

Full Circle Solar Return Report, 35+ pages

Thanks again, Pat. Your observations at the beginning of the report are especially appreciated. Looks like it might be a transforming year for me. Thanks also for the nice astrological chart wheel!

~ Vashon, WA

* Please notethat the Solar Return chart will not be accurate if you do not know your birth time. If you are giving Full Circle Solar Return as a gift, you will need to obtain the recipient’s birth time. When you place your order, be sure to include your place of birth as well as your location on your current birthday.