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Venice clocktower dial. Photo by Dragonseye for Dreamstime.comYour StarGuide forecasts are created exclusively for you! For an affordable price, you get your personal transits, calculated for your exact birth date and time.* PLUS you get my notes on Mercury Retrograde, the New Moon and Full Moon – where they fall in your chart and what it means – as well as on other important transits ahead. I’ve also created a very cool color graph to show you at a glance your best days for love, career, social life, and family. This visual is prepared using your birth data and is specifically for you.

You will not find a report like this anywhere else! I created a couple of samples so you can see what it looks like. (Click on the links below)

By looking at where the planets are today in relation to where they were on the day you were born – what astrologers refer to as “transits” – we can identify the forces affecting your work, finances, relationships, home life, and much more. I like to think of it as a cosmic weather report. I searched at length to find a good transit report and finally decided on Starlight Solutions, by Gina Ronco, a gifted astrologer with 30 years of experience. Gina not only tells you what you might expect during a given transit, but makes suggestions for how to best handle the astrological influences. This is especially important for outer planet transits, which can last for several months.

Check out the new format!

StarGuide Seasons Forecast $US39 NEW FORMAT!
StarGuide Seasons covers three months at a time, starting with the first day of each season. If you want advance notice of upcoming transits, here’s your answer! StarGuide Seasons Fall 2013 edition is now available and covers the two eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and the Uranus-Pluto square. 35-40 pages.
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* To calculate your Ascendant, we need to have an accurate birth time. If you do not know your birth time, your transits will be calculated using noon as your time of birth.