Seeing Double with Mercury

It's sort of like Dr. Jekyll and ...... Mr. HydeYou just have to love it when planets act out their astrological roles.

In astrology, Mercury rules Gemini, the sign of the Twins. Under his influence, people and events often arrive in pairs. Mercury also is known as the trickster (which we’ll see more of in a few weeks, when he turns retrograde in Gemini), and it seems that he had some of our ancestors tricked into believing there were two of him.

That’s because of his elusive visibility. There’s a great article by Joe Rao on with some fascinating history and Mercury trivia (another Gemini specialty). According to Joe, the next few weeks are an excellent time to view Mercury, because he’s far enough from the Sun to get a good look at him.

Here is Joe’s article. Just don’t forget to come back, OK?

One reason to do so is our exclusive Mercury Retrograde Watch. We keep you apprised of retrograde dates and shadow periods, which often can be as chaotic as the retrograde phase itself. There’s a shadow period coming up shortly, so bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates!

Ruled by Uranus, the higher vibration of MercuryPat

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