Ask Real Astrologers: Help, Pluto is crossing my Ascendant!

This week’s question comes from Cooper:

Pluto is crossing my Ascendant and now involved with my first house! Would you please be so kind to give me your take on this most significant configuration!

Libra ponders . . .Neith’s response:

Cooper, this is a transit I’ve undergone, and my experience suggests it will have a deep impact on the way you perceive the world and the way others experience you. Others may feel threatened by what they perceive as your power and launch unexpected attacks embroiling you in power struggles. If you are someone who is naturally assertive, you may find that upgraded to aggressive!

Of course, any planets in your first house will all be conjoined as Pluto crosses them, and this will make you very aware of the deeper levels of meaning of those planets in your life. Please note that you might find yourself obsessing endlessly about the smallest details, too. If Pluto forms squares or oppositions to other natal planets triggering natal aspect patterns, the concerns of the houses those planets are in will be emphasized.

In my experience, supported by other astrologers, the best way to handle Pluto’s tendency to drag us into obsessive behavior is to first accept all facets of our being with as little judgment as possible and second, consciously seek to find your center and practice neutrality. When Pluto conjoined Venus in my first house, I finally found a Tai Chi class and have been practicing it daily ever since. The simple flowing movements have been very helpful for maintaining a quiet mind as well as happier joints.

In general, with Pluto going direct on September 8 in Sagittarius, this question is particularly important because all things Pluto-related will be released from stasis and will demand our attention once more.

Best of luck with this transit, Cooper and if you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s answer:

Cooper, I agree entirely with Neith, our resident Pluto expert.

What I will add is that the transformation of your personality will take place over several years and that it may be so subtle that you don’t realize it’s happening. Then, one day you may wake up and wonder who that person in the mirror is. That’s because Pluto’s effects take place over time.

Incidentally, because of Pluto’s 248-year orbit, not everyone will experience this transit in a lifetime. Right now, anyone whose Rising sign is between about 27 degrees Sagittarius and 2 degrees Capricorn is feeling the effects, as Pluto is hovering on your Ascendant.

As Neith noted, Pluto returns direct on Monday. The exact degree is 28°30′ Sagittarius. The closer your Ascendant is to this degree, the more powerfully you will experience this event. In fact, as I write, Pluto is stationed in preparation for resuming his forward motion (what it looks like from down here, anyway; obviously planets do not move in reverse orbit). Also, the more closely transiting Pluto is aspecting planets in your natal chart, the more you will feel Pluto’s return direct.

But back to Pluto in the first house … As someone with Pluto-ruled Scorpio on the Midheaven, I have undergone several life changes that almost feel like reincarnating within a single lifetime. Mostly, this has involved my career, as might be expected, since the Midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house, which is the career area of the chart. As you are going through a first-house Pluto transit, you may transform your life entirely. This is not “good” or “bad,” it just is. Life is a process and a cycle. You will feel this more keenly as a result of Pluto’s visit to your first house. It sounds scary, but truly, there is nothing to fear.

I join Neith in wishing you the best of luck. Do keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Real Astrologers: Help, Pluto is crossing my Ascendant!

  1. Rossa

    I’m so glad Cooper asked that question as it applies to me too! Though my Asc is at 17Cap with Pluto hovering close by my 1st house (conj Merc, Sun, Chiron and Venus) it just confirms all the identity/femininity issues I feel I need to work through.

    And thank you Neith and Pat for your illuminating response. It seems every time I visit this site there is something that resonates with me.

    Like you Pat I have also changed my career, 4 times for me so far, from Pastry Chef to Computers to Finance to Real Estate and it feels like I’m about to go into a 5th change. I just don’t know quite what it will be yet. Seems I need to find and see my purpose more clearly. Talk about Astro Twins !!


  2. hitchhiker72

    I have my Asc on 19 Sag, and Pluto crossed my Asc in 2003. I have to say the experience was really one of immense relief, although I knew I had a lot of work to do (on myself). In hindsight I see Pluto’s crossing of the Asc as the point where things still feel tough, but you know there’s light at the end of the (albeit very long) tunnel. I think the roughest work takes place when Pluto works through the 12th house (in my case Pluto was also opposing a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Gemini). Pluto is now in my 1st house and although I feel I’ve changed a great deal, I also feel much more ‘myself’ than I have been for a long time.

    The way I see it is if Pluto going through the 12th house is digging up what’s hidden in the basement of our psyches, then Pluto going through the 1st house dumps the debris in its front yard so you can sort out what to keep and what to chuck. Pluto on the Asc is sorta like being on the threshold between the two.

    Hope this helps.


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