Ask Our Readers: Pluto in Capricorn

Neith and I have noticed an increasing number of searches for information about Pluto in Capricorn. In this week’s reader feedback column, we’d like to know what interests you about this event.

Are you worried, and about what? Are you wondering how it will affect you personally, or are you concerned about the economy or other societal issues? Or maybe you just want our take on it?

We also have a highly significant opposition of Saturn and Uranus, which has officially started and will last for nearly a year. Yet this aspect doesn’t seem to be generating nearly the interest of Pluto in Capricorn. Any feedback about why this is?

As always, tell us a little about your chart, if you know it. Sun, Rising sign, and Moon sign are all good, along with where Pluto is transiting your chart, if you know it.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPosted by Pat.

15 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: Pluto in Capricorn

  1. astralal

    Hi Pat! I am really concerned about the Uranus-Saturn opposition on 4th November, as Uranus-Saturn at 18’58” is going to fall directly on my Sun at 18’57” Pisces in the 2nd house! I also currently have Pluto directly on my Mars, at 28’38” of Sagittarius, in the 11th. I know as a Piscean Pat, you have had a hard year and I too have been feeling horrible all year, after the breakdown of my 9 year relationship last November…but my ex dangled me right up until the eclipses in August (I have a Leo Moon exact conjunct his Sun at 28’11” in the 7th)…I found out when Mercury was R, that he is now dating a woman he was in contact with at work, back in June 2007! But he swore he was not interested in her.. all year he deceived me and pulled the wool over my eyes (Neptune Retrograde in Aquarius).

    Sorry, alot going on here, but I am wondering, not only about the Uranus-Saturn opposition exact on my Sun, but as a Piscean, also, what the forward motion of Neptune and Uranus will bring and Pluto getting off my Mars. Can you give me any hope that the torment will abate soon!? Thanks!


  2. Mandy H.

    For me :

    Aq sun,libra rising, taurus moon, tr pluto to conjunct my IC basically ‘now’.

    Just intersted in a personalsort of way – I believe that we can’tseewhat the global ramifications are until we are a few years down the road…


  3. Eliza

    I’ve become painfully aware of Pluto over the last year and a half – I split with my ex, lost most of my friends, experienced a lot of legal and financial problems with my home. I have Moon at 0 Capricorn (3rd house), squaring my natal Pluto which is at 4 Libra and also squares Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Cancer (11, 8, 7). AC is Libra and MC is Cancer. Also Uranus in Libra and Chiron in Aries.

    I’m worried because Pluto is going to be hitting a lot of things in my chart over the next several years, especially that t-square. Meanwhile, all the financial/political events right now seem to be signalling Plutonian change on a global level and I’m interested in how the shift from Saggitarius to Capricorn is going to alter things for everybody.

    As far as Saturn/Uranus goes, I have to admit I haven’t been paying attention to it, because I’m finding it hard to see past Pluto. It looks like an intense aspect, but I don’t know how long lasting the effects will be.


  4. inishglora

    Scorpio Sun, Cap Moon, Gem ASC. I seem to be ahead of the curve in a lot of ways, including this one. It seems as though I spent Pluto in Sag (1) losing blind faith in everything but my own self, and (2) learning how to do things that people are just now trying to re-learn, like cooking from scratch, putting food by for lean times, and so on. I have been involved in making local food from farmers (eggs, dairy, produce, humanely-raised meat, etc) more available to people who want it and we are absolutely *inundated* with requests for the real stuff. Not canned, pre-fab, microwaved food, but home-cooked, satisfying meals. We can’t keep up with the demand! Something has shifted underfoot, almost literally. People want to eat what Grandma used to make and they are willing to learn how. As Tseka might say, the Grandmothers’ wisdom is making a comeback.

    And of course I’m interested because Pluto will be residing in my 8th house for awhile.


  5. leslee

    I’m pretty intensely interesting in these transits! With Sun at 18 Virgo in the 2nd and Saturn at 19 Sagittarius on my 5th cusp, this Uranus-Saturn opposition hits me directly. My Ascendant 17 Leo is conjunct Uranus and Moon, with Aquarius on the Descendant, so transiting Uranus echoes here (also my Chiron Return at 18 Aquarius). Lots going on! But hard to say what’s happening externally. I had a lot of work dissatisfaction, but no some new energy for future direction there (Jupiter in Capricorn is also trine/sextile Saturn-Uranus from my 6th). Some creative energy has surfaced. Some restlessness, lots of up and down energy (guess that’s Saturn-Uranus). I have Saturn-Uranus trine natally, so maybe I’ll be able to work the two energies better.

    No relationship, and none in a long time. I’m actually looking forward to Pluto in Capricorn because it will trine my stellium of Mercury and Venus/Pluto (conjoined at 2 Virgo).


  6. linnanneito


    Pluto will be conjunct my venus (2nd house) next spring and I don’t know what to expect. Venus is also ruler of my 6th, 7th and 10th and 11th.

    Around the time Pluto was on my rising I lost my friends so what will I lose now? I’m not in a relationship, but I’m not sure I even want one if it’s about power/control or some kind of obsessive struggle. I would rather continue be alone.

    I’m scared how much worse it can get? I’ve always had difficulties getting a job so it can’t get much worse, right? My income is very small so if I don’t lose that it shouldn’t get much worse, right?

    I would like to know if anyone ever has anything good to say about pluto? It’s sounds like one is just waiting for car crash to happen!

    Sun+moon aquarius,rising scorpio,venus capricorn (2nd)


  7. leslee

    And then there are days (or moments) like today. I wonder if one of the points of this Saturn-Uranus transit is to make it abundantly clear what brings me joy and what sucks the life out of me.


  8. Neith

    WOW!! Thanks for all the fabulous feedback! This is obviously a topic of great interest to people. I ended up doing a post on my personal blog, Neithnet about a life with Pluto transits from the get go.

    Rather than repeat myself, here’s a link:

    A Plutonian Life

    Please read all the wonderful stories in the comment section too.


  9. Pat Post author

    I second Neith’s appreciation for all the great feedback here. As always, it helps us do our job better, and we definitely will address these issues in future posts.

    BTW, today is NEITH’S BIRTHDAY! Please join me in wishing her a fabulous day and many happy returns. (And no, she’s not a Scorpio, so it just goes to show that you can’t trust the dates in newspaper horoscopes when you’re born on the cusp.)


  10. Little Miss Hermit

    Happy birthday, Neith!:) And thanks both of you, for this very interesting and informative blog:)

    Pluto finished its tour conjunct my Asc and square my 8th house Sun just a couple of years ago, and Saturn in currently approaching it… Even if I know I should be tired from constantly losing relationships, structures in my life and having Saturn as my only way out at the moment, I feel strong and more confident than I have in a long time – maybe ever. Bizzare, but true:)

    About Pluto in Cap, my predicament is this: I have a 4 planet stellium in Libra, starting with Mercury, my 7th house ruler, at 6 degrees (then Pluto at 10, Mars at 13 and Venus at 15). These planets are the rulers of a total of 9 houses, so this is going to be an interesting time for sure:P And I’m sure my NN in Scorpio is looking forward to all of this with absolute delight!;)
    (Chart details: Sun in Virgo 21deg/8th; Sag rising 21deg; Moon in Taurus 28deg/5th conjunct Jupiter in Gemini 1deg).

    An article about T Pluto square the 7th house ruler (if Mercury in Libra is too narrow a topic) would be great! (I’m single! And a quick look at my chart will tell you I’m not happy about it…;)

    Another thing is the upcoming square to Pluto in Libra, which no doubt will affect a considerable portion of your readers:) I have an apetite for most anything Pluto, as I’m sure many others have, as well, so I think that whatever you decide to write about will be helpful:)

    Thank you both in advance – and sorry for the long post; I’m either too brief or too longwinded writing in a foreign language!


  11. Jessica_

    I’m very interested in Pluto but it’s at least because the sign change corresponds exactly with it hitting my angles. :) I feel like I have ignored Saturn-Uranus because of my Pluto transit issues but am interested in learning about everything.


  12. Nathan

    Pluto entered my first house at the turn of the century. I was living alone in the middle of Seattle (next to the freeway), disillusioned with my life and my own ability to create happiness for myself. I desired a fulfilling primary realtionship, but years of dating people who were fickle and emotionally motivated had taught me the crutial lesson of not holding onto the expectation that these people I kept meeting could bring me happiness. Very little of my life felt fulfilling and while I understood happiness had to develop from inside my own consciousness, I had no idea how I was stopping myself.

    I’d been exploring spiritual traditions for answers and my exploration of astrology eventually resulted in my first consult. My astrologer suggested I still needed to let go of those things that were holding me back. When I asked specifically what I needed to let go of, he basically said, “let go of everything and what sticks to you is what you need”. I’ve been practising “radical letting-go” ever since and while it remains a difficult practise, often requiring me to soberly confront notions I’ve been taught my whole life as “being realistic”, my life has changed for the better.

    Soon after my consult, the funds I needed to leave my unfulfilling job suddenly appeared and I began to understand I’d let go of my belief that employment was the only way I could support myself. Within a year I moved to Vashon Island; I’d let go of the notion I needed to be in the city to realize my dreams. While I’d met my partner a year before my consult, not holding expectations about my happiness resulting from our relationship, deepened and strengthened our connection.

    Today I am a much happier person than I was even five years ago. Looking back at what I learned from astrology emphasizes the effect Pluto has in our lives. Letting go of unfulfilling notions we believe are true can be scary, but necessary for true happiness. I’m still learning how to apply it effectively in my life but I’m sure Pluto’s entry into practical Capricorn will be very enlightening.


  13. Mandy H.

    Heh …

    Either I’m having a pluto in ic night or maybe a saturn -uranus opposition (and gosh it works BOTH!! ways ).

    Kinda cards laid out on the table night (and oh gosh yes that cappy – cancer connection is coming into play – with different personalities – big time!)

    Sigh – going to feel emotionally exhausted in the am but its a kinda straw broke the camels back. NO going back from here. (and despite the 4/10th axis that is playing out its all 5th house stuff all right)

    Oh for a quiet life … But you know its time … way beyond time that this Aq turned and stood up for herself.

    Not sorry to vent – someone once described Pluto as the prison planet but ya know I’m finally,finally breaking the chains of my childhood. I can feel it grinding away in its orbit, slow,inexorable over each of those links in the chain…

    We’ll make our peace, eventually, but I think this time it willbe on my own terms not anyone else’s- for a change.


    I hate it when astrology works and yeah somehow I don’t think that this will be the last time a link is broken…


    (feeling strangely energised and just a little bit freer…)


  14. Rossa

    Belated Happy Birthday to Neith from the other side of the Pond (UK).

    Sun in Aqu, Moon in Sag, ASC is Cap and my Natal Saturn is also in Capricorn so this Pluto in Capricorn transit is an interesting one for me.

    This year has been all about my identity with the eclipses in my 1st House. The Pluto energy seems to be more like exploring the deeper parts of who I am and working through all my life experiences and coming to terms with how they’ve all affected me and made me the woman I am today. Key words I guess are self-awareness and self-acceptance. This also ties in with the healing from my upcoming Chiron (also in Aqu) Return as well, so for me this year the astrology has worked really well.

    Also I’ve had to let go of a lot of things and like Nathan has said what sticks is what is meant to be. It’s now been a year since I lost my business and income and though that has thrown up some serious challenges I seem to be more at peace with myself having let go of the “material” and spent my time learning more about the spiritual side and my inner self. Astrology (and this site) has given me lots of insights which have helped along the way and as Pat has described on PiChron I feel “lighter” than before and am looking forward to where this will all lead me. I’m learning to live in trust rather than fear.

    The eclipses in Jan/Feb will no doubt herald the key changes for me in 2009 and with my 50th birthday on 3 Feb I think I’m in for an exciting time in the 2nd half of my life. With 6 relatives in their 90s, barring accidents and illnesses, I have another 45-50 years to learn and adapt to the changes that present themselves. Hopefully, I’ll also be more prepared for the time of my Saturn return in 6-8 years time. With Saturn and Pluto in Cap, that will be a good one!!

    I also think now that the passing of the older generation in my family (3 Grandparents and 3 Great Aunts) will change the dynamics in my family and help to heal the wounds of my ancestors. 2 or 3 of them are on the verge of leaving us (not expected to be here for Xmas) and it is already bringing things to the surface that I’m more able to cope with and help my parents to go through the transition to “next in line” as well. No doubt it will help me when it is their turn too.

    R xx


  15. KayKay

    Sun in Leo, moon in Taurus, Gemini rising.

    Pluto currenting passing through my 7th house, opposing my 29 Gemini Venus in house 1. It’s been a tough transit; and I can’t say that I’m sorry to be seeing the end of it!

    Googling the Pluto ingress into Cap brings up a lot of material about previous Pluto/Cap ingresses–and it seems that historically, it signals an overt or quiet revolution; or a time when a major institution such as a church or country splits in two.

    I think the USA is about to make a radical change in direction in keeping with the energy of the ingress. I think the astrology favors Obama to take the presidency. Almost immediately, Pluto will oppose Obama’s natal Venus around 01 Cancer. Interestingly, the USA Venus is at 03 Cancer … so “T Pluto opposite N Venus” is something that’s probably going to have a big impact on the world news for some time to come.

    As I’m writing this, it’s been in the news lately that Obama has taken a brief break from his campaign to see his grandmother, the woman who raised him. Elderly and in poor health, there’s talk that she may not live long enough to see her grandson win the election. This says to me that Obama is already feeling the pain of T Pluto opposite N Venus.

    Obama is a married man and the father of two daughters. During the early stages of his campaign, his biggest competition was was a woman, Hillary Clinton. He came under criticism for not offering to take her on as his running mate; and then the Republicans made a huge end-run on his candidacy by choosing Sarah Palin as their candidate for vice president.

    If I’m correct that Obama will be the next US president, we will all have a chance to watch whether T Pluto opposite his N Venus means that “females” will continue to be at the root of any sadness or opposition in his life.

    Having studied the matter for many years, I believe there is a silver lining to the “Pluto in Capricorn” cloud. For reasons way too complicated to go into here, I believe that it will usher in a surprise “Klondike” era in which new ways to make fortunes will emerge unexpectedly. Watch for news in this regard whenever T moon is conjunct or opposite T Pluto; and even better, when T moon is semisextile or inconjunct T Pluto on either side.

    Even though Barack Obama is coming under T Pluto opposite N Venus and probably cannot escape a certain amount of pain relating to females, his N moon is at 3 Gemini, soon to be inconjunct T Pluto in early Cap. This leads me to wonder–and to hope–that maybe Obama does have something to contribute to the mending of the US economy … and perhaps even the economy of the world.


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