Weekly Forecast February 9: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Penumbral eclipse of March 14, 2006. Photo by Tom J. Martinez of Cleveland, MO.

No, it wasn’t the most heart-stopping event, and if you didn’t know there was an eclipse, you might not even have noticed. That’s the nature of a penumbral eclipse, in which the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow but is not hidden, as with total and partial eclipses.

My eyes popped open at 6:30 this morning, and I hobbled outside just in time to see a very dusky Full Moon through the trees, about to set behind the Olympics. Not long afterward, the sky clouded up, so this was a rare treat indeed. It looked much like the lovely image here, of the penumbral eclipse in March 2006 (photo credit below). You can find more astronomical information — the scientific nuts and bolts — on NASA’s eclipse page.

Regardless of whether an eclipse is total or whether it’s visible where you are, it’s still astrologically significant. Not all astrologers agree with this, but from my own personal experience and from working with clients, I’ve observed that there are almost always developments in an individual’s life before or after an eclipse in a sensitive area of their chart.

Most of you probably have read Neith’s excellent Full Moon post, but in case you missed it, check it out now! As she noted, Monday’s eclipse falls at 21 degrees Leo, opposite the Sun and Chiron at 21 degrees Aquarius and Neptune just shy of 24 degrees Aquarius. This Full Moon brings to fruition projects started at the solar eclipse on January 26 or, in some cases, it brings events that began around that time to a head. It may take a few days for everything to fall into place, although it could be a month for some of you, as eclipses don’t always deliver results right away.

That said, I do believe we’re in for a lot of action and more than a little mayhem this week, as a cosmic dam of sorts finally bursts. It had been held back at the New Moon by retrograde Mercury and Mars in Capricorn. Mercury is now moving forward again and returns to Aquarius on Saturday, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Mars has entered Aquarius and is inching ever closer to conjunction with Jupiter next week.

I’ve written a lot here and on my personal blog, The Pisces Chronicles, about old wounds that are healing, individually and collectively. Pay attention this week to how healing may be happening for you. In my case, I recently experienced a new injury, not related to any existing physical or emotional wounds, but I am seeing that the remedies for the back injury are spilling over into general healing as well. I’ll write more about this as developments arise and I gain some clarity as to the overall direction and meaning.

On Wednesday, the Moon conjoins Saturn in Virgo and opposes Uranus in Pisces. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and still is considered its co-ruler by many modern astrologers. Pisces, meanwhile, is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, both of which are in Aquarius. So you can see how all of this Aquarius energy is being amplified on one hand but constricted on the other. Wherever Uranus is transiting your chart is where you are being urged to be more authentically yourself, while Saturn’s position indicates where you may be limited in some way, perhaps due to practical considerations, pressure to “play by the rules,” or fear of trying something totally new and different.

The Sun conjoins Neptune on Thursday, raising the possibility of confusion, delusion, and foggy thinking. However, there’s also a positive, idealistic side to Neptune, and I’m betting that this mood will prevail. Sure, Aquarius can be naively idealistic, but it’s also a rational, intellectual sign. We might even find some creative solutions to thorny problems if we tune in to this higher frequency.

Ideas and innovative solutions get still another power surge when Mercury re-enters Aquarius on Saturday. There’s a continuum here; you may notice that an idea or project that began in early January and then got delayed is not only back on track, but better than ever.

As for Valentine’s Day, Saturday’s aspects aren’t the most romantic, with Venus in me-first Aries and Mars in commitment-phobic Aquarius. It doesn’t take an astrologer to predict how that energy mix could send a lot of dates south. The Moon in Scorpio squares Mars later in the day (Sunday in the Eastern Hemisphere), adding to the potential for arguments or, more likely, passive-aggressive behavior. I don’t think I need to lecture any of you on what not to do!

Much love to all…
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast February 9: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

  1. Matt

    I follow your reports from months
    I am a teenager boy living in Italy and I’m fond of astrology…Please look at the astrological aspects going from this eclipse to April 17…I have many premonitory dreams and I dreamt that on a full moon period or on a new period in the month of March something like a awful terror attack is going to hit East coast of Usa and changing the climate of the entire world and provoking tsunamis hitting South America and provoking heavy snow in Europe during spring…I watched at astrological aspects, and considering that comet Lulin is probably going to reverse any aspects in those months February and March, well, March 9 is going to have very awful aspects, and you could consider concern of terror attack…I watched at dates like November 26 with Pluto changing sign and there was a terror attack in Mumbai and also September 11 2001 had awful aspects…I’ not a caller for disasters, I’m just a few concerned because I have many premonitory dreams and I know very well astrology


  2. Pat Post author

    Hi again Matt.

    I can only imagine how troubling it is to have dreams like this and not to know what they mean or if they mean anything. I know a lot of people who had dreams before September 11. Most of them were within a week or a couple of days before. I had one that took place four years before the event. I also dreamed that the space shuttle Challenger blew up, three years before it happened. In the mid-1990s, I had many dreams of tsunamis and earthquakes in California, and that didn’t happen — at least not yet. I learned from this to take note of my dreams but not to fear them, because there was no way to know whether they were “real” or when they would happen.

    It is true that we are in astrologically turbulent times, so disasters such as you describe are not unimaginable. Moreover, many people around the globe fear such events. Our dreams could be the result of that fear alone. Those of us who are sensitive can pick it up.

    Is there someone in your family you can talk to about these dreams? Often, when a young person is psychic (as you seem to be), this trait is inherited. So perhaps you have an aunt or a grandmother who shares this ability? They could help you work with it and develop it, which would be ideal. It is a hard “gift” to have. There are others on this site, perhaps they could give you some tips for managing it. Anyone?

    P.S. I will take a look at those dates. One of them is the Full Moon in March, so Neith will have a full report as we get closer.


  3. KayKay

    I was driving through Tacoma with a magnificent view of the full moon this morning. Minutes before the eclipse was exact, a ridge of clouds rose. In moments the clouds had covered the entire moon, but a beautiful curving edge of cloud was illuminated by the moon from behind. It was a spectacular image, and I was in awe of the wicked beauty of the eclipse.

    I sometimes have psychic dreams, and times of psychic imaging in the moments just before sleep, but have learned to be cautious about interpreting these. Sometimes the dreams and images that incite the deepest level of emotion end up being more symbolic than factual. I agree with Pat’s excellent advice to work with a relative or mentor who is more experienced in working with psychic energy. The best of luck to you, Matt, in learning to master your gift.


  4. Matt

    My dreams actually happen, usually in the same month 26 days later but most of them happen seven months after…For example I dreamt that an actor had a unknown illness and the same day I discovered that a friend girl of mines actually had this illness and is unknown…I also dream people before to even meet and know them…

    I had this dream in March 2008 around my 18th birthday…That is March 1…I believe this disaster could happen the day comet Lulin will be visible into Earth sky, because I actually saw a comet in my dream…Comet Lulin is going to be very near the Earth on February 25…

    One of my friends said to me he is an indigo child and I hope he could say to me if he dreamt something like this…

    Most, but not all, of my dreams actually happened


  5. Matt

    My dream indicated a new moon and a comet being very near to Earth sky…That day the wind could be very fast in East of Usa…I saw a symbol ( my mother throwing wine into water that could indicate something like ” We will have to forget every useless pleasure and care for what is actually important ” …I started to have premonitory dreams only in 2007 through 2008 and now this thing could not happen anymore…Before 2007 I never had any preomonitory dream…I think is Neptune that is ruling dreams…Since months I don’t have preominitory dreams, just now that Neptune is reinforced by the full moon I had two of them…


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