New Moon in Pisces, February 24-25, 2009

Moon Rising Mist Descending by Steve OutramWhat struck me when I looked at the chart for the New Moon in Pisces on February 24 was Saturn in Virgo sitting all alone on one side with everything else on the other side. This says we are best served by remembering to behave in a caring and responsible manner, because all else hinges on doing so.

We still have Aquarius strongly represented in this chart, continuing the themes from the two prior lunations but tempered by the gentler influence of the Fishes.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the one most given to being inclusive rather exclusive. In fact, some think Pisces can be a little too inclined to forgive and forget, but not this astrologer.

I treasure the compassionate spirit of this powerful but subtle sign. It is easy to underestimate the immense strength of Pisces, because these are often unassuming, occasionally spacey types who would rather not confront life and people directly. But if we consider the inexorable power and weight of the ocean, or even the force created by a small stream flooding its banks due to an excess of rain or snowmelt, we can begin to get a glimmer of what Pisces is capable of behind those gentle eyes. The concept of Oneness running like a thread of pure light through most of the major belief systems is the heart of the twelfth sign.

The Sun and Moon at 6° 34′ Pisces are not closely aspected by any major planets, but they are in a tight opposition to Ceres in Virgo. Ceres recently was elevated to dwarf planet status, and many astrologers feel she is a good candidate to rule Virgo, including Real Astrologer Pat Paquette. There is little doubt Ceres is very comfortable in earthy, practical Virgo, and the opposition with the New Moon blends the tangible with the intangible, taking us back to the idea that we are all part of everything and all life is cyclical.

Even though Jupiter has moved past the North Node in Aquarius, it is still close enough to amplify the Aquarian message of working together as a collective to benefit humanity. Mercury exactly conjoins Jupiter the day before the New Moon and is happy to aid in articulating this message. We are drawn to exploring innovative ideas and technology and are eager to try them out. It is possible we will see some breakthroughs in technological applications for alternative methods of communication.

Mars in Aquarius has passed Jupiter (they were conjunct on February 17) and is not yet within range of Chiron but it is still in a sextile with Venus in Aries. While this sextile between Aquarius and Aries is not a wildly romantic pairing, it is very good for encouraging friendship between men and women. Venus in Aries is forthright and likes a challenge, while Mars in Aquarius is about as egalitarian as Mars gets.

The ongoing conjunction of Neptune with Chiron in Aquarius recedes into the background for now unless you have planets or angles at 22° to 24° in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). Then this pair is continuing to clue you in about your sensitive places, usually in a roundabout way, because neither of these two bodies is noted for hitting you over the head to get your attention. They leave that method to Mars and Uranus!

Speaking of Uranus, I just want to give you a heads up about the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on March 10, because the Full Moon axis is conjoining the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Perhaps we will find that matters set into motion with the first Saturn-Uranus opposition last November will reach a point of resolution on this lunation. It will be worth noting, that’s for sure.

The Sabian symbol for 7 Pisces is, “Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist,” with the keyword SELF-ASSERTION. Have we taken too much on faith or not enough? That may be the question. The ongoing semi-sextile between Chiron in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces may be enough of an irritant that we cannot be comfortable falling back into old ways of believing but must look in new places or try on new belief systems (Neptune in Aquarius) to find our way back to the light. Whatever the case, it would appear that it is up to us to initiate action and take the first step on the path leading to the rest of our lives.

Be strong like water and yield from a position of strength, and practice kindness every day. Think about it!

[Note: The New Moon in Pisces falls on February 25 in some places in the Eastern Hemisphere. Likewise, parts of the Eastern Hemisphere will experience the Full Moon in Virgo on March 11.]

Libra with Scorpio risingposted by Neith . . .

**Please read Pat’s weekly forecast for this week, February 16, for her great take on the mythology in the sky right now.

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This wonderful painting is “Moon Rising Mist Descending” by Steve Outram. To see more of his works, visit here: Fairfax Gallery – Steve Outram

19 thoughts on “New Moon in Pisces, February 24-25, 2009

  1. Matt

    I expect great news from this new moon given that new moon now falls on my sign.
    I can already start to imagine what it will be about…I’m dealing with many situations now.


  2. Jane

    “the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo… It will be worth noting, that’s for sure.”

    I did a Tarot reading for myself last night, asking one specific question. It was a “when will I know xyz” type of question (work-related). The answer was “by the Full Moon”.

    This prompted me to have a look at my chart for that day.


    Three things jumped at me:

    1) I will be having my Chiron Return that day!

    2) Pluto will (finally!) be exact square my Sun (and the rest of my stellium by affiliation).

    3) And that Full Moon will be shining atop my Pluto-Vertex-Venus!

    ~Something’s~ bound to happen! :-)

    I can’t wait! I’m ready! Bring it on!


  3. les

    Heh. Jane, be careful what you wish for! That full moon lands 2 degrees after my Sun (18 Vir), which seems close enough. Transiting Pluto is exactly trining my natal Venus-Pluto. And I just had my Chiron Return in the last year. We must be about the same age. Anyway, good luck – sounds like you’re looking for some things to move!

    Personally, I’m wondering if anything will move for me until Saturn goes direct again. The Saturn Rx has been a bear.


  4. Neith Post author

    ROFL, Jane! Cardinal sign to the hilt!! Any action is better than stasis! Hey, my Aries feels the same way. I have too many fixed signs to welcome a lot of change at once.


  5. Neith Post author

    Hi Leslee,

    Personally, I’m wondering if anything will move for me until Saturn goes direct again. The Saturn Rx has been a bear.

    I’m really feeling blocked by Saturn too, and I’m wondering if what we’re dealing with has to do with how Saturn is impacting our charts. He’s sitting in my tenth and close to your Sun.

    Maybe as the Saturn-Uranus opposition pulls apart (and after the Full Moon March 10) we see some relief. oh please, oh please, oh please . . . :-)


  6. KayKay

    What a beautiful write-up about the full moon, Neith. And your closing line particularly lingers on the mind. Thanks for providing us with so many interesting angles to consider when it comes to the current Aquarius/Pisces scene.


  7. Jane

    Actually, re-reading all the above reminds me that there is One Big Doozer that I had somehow managed to forget about when I wrote my original comment… that is, a real-life event scheduled to happen sometime in March (exact date unknown at the moment)… that will affect my life, one way or another (involves somebody very close to me going to trial — the outcome of which will directly impact my life — but since I won’t be sitting on the jury, my fate is in ~their~ hands)… But I’m ok with that (do I have any choice??!!). At least, once the verdict is rendered, I and the two parties involved will all know where we stand and we can all make our decisions based on what will be possible or not at that point.

    So, yes Neith, I’m ready to move forward on two unrelated fronts (work and personal). And I’m ready to roll with the punches. I ~know~ I will land unscathed and the better for it all. It’s just a faith in the pit of my stomach.

    I’m busy putting my house in order, so that when the Fates shuffle things around, I’m ready for the dance! :-)


  8. les

    Hi Jane,
    The first hit was a year ago and final direct hit this January. My natal Chiron is conjunct my Descendant and opposing my Moon. I had some weird health issues during the Return, including a scare related to a condition I was born with! (hernia, operated on at 6 mos old) All of the issues turned out to be benign. Another relationship possibility came and went (Chiron on 7th cusp), but otherwise nothing major happened in the outer world. My mom did die 5 months before the exact Chiron Return – with natal Chiron opposite Moon, I did have issues to deal with there. Chiron Returns are also supposed to coincide with menopause. I’m beginning to see the likelihood of that coming soon!


  9. les

    Hi Neith. Yes, Saturn Rx closing in on my Sun and exactly squaring my natal Saturn. The tension with the Uranus-Saturn opposition was almost unbearable this time, but it has been feeling better, which I attribute to Uranus separating. Saturn by itself I can usually handle. I will be away on vacation when Saturn is directly on my Sun (still within a degree of squaring natal Saturn) – time away mostly to do some soul searching.


  10. Neith Post author

    Thanks, KayKay! After it was posted, it occurred to me being the handle of the bucket pattern, gives Saturn a bit more oomph. Those of us whose charts are being hit by the Saturn-Uranus opposition, seem to be getting more “Saturn” right now than Uranus.


  11. Neith Post author

    I agree, Leslee, that Uranus is trickier to handle. Just checked and found out Uranus is making the final square to my natal Uranus this weekend. Maybe once that is past it will be back to Saturn’s step by step approach.

    I will be away on vacation when Saturn is directly on my Sun (still within a degree of squaring natal Saturn) – time away mostly to do some soul searching.

    Maybe a sabbatical more than vacation?! Vacation sounds too lighthearted for a Saturn-Sun transit, but I hope you will find what you seek.


  12. Matt

    Hey! New moon is going to be into my sign, and every day to me it’s becoming like a week!
    Just today in five hours I participated to Carnival Parade, I went out with three different groups of people and then I was out for five hours!
    And I’m receiving tons of different news in every area of my life!


  13. les

    Maybe a sabbatical more than vacation?! Vacation sounds too lighthearted

    Heh. Maybe so, but I booked it when I was dealing with the Saturn-Uranus tension full on. My natal Saturn in Sag likes travel. I’m going someplace very artsy, and my natal Saturn is on my 5th house cusp, and Pluto is trining my natal Venus-Pluto from later in my 5th house. At any rate, it’s far away from the office. :-D


  14. mm

    I have been (almost) banned from using the computer by the physiotherapist due to a case of RSI in my right neck/shoulder, but this post and comments entices me to the keyboard for a minute or two.

    Have to say that I am not looking forward to this next Lunar Cycle as the Sun/Moon will be in 6th directly sq my natal Chiron in Sag in 3rd. I have health/skeletal troubles enough already and I am wondering also about my sister (3rd hse), whose partner is currently in hospital with serious heart issues.

    Re the Mars/Venus sextile. Friendship. I wish. Oh the irony, after three years of being alone I have met someone who is interested in me but who doesn’t attract me except as a friend/aquaintance. I have to tell him and I find this sort of thing excruciating. Makes me feel guilty.

    And I join the chorus of those who are feeling blocked and unable to move forward. I do think I am being asked to wait even though it feels interminable. Saturn, currently transiting 12th is sq my ruling planet (Merc in Gemini) and only crosses the Asc in September.

    Then I foresee hard work!

    “Whatever the case, it would appear that it is up to us to initiate action and take the first step on the path leading to the rest of our lives.

    Be strong like water and yield from a position of strength, and practice kindness every day. Think about it!”

    Beautiful. Thank you, Neith.


  15. Matt

    With the new moon covering my birthday everybody now seems to notice me and my movie script started to get noticed by my classmates and by many teachers, even those with whom I talk few times. I don’t like much this popularity but I’m in that and I accept that. I guess this new moon is on my 10th house.


  16. Matt

    Maybe this new moon is travelling in my 11th house now, because in this week I met many new people and two of them could be new good friends for me…

    I’m not racist at all, and I like to be in foreigners groups…Today I was the only Italian in seven people, two of them are from Albany and they are family friends for me…They are quite surprised I’m friend with them because I come from a very acculturate family…They are simple people and they are also very generous, our chattings are interesting sometimes…I always found interesting to know about different culturies, and I’m not ashamed to be around Albany’s people; they can seem to be rude at first, but they are very accomodating…Sometimes my acculturate friends are boring for me…I can relate to almost all ” classes” of people, though I don’t like to indicate people by their social class.
    What it’s surprising for me is their acceptance, but that’s maybe because they find very interesting my medium-high culture…I recently discovered foreigners like them can be quite racists between theirselves…

    The fact is that many times I find that being with foreigners people you can laugh much more…And I think that adolescence is also a kind of true rebellion, and so those friends foreigners I have are more ” naturally adolescents ” than my classmates…


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