Saturday Extra: Living in Uncertain Times

Keeping an eye on the sky godsMany of us are feeling jittery these days and wonder what we may be picking up. A lot of people are asking me to look at charts to see if I can figure out what’s going to happen.

It’s understandable that in times of great uncertainty, people want to know the future. Those who think astrology is a bunch of bunk turn to economic indicators, global political forecasts, and other “expert” advice. I have a feeling, though, that many of those same people are secretly taking a peek at what reputable astrologers are saying.

I’ve heard from several people over the past week that they feel like something big is about to go down, to the point that planning for the future is almost futile. We have to plan; we can’t just sit around doing nothing, waiting for fate to take over. But we also know that these plans may be meaningless.

I’m encouraging those of you with highly evolved intuition to listen carefully to the messages you’re receiving. These messages will be more accurate if you can move out of fear. We’re in a heightened state of collective fear, and it’s not hard to get sucked into it. If you do, the messages coming in to you will be distorted. For the good of everyone, we need to stay calm in our center.

There is no doubt that 2009 is going to be a landmark year. Astrologically, we’re in a tumultuous period, with six eclipses, a tense Saturn-Uranus opposition, and a Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction. Venus is retrograde, and she’ll conjoin Mars twice more after a conjunction in Libra in September. Three Venus-Mars conjunctions in less than a year is extremely rare.

I’m collecting charts for these events, starting with the Aries ingress chart for next week, and will let you know what I see. This has got to be a collective effort, however, as it’s far too much for one person to do alone. Please let me know if you find interesting charts for particular dates, and feel free to offer your interpretation. Each one is a piece of the puzzle.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: No, this isn’t a mushroom cloud! It’s a supercell over Amarillo, Texas, last year that meteorologists were watching as a possible tornado. Photo by Gene Blevins for REUTERS.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Extra: Living in Uncertain Times

  1. Matt

    I’m still emotional, but I keep it inside, it’s like ( since a week ) I need to cry on a friend’s shoulder, I feel in a warning status but I don’t show it.
    Like I have already seen what’s going to happen to someone ( I’m still uncertain about who actually ) and I need to be consoled.

    The other times I felt like this I was feeling a little better than this. Around me some small events are happening. People is talking about me and they changed the way they behave with me. I don’t show what I feel, though. It’s like I can foresee what’s coming.
    I put my expectations low in everything and I usually go out with people who are not rich neither have high culture, some of them are simple people, foreigners who I like o be with, some of them need some company and attentions, and I give them as much as I can.
    Old aquaintances are returning into my every day life and I will have to do a school project together with a person with whom I had some misunderstandings, but before of this project I was actually regretting not to have a chance to be friend with him. I think we can be good friends if we try to get near eachother.
    I returned to be fond of Stand By Me movie and sometime I meet in the streets a foreigner younger than me who with his sibling sells baloons for kids and he has some bad habits and he enters the local bar ( cafè ) to talk with the owner to have some company. I’m thinking about what’s his life and which difficulties he’s having, probably he moved here a little ago, and I think the case or some coincidence is making us meeting quite everyday. I would like to be his friend, I realized we have some things in common, after all. I have to get through many things quite alone, although sometimes I receive the support of friends.

    I can foresee, like I feel it in my bones, something it’s gonna happen around me and will make me emotional for a lot of time. I will lose someone who is very very important for me.

    P. S. I noticed around this time last year I dreamt about the big disaster with winds and waves and snow in spring in my country, in Europe.
    I think that if something it’s going to happen about a loss, it’s possible that it will happen in the next two days.


  2. Deirdre Crowley

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for your writing, so timely. I was sitting here in my study earlier only thinking that I believe chaos rules this week. Perhaps it is me, but I feel so much repressed anger in the air, I have had major fall-outs with people I have known for years, lifelike dreams in technicolour, have met up with people from seven and eight years ago and feel as though I am going around in a cyclical loop so to speak, with nothing really changing. I was speaking with a friend yesterday who mentioned to me that she felt her life was starting down the same trajectory as it was eight years ago and she could not do it all again, and my thoughts are the same – how to break out of patterns and apply wisdom. Nowadays, I get up in the morning with a plan and it’s like the universe is throwing out chaos and fear, where mid-way through the day it’s almost easier to give up, start fuming inside or crying and going to bed drained. It’s getting harder to remain centred and to move forward in this “sludge”. It’s almost like the universe has lifted a notch but we humans are unable to do so through fear or ignorance. Too much going on in the sky.
    It’s good to read your writings, it provides a semblance of at least it’s not all in my head!
    Best wishes to you


  3. Matt

    I wanted to tell also that in the last two days I was thinking that this someone I feel the loss was about could be a woman, a girl, and today a woman I knew died of cancer. Could be a coincidence, but also could mean something. But after this news I wasn’t feeling like it’s happened and this is waht I was feeling, I think I’m feeling it for someone else.
    I remember the same morning that little girl died at the swimming center I was saying to myself ” Something it’s gonna happen around these days, and water will be into that, I remember I read somewhere that an astrologer was predicting a water disaster around that days. I think I was in some way feeling it because this event is shaking my whole town.


  4. deb

    Interesting article. About this time last week, I had a dream about my spouse.

    In the dream, I’d just finished reading a newspaper article about something… not so positive. Slightly worried, I called my husband at work two hours after he was to arrive there, but the receptionist indicated that he hadn’t arrived at work yet and that everyone was waiting for him.

    Very odd. He’s an Earth sign and always, always on time.

    The newspaper began to smoke all by itself, and I woke up a little freaked by the whole thing…


  5. spadescrownsofhope

    this has been a wild week. and i keep hoping its just a dream
    but its not. me and my boyfriend are taking a break . i attribute this to Venus in retrograde….
    then im looking to make money like everybody cause i need to be self sufficient , i want to go to college…..but im going for all the wrong reasons i dont want to be a dental assisant im creative…i have a passion for singing always have…i dont care if im famous. i dont want to go on american idol im not a number ” vote for me 7898793″ im wanting to fufill my dream…but i dont know what to do…its like the universe is blocking me in every direction of my dreams i applied to go to the art institute of Seattle for music and they never sent me anything, but a week later i got something for dental assistant …im creative.
    breaking up with my boyfriend. having people being aggressive with me, having a Friday the 13th which is usually lucky for me, all in Venus in retro, and the economy…its a lot to take in…….
    is the what being an adult is about i don’t want it its too intense……”bring on 2012 so we can have a new level of thinking and respecting each other and our differences and what we want from life…..”


  6. Jennifer R

    I just don’t get it and can’t get over the fear thing. I keep getting all these “follow your dreams!” and “be a leader!” messages, but uh, my field is arts. I.e. the LEAST important, easiest thing to budget cut in the Era of Fear. I truly do not understand how I am supposed to go airy-fairy and chase after my dreams with a butterfly net when I cannot even remotely think of a practical plan to do this. I don’t get it!!!


  7. Mem

    Jennifer: Have faith. I know that sounds very airy fairy but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Read The Seven Laws of Money for some practical advice on following your dream while earning a living. Just remember that even during the worst economic times, there was still art. Artists are nothing if not resourceful, so don’t despair and try to use these times of want as a spark for ingenuity.


  8. Pat Post author

    Jennifer, I had to laugh when I read your comment, because you are so right. I do not encourage you or anyone else to just “have faith” that everything will turn out right, the Universe will provide, etc. ad nauseam. That is a pretty naive point of view, in my opinion.

    That said, fear isn’t going to help much, either, except in cases where it might motivate a person to take action. I do believe that Mem is right and that given the current economic climate, many of us will have to pursue our creative work on the side while maintaining some kind of day job to pay the bills. With Saturn in Virgo, practicality reigns and success comes in small increments.

    Good luck!


  9. Mem

    I just read this great article by April Elliot Kent and a quote popped out that I thought was fitting to your worries, Jennifer, (okay, to the worries of all of us creative artists):

    ‘In the words of Victor Hugo, “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”‘

    Here’s the rest of the article: .

    If your creative idea/project is timely, it doesn’t matter what the economic outlook is. It’s going to captivate an audience. I know this may not sound like a very hopeful thing because a lot of it is largely out of our control, which is all the more reason to just keep your head down and do the work. What’s that Zen proverb? Something about when times are good, chop wood, carry water and when times are bad, chop wood, carry water. Okay, a Zen koanist I’m not but you get the gist. The worrying is not going to get you anywhere. If anything, it’s going to get in the way of your work. Just keep working and polishing your craft and get savvy about different ways of paying the rent and the bills. And you know the other thing? I find that having a boring, soul-killing job actually makes me even more committed to pursuing my dream. It’s easier to be disciplined in my writing when I go to a job I hate. I just keep saying that I can’t give up on myself of THIS is my fate. Okay. I’ll be quiet now.


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