Real Astrologer’s Poll: Feeling any effects of the waxing Mars-Saturn opposition?

On Saturday, Mars in Pisces will be exactly opposite Saturn in Virgo, and the pressure is building. The Moon in Gemini squared both ends of this opposition early in the week, adding her two cents. If you have lots of Aries, Scorpio, or many aspects to Mars natally, this might be a frustrating week.

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Yes, Libra is an air signposted by Neith . . .

5 thoughts on “Real Astrologer’s Poll: Feeling any effects of the waxing Mars-Saturn opposition?

  1. Neith Post author

    You would not believe how many times I redid this poll attempting to get it set up right!!! Of course, Mars is also conjunct my IC today too. GAAAAAH


  2. Mandy H.

    Ummm if anything I’m feeling less burdened and frustrated. Not that anythin material has changed in my life but I feel as if the pressure has lifted – or maybe its just the eye of the storm…

    I just feel lighter and a 100% more positive than I did a week ago. Or is it that I’m doing the usual going through the transit before anyone else again?


  3. Neith Post author

    Gee, looks like more people are finding Venus Rx a huge pain in the a** than Mars op Saturn!! It is too . . . :-D


  4. Mem

    I’ve been enjoying the Venus Rx. Very social time, rethinking about past relationships, etc. No dating or flirting, though. Oh, but I do have to say, for whatever reason, now–finally and for the fist time in my life–I’m able to look or send energy to a guy I find attractive and have him totally respond. I’ve been getting a lot of attention from men, sometimes with comical results.


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