Weekly Forecast May 18: New Moon in Gemini

Tiger TwinsThis week is about communications, whether looking backwards or forward, at the big picture or the trivial, the spiritual or the mundane. It could come as a flood of words or deafening silence that tells you everything you need to know.

If that sounds a little schizophrenic … well, we may indeed feel that way, with Mercury still retrograde, Saturn direct after several months retrograde in one of the signs Mercury rules, and a New Moon in the other sign of the Messenger. With that kind of energy filling our airwaves, mixed messages may seem like the goddess-honest truth and vice versa.

Still, Gemini is one of the more enthusiastic and dynamic signs, and with the Sun entering Gemini on Wednesday (Mercury’s day) and the New Moon on Sunday, we won’t remain stuck in the ruts that Mercury retrograde in Taurus might otherwise suggest. That said, it may be one step forward, two steps back for the next couple of weeks. If you’re an impatient type, that may be preferable to no action at all.

On Monday, the Sun conjoins Mercury, setting the tone for the rest of the week. On Wednesday, right as the Sun is entering Gemini, Mercury squares what Neith affectionately refers to as “Neptune & Co.” Since he’s working his way backwards, he starts with Neptune, then squares Chiron 12 hours later, and then a few hours later squares Jupiter. He tops it all off by forming a sextile to Uranus, which should create a noticeable buzz. Let’s just hope it doesn’t sound like a dentist’s drill.

Jupiter himself is approaching conjunction with Neptune, but that’s not until next week. This week, on Saturday, he conjoins Chiron. Wednesday’s square from retrograde Mercury provides the set-up for an unprecedented healing opportunity. We are healing deep wounds that may go back to early childhood and perhaps even farther. Many of us have been receiving messages in many forms about what this healing involves. It’s not the same for everyone, although the recurring theme I’m seeing most is a healing of the split between male and female energies. Regardless of your gender preference, you may start to see deep changes in your relationships. Some unions will become closer and more fulfilling, while those that have outlived their purpose will dissolve. If this happens, let go and put out a conscious intent to clear that space for something new and better.

The week closes with the New Moon on Sunday, May 24, at 3 degrees Gemini. This is close to the degree at which Mercury went retrograde, and Mercury rules this New Moon, so while we generally expect new beginnings at the New Moon, positive developments may be delayed, and our patience may be tried. I also see a possibility that we will think we’ve lost something, or something may happen that causes us to give up hope, but that this will be a cover for new energy attempting to manifest into your material reality. Anytime we are in healing mode, there’s a certain amount of internal confusion, and this can temporarily distort our vision.

Check back on Tuesday or Wednesday for Neith’s New Moon report.

Wishing you all courageous hearts and much love,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: These Sumatran tiger cubs were born late last summer and are seen here at six weeks old in a zoo in Krefeld, Germany. Could there be a better image for the New Moon in Gemini than baby tiger twins? Photo by Sascha Schuermann for Agence France-Presse/DDP.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast May 18: New Moon in Gemini

  1. Matt

    That’s it: I hate homework…

    I’m hugely disappointed by the schedule of the exams being so near to eachother! In Italy the climate is becoming so hot it seems the end of July, and I hate to have to study during the evenings ( in fact, I’d like to go to cinema ), I’m regaining my ideas about moving in United States and working for tv shows as a scriptwriter or tv shows creator.

    My creativity is back full time since so long, and now I have work to do, and I know that’s important but work for exams…Hew!

    I can just try to listen to anyone right now, and I have to focus on boring things…

    I’m feeling crap things going to be for me.


  2. mm

    Pat. Thanks for an informative post. Such an intense time, this, with Neptune and Co and the retrograde Merc. Dealing with wounds but also possibilities. Patience and waiting (and waiting and waiting). I for one am looking forward to getting out of the Taurean rut.

    It’s my birthday on Sunday, right on the New Moon in Gemini. More patience required in the coming year methinks, but new beginnings too perhaps ….


  3. Mem

    So far, really, seriously, truly? I feel marvelous. I don’t know why. I just do. Actually, maybe it’s related to the fact that Sun is setting later and later every day and so when I come out of work, it’s light out. I feel like a kid coming out of summer school. Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo but, damn, the sun makes me happy!


  4. Matt

    Well…I’m contacting lots of old-know people with whom I was losing contacts.
    I received another news, quite sad about a family member where six of them are Gemini.
    I’ m in contact with many twins right now in the chats.

    As for my mother, she is so focused on cleaning the whole house right now that she seems to be hypnotized by these houseworks, so much that she doesn’t care so much about what happens around her.

    I’m again in contact with some best friends I didn’t have news since a while.

    And I feel a big event coming for us.


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