Cha Cha Change and Uranus Transits

Since April of last year, Uranus in Pisces has been trine my Ascendant on and off. I’m beginning to believe that for some of us there is no such thing as an “easy” transit of Uranus, especially those who have a preponderance of planets and chart angles in the fixed signs.

Often, Uranus transits to the Ascendant coincide with weight loss, and this transit has been no exception – I have lost over twenty pounds. This has been due to being unable to eat desserts of any kind, including pure chocolate, due to a severely stressed digestive system. The thing is, when I stay away from the trigger foods and do my best to minimize the stress in my life, I feel great. Pretty straightforward cause and effect – do this and feel like crap, don’t do it and feel good.

Transits to my Ascendant not only affect my Ascendant but also my Mars and Mercury, because those planets conjoin it from the twelfth house side. A natal inconjunct from Uranus to those three points gives a certain unpredictability to how a particular transit will manifest – and probably why Uranus transits are unusually stressful for me.

Because I gave away all my smaller pants, I am going to have to get new ones. Since I do not enjoy shopping (must be one of the few women on the planet who don’t) this is not something I look forward to. Our budget is very tight right now, so it may be time to head to Good Will to see what I can find.

One of the reasons I’m just now beginning to realize how profound the changes are is because Neptune has been squaring my Ascendant during this same time period. Right now it is past exact, and the fog has lifted for awhile (I have one more to go in late October-November of this year). This is just another confirmation of Neptune’s ability to obfuscate and confuse any and all issues by transit or natal aspect.

Uranus transits often are good reminders of what we need to do to take care of ourselves, and this one has been no exception. Sometimes we need to clear out old habits and sources of stress in order to replace them with healthier options. Usually, on some level, we already are aware of what needs to be done. I did. It’s eat healthy and stay awwaaaay from the goodies from here on out!

Just goes to show even an old dog can learn a new trick.

Libra always seeks balanceposted by Diane . . .


6 thoughts on “Cha Cha Change and Uranus Transits

  1. Pat Post author

    NO CHOCOLATE!!! I would have to kill myself.

    I lost a lot of weight when Uranus conjoined my Moon in 2006. I had so much nervous energy that I couldn’t stop running, and my mind never slept. Everyone told me I looked great (as I’m sure you do) but I wouldn’t recommend it as an ideal way to lose weight, even for us fixed signs.

    Best of luck in dealing with the digestive disorders. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  2. deb

    I wonder if there’s something natural you can take for that, D. I can ask the chiropractor I work with– she’s also a nutritionist and has really great products at the office. I love the Olive Leaf tonic– it is fantastic for skin, hair and overall immune system.

    I’ve dropped a good 15-20 lbs pretty quickly as a busy dogwalker. Nowadays, walking dogs is what keeps me in decent shape. So does walking around town all the time. We live in Hoboken and feel like lazy idiots taking a bus or our car, even a bike, anywhere within our mile-square town.

    I hate going shopping, too, Diane. In New York, especially, sometimes you have to wait at least 45 minutes for a fitting room. By the time I reached a fitting room to try something on, once, I was so exhausted I apologized to the salesperson and gave up my spot to someone else. Otherwise, I’d have to have waited another twenty minutes in line to buy merchandise (if it fit well) and I was already about to pass out from the hot overhead lighting…


  3. Diane L Post author

    Thanks ladies! I’ve been seeing a naturopathic doc since last fall and we did resolve one part of the problem by having me take HCL capsules. As we grow older apparently we produce less stomach acid and the symptoms are similar to hyper-acidity . . . weird.

    Walking my puppy almost every day for 30+ minutes does both of us good. :) Like most dog owners, I am much better about remembering she needs time & exercise then just going out on my own.

    Shopping in NYC sounds like pure hell to me. I do most of my shopping these days from catalogs and online. Still sizes vary so much from brand to brand, it makes it tough to get a good fit. The last pair of pants I ordered turned out to be too big even after going by measurements. Frustrating.


  4. Diane L Post author

    Finally figured out why it is easy for me to say “no” to chocolate when it makes me feel crappy. Has to do with a very tight natal Saturn-Neptune sextile. I can vividly imagine (Neptune) the results of eating it, making it easy to be disciplined (Saturn).

    Elsa P has a great post on this and when I read it, it clicked in my head! Curing Addiction via Astrology


  5. les

    Welcome to my world – born with Uranus conjunct Ascendant AND Moon. Of course you get used to it, being there all the time, but transits set it off and can interfere with sleep. I have always had to baby my digestive system (4 Virgo planets), but it has gotten even more finicky with age. Can never get away with junk eating because I instantly feel yucky. I suppose that’s a good thing! ;-) Anyway, good for you for eating healthily and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise.

    BTW, I love fresh papaya (great for digestion) and probably go through a large one every week – in yogurt for breakfast and sometimes after dinner in place of dessert (with a fresh squeeze of lime is best – cuts the sometimes cloying sweetness).


  6. deb

    “Still sizes vary so much from brand to brand, it makes it tough to get a good fit.”

    YOU said it. I also find it annoying that a lot of denim, these days, is crappy. Just not as thick and hearty as it used to be. Add to this the 90-something-percent of jeans that include stretch and supersize themselves after a day’s wear and… AUGH.

    Happy weekend!


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