Weekly Forecast August 15: Retrograde Mercury Conjunct Sun and Venus

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This should be a much quieter week – thank goddess, as we all need a break from last week’s violence.

I can’t add much to the discussion about the riots in England. Astrologers for many years have been predicting violent social upheaval as a function of the Uranus-Pluto square. The aspect isn’t exact until next year, but for most of this month, they track just a degree from each other, with Mars fanning the flames of unrest. As frightening as the riots were, they are an indication of more to come. If you want to know the details, I highly recommend an article by Nick Campion, reigning king of mundane astrology, in the August/September issue of The Mountain Astrologer. Every world leader ought to be reading this right now. Campion notes that France, Germany, China, the UK, the United States, and the EEC all have their Sun in cardinal degrees that will be directly contacted by Uranus and Pluto in conflict.

Mars continues to move through the degrees of the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse series, which began in July 2009 and ended on July 1, 2011. Because it coincided with the cardinal T-square and grand cross, the changes we normally go through during eclipses were all the more upsetting. As Mars goes through these degrees one by one, we may be asked to revisit particular events in the past two years. Below are the dates that Mars crosses eclipse degrees:

August 17 – 9 degrees Cancer, solar eclipse of July 1, 2011 (last in series)
August 18 – 10 degrees Cancer, lunar eclipse of Dec. 31, 2009
August 24 – 13 degrees Capricorn, solar eclipse of Jan. 4, 2011
August 26 – 15 Capricorn, lunar eclipse of July 7, 2009 (first in series)
September 2 – 19 Cancer, solar eclipse of July 11, 2010
September 11 – 25 Capricorn, solar eclipse of Jan. 15, 2010
September 18 – 29 Cancer, solar eclipse of July 22, 2009

This Thursday, just as he’s crossing the degrees of two eclipses, Mars makes a flowing sextile with Jupiter. I want you to pay particular attention mid-week to any events that reflect what was happening in your life around those two eclipse dates … and then note whether you are handling that situation much differently this time around.

I’ve begun noticing this effect, and it’s very interesting. Situations indeed are coming up that correspond to eclipse-related events, but I’m seeing increasing signs that something has shifted, allowing those of us who have been paying attention to choose a different response this time and thus achieve a different outcome. In other words, we’re beginning to understand how what we manifest changes when we align with our true purpose in life. This is where astrology is an indispensible tool.

(Find out more about your purpose and destiny in Soul Journey, my new karma report.)

Mercury’s retrograde phase is adding to the chaos and confusion, but it’s also helping us think back to these previous dates and, if necessary, revise our beliefs. This is a good week for it, with Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all conjunct on Tuesday. It’s an especially good time for soul-searching regarding relationships. So many of you have come to me with gut-wrenching partnership challenges. The next few weeks could bring you some stunning insights, not the least of which is how you’ve grown as a result of the trials of the past two years.

On Sunday, Venus makes an opposition with Neptune, one of the classic “rose-colored glasses” aspects. With Venus in Leo and Neptune retrograde in Aquarius, there could be issues with society’s idea of what constitutes beauty and sex appeal versus what we’re really here for. You can spend all the money you want on cars, clothes, makeup, and the right “toys,” but as the old song goes, it won’t buy you love. In fact, it’s hard for true love to survive in such a materialistic climate.

Venus gets more practical when she moves into Virgo later on Sunday, but she’s not really happy there, either. Nitpicking isn’t conducive for love, and I have yet to see a fashion ad featuring a model in sweats, no makeup, and unwashed hair cleaning up cat vomit. This is the woman who will be there for you when you’re sick and overloaded at work. She’s not into all the bling, but is genuine and sincere. Ironically, two of the sexiest women of all time, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, both have Venus in Virgo (they were born within a week of each other in 1934). Although the sixties images of them with the big hair and heavy eyeliner don’t match our idea of Venus in Virgo, earlier photos of them reveal women who were down-to-earth and real.

Speaking of goddesses, I’m hoping to post an article this week on Vesta . Like some of you, I’m fascinated, if not a bit obsessed. Maybe it’s because I’m about to have my Vesta return?

Wishing you a week of insight, courage, and lots of love,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast August 15: Retrograde Mercury Conjunct Sun and Venus

  1. inishglora

    Y’know, this part about thinking back to the time of those eclipses, and what was happening then, is a great argument for keeping a journal. I’m not very good at such a disciplined approach, for some reason. You’d think I would be, what with all that heavy Saturn and practical Capricorn energy I’m dealing with.


  2. Pat Post author

    Joe, I do keep a journal pretty regularly, and it is indeed helpful. However, I also look back through my e-mail, which often is more enlightening. Your e-mail archives may be even better than a journal. :-)


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