Best Friends Complete Compatibility Report

© Kurhan for Dreamstime.comWhy do we get along with some people so well and others not at all? Astrology can provide insightful answers to this question.

Best Friends is uses the same compatibility interpretations as my True Love report, adapted for relationships other than romantic partnerships. It is suitable for friends, co-workers, business partners, family members, and even your cat!

This unique two-part report pairs a personal evaluation of your chart by a professional astrologer with Gina Ronco’s excellent compatibility interpretations. As with True Love, you get a bonus chapter with your composite chart.

Before Gina’s report begins, I provide you with a full page of my observations of your relationship dynamics, including karmic connections, which often are present in strong relationships. You also get a full-color synastry wheel that I designed especially for this report.

Sample report coming soon!

Best Friends Complete Compatibility Report, 15-18 pages

* Accurate compatibility reports require a birth time for both partners. If you do not know the birth time of your partner, it will be set at noon, but this will affect the accuracy of the report somewhat.