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After searching for many months for computer-generated reports that are accurate and well-written, I am offering a select few that meet my high standards.

You will not find these reports anywhere else! That’s because I combine the pre-written texts with a brief analysis of my own noting the unique features of your chart and how they fit together as a whole. This is simply not possible in a totally computerized report. It’s my way of continuing to provide the kind of personal attention that my clients seek. In addition, my reports come with color chart wheels and graphs.

Please note that these reports aren’t instantly generated, like the ones you find on the big astrology sites. Because I enter your birth data by hand and write my own analysis, it could be several days before you receive your report, depending on my wait list. When you place your order, I’ll give you an estimated delivery date.

I am pleased to be able to offer the following reports and forecasts. (Also be sure to check out my new, full-color ArtWheels!)



Full Circle Solar Return Report $US89
Full Circle is a unique Solar Return report combining a personal evaluation of your chart with planetary interpretations by Mary Fortier Shea, who literally wrote the book on Solar Returns. Comes with a beautiful ArtWheel. 35+ pages. Find out more…
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True Love, The Complete Compatibility Report $US89
True Love is a unique two-part report that pairs a personal evaluation of your chart by a professional astrologer with the one of the best synastry software programs available. Comes with a 3-4-page personal evaluation, a full-color synastry chart, and interpretations by Gina Ronco. 18-20 pages. Find out more…
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Best Friends Complete Compatibility Report $US89
Best Friends is the friendship version of the Complete Compatibility Report and contains the same elements. It is suitable for friends, co-workers, roommates, siblings, and even your pet! Includes a one-page personal evaluation, a full-color synastry chart, and interpretations by Gina Ronco. 17-18 pages. Find out more…
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Evolving Self Natal Report $US79
I chose Anne Mogul’s Life Path for RealAstrologers, because it is simply the best of the computer-aided natal reports available. Before her report begins, I provide a one-page synthesis, written exclusively for you. Anne’s report explores all of your planets in detail, plus your Ascendant,* lunar nodes, aspects to the Midheaven, and house rulers. 19-20 pages. Find out more…
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Soul Journey Karma Report $US79
Soul Journey explores your karmic past and your destiny in this lifetime. I would not have been able to offer you a report of this depth and sensitivity without Gina Ronco’s Karmic Insight Report. I was so impressed when I first read it that I just had to have it for RealAstrologers. This exclusive report includes my take on the karmic indicators in your chart (one page), plus a beautiful full-color art wheel. 15-16 pages. Find out more…
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* To calculate your Ascendant, we need to have an accurate birth time. If you do not know your birth time, your report will not include the chapter on the Ascendant, but there is still a lot of useful information, including my analysis of your chart.