Evolving Self Natal Report

Evolving Self Natal ReportI like to think of the birth chart as your cosmic blueprint. You came into this incarnation with it. Now it’s up to you to creatively build your life – always a work in progress.

I chose Anne Mogul’s Life Path for RealAstrologers, because it is simply the best of the computer-aided natal reports available. Before her report begins, I provide my analysis of your chart (at least three pages) and a beautiful full-color chart wheel. You won’t find this combination report anywhere else. Anne’s report explores all of your planets in detail, plus your Ascendant,* lunar nodes, aspects to the Midheaven, and house rulers.

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Hank Friedman, the leading reviewer of astrology software in the United States, calls Life Path “one of the best birth chart reports available.”

Evolving Self Natal Report, with Life Path
19-20 pages



* To calculate your Ascendant, we need to have an accurate birth time. If you do not know your birth time, your report will not include the chapter on the Ascendant, but there is still a lot of useful information, including my analysis of your chart.

Thank you for your interpretations … I’ve never known what to do with the conflicting information in my chart, this report is just great.  ~ Boston, Mass.