Soul Journey Karma Report

A whole branch of astrology has arisen to explore aspects in the birth chart that provide clues about where your soul has been before and what lessons you came into this physical incarnation to learn.

I created Soul Journey to provide information about your karmic past and to explore your destiny in this lifetime. I would not have been able to offer you a report of this depth and sensitivity without Gina Ronco’s Karmic Insight Report. I was so impressed when I first read it that I just had to have it for RealAstrologers. Her report goes beyond the standard interpretation of the birth chart and interprets your Sun, Moon, Ascendant,* lunar nodes, and planetary aspects from the point of view of karmic astrology.

Soul Journey includes three or more pages of my analysis of the karmic indicators in your chart, plus a bonus inspirational art wheel.

View sample report.

Soul Journey Karma Report, with Karmic Insight
15-16 pages



* To calculate your Ascendant, we need to have an accurate birth time. If you do not know your birth time, your report will not include the chapter on the Ascendant, but there is still a lot of useful information, including my analysis of your chart.

Thank you very much for this report. I found it extremely helpful, insightful and most of all, inspiring.

~ La Jolla, Calif