True Love, The Complete Compatiblity Report

Think you’ve found The One? Astrology is an excellent means to find out! Using an ancient technique called synastry, we can get a pretty good idea of whether two people are compatible, how they connect, and what challenges they may face. It also provides clues about karmic connections, the big question on everyone’s mind these days.

True Love is a unique two-part report that pairs a personal evaluation of your chart by a professional astrologer with the one of the best synastry software programs available. I chose Gina Ronco’s complete compatibility report as the basis for True Love because of its depth and insight. You even get a bonus chapter with your composite chart. I don’t use them much in my work, but many other astrologers do, and now I can offer you that option.

Before Gina’s report begins, I provide you with three to four pages of my observations of your relationship dynamics, including karmic connections, if they’re present. You also get a full-color synastry wheel that I designed especially for this report.

If you’re not ready to jump into a romance with your new flame, you may want to check out Best Friends, the friendship version of this report.

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True Love, The Complete Compatibility Report, 17-18 pages


* Accurate compatibility reports require a birth time for both partners. If you do not know the birth time of your partner, it will be set at noon, but this will affect the accuracy of the report somewhat.

Just want to say how much I have enjoyed and appreciate the report, Pat!!! Thank you so much. It’s makes so much sense and is very touching and affirming in so many ways!!! I really appreciate your personal touch and insights – I must say that alone made the report worthwhile … I do really like Gina’s computerized version though – there’s lots of insights there and plenty to go back and read again and again.

~ North Dakota