Diane Lang

Venus in Sagittarius Return photoDiane Lang (a.k.a. Neith) was co-founder of RealAstrologers in 2008 with Pat Paquette. She has been a student of astrology for more years than she cares to think about. In 1978, she studied with noted astrologer David Pond, which led to collecting birth data from family, friends and acquaintances. That was when she started her extensive astrological reference library which includes Liz Greene, Steven Arroyo, Robert Hand, Betty Lundsted, Martin Schulman, Dane Rudhyar, and many more. With Libra being the sign of both her Sun and Moon, her main area of interest is the astrology of relationships. Chiron conjuncting her Sun has been instrumental in learning through relating too.

She also started blogging on astrology in 2006 opening up myriad new avenues to expand her astrological knowledge base. In 2007 she started a second blog, Neith on Synastry, devoted exclusively to compatibility and synastry issues. Now she has combined those blogs on her new website, Libra Seeking Balance. Her formal education includes a B.A. in art with minors in psychology and biology. She has worked in art galleries, libraries, vet’s offices, and as an executive secretary and office manager. Now she is now happily self-employed as a full-time astrologer.

Diane left RealAstrologers in March 2010 and can be reached via Libra Seeking Balance.