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Aries Rising: The Aries Soul

Aries. From the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Karen MacKenzie. © 2012.

Aries. From the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Karen MacKenzie. © 2012.

If you’ve been enjoying Ruth’s articles on Esoteric Astrology, you may have been sad that her series on soul rulers ended with Pisces last month. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that she’s back with a new series, on the Rising signs – starting with (what else?) Rising Aries. I always learn so much from her articles and know that you will, too. ~pq

On March 20, the Sun entered Aries, marking the beginning of a new zodiac year. In many traditions this also marks the first day of spring (or autumn in the southern hemisphere). It is a time of new beginnings, new growth: a time of creation. What better time to begin a new series exploring the contrasts between the personality and soul expressions of each sign, beginning with the inspirational, innovative and impulsive sign of Aries?

Your soul is indicated by your Rising sign (Ascendant). This is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth and, as such, is considered by soul-centered astrologers* to be the most important sign in astrology, precisely because it indicates your soul’s path, purpose and expression. If you have Aries Rising, you could say that you are an “Aries Soul.” Simply put, if you have Aries Rising, you are here to express the highest spiritual purpose of Aries, to the degree that you can, in this lifetime.

[callout]The soul is the reality lying behind the persona, the mask of the soul. It is the soul or higher self that comes first, as does the Rising sign. The Rising sign, the soul and the soul’s purpose are therefore one and the same.   ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology[/callout]

Whether you will experience and actualize the full spiritual potential of your Ascendant or not depends upon your level of consciousness. If you are spiritually asleep, you will naturally experience the qualities of your Ascendant as an inherent part of your personality. As you awaken to your spiritual purpose, you will feel a quickening, experiencing the subtle stirrings of your soul’s calling, through your Ascendant. The Ascendant bridges the worlds between sleep and awakening.

[callout]This physical awakening experience is directly related to the fact that the Rising sign is the central factor connected to spiritual awakening. We incarnate into a new life, we awake each morning into a new life; and we are born again into a new life when we awake to spiritual purpose in our lives. ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology[/callout]

If we think of the octaves of the musical scale, we can get an idea about the lower and higher vibrations of each sign. The lower octaves are fear-based and come from externaly imposed ideas about how we ought to be, while the higher octaves are love-based and arise purely from within our own heart. This is an important key, not only to understanding the lower and higher expressions of each sign, but for knowing how to shift from lower to higher expressions. The shift is from fear to love, but this is meaningless until we experience the shift in perspective that comes from navigating the octaves on the spiritual spectrum. When you come from a place of love within, you will naturally express the highest octaves of your soul sign.

Each soul sign is here to learn and develop in specific ways, in this lifetime. We are here to grow into what we may become: our full potential as a spiritual being. Just as an infant who is learning to speak isn’t learning a lesson as such, but is rather unfolding his natural potential, so it is the same with our soul work. Likewise our soul work shows up naturally, as major themes throughout our lives, calling us to awaken, live, and rise to the highest octaves of our soul sign.

The Rising sign is the powerhouse – the central electromagnetic centre of one’s life (chart) and this energy begins to be released when one awakens. ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology

At soul level, Aries is a sign of higher mind and plays a vital role in the development of the antakharana, or “Rainbow Bridge” between higher and lower mind. This is why Aries is associated with the brow, forehead, and eyes, and is symbolized by the horns of the Ram. It is commonly believed that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and it is through the eyes that we can glimpse higher mind, or soul. This is why Aries is also highly intuitive, and the type of intuition associated with Aries is that of direct knowing. Once one can attune to the subtle spiritual energy at soul level, wisdom reveals itself fully and completely without having to go through the lower mental process of thought, which is relatively slow. So this Arian type of intuition is an immediate direct knowing that is beyond thought.

To be aware of knowledge at this level, one must cultivate awareness, through direct perception of the full spectrum of energy, from the grossest energetic movement to the finest spiritual subtle ripples. Yet at personality level Aries can be anything but subtle and may even develop a reputation for being direct to the point of bluntness, self-absorption, and oblivion to the needs of those around them. In fact, this is all normal and is part and parcel of what Aries is learning at this stage of soul development.

As the first sign of the zodiac Aries is, in many ways, the “baby” of the zodiac. There can be an innocence and naïveté around Aries, with an expectation that life events should just be easy and somehow simpler than they often turn out to be in practice. It’s as if they have no experience of life which, in a sense, is true at soul level. In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan describes the soul in Aries as a “point of light in the mind of God,” and this simple phrase can tell us much about the soul experience in Aries. Remember Aries is a sign of the mind, so Aries comes filled with excitement, ideas, inspiration, and enthusiasm for the journey. The whole blueprint for the journey ahead is mapped out in his (or her) mind, and Aries brings the drive and the impetus to get started. It’s like that stage of a vacation or trip where you know where you are going and why, and the day has finally arrived. The time is now! You are full of enthusiasm, brimming over with excitement, and you take your first eager steps down the road.

That is the energy of Aries. Nothing has happened yet to dampen your enthusiasm. You haven’t hit any obstacles or glitches, and because you can’t even foresee that there could possibly be any, you haven’t planned or prepared for them. Because you have never walked this path before, you can’t possibly imagine what could happen, which also means you have very few coping skills. Arians are great people to have around at the beginning of a project, because their innate inspiration and childlike enthusiasm can really put a light under the fire, ignite the project and get it started. But if you leave Aries managing the dull, day-to-day problems that will inevitably arise, you will soon see his feathers droop and his light go out, like an eagle caught in a rainstorm pathetically sitting dripping in a tree waiting to dry out before he can majestically soar again.

Often Aries has the initial idea or impulse and lacks the next step. He can also be childlike in his expectation that his ideas should just instantly manifest into reality, with no further effort on his part. It’s as though the idea of cake should be enough in itself. “I just thought of it, so where’s my cake?” Like a small child he seems oblivious to the reality of what resources, skill and effort may be required to create cake. Associated with this is Aries’ tendency to just put out ideas and expect others to pick up the ball. There is an important balance needed whereby Aries tends to his own creative projects (the “seeds” of his inspiration) long enough for them to manifest and become established, before he hands them over too quickly to others. This way Aries learns to add skill to his amazing vision.

Aries is a sign of vision, courage, boldness, leadership and drive. Imagine the military commander who can see a way forward through the forest. He isn’t personally going to cut down the trees! He’ll order someone else to do that because he is keeping his eye on the horizon, on the vision, and his concern is on driving through, pushing ahead, reaching that goal. Also, in his narrow focus, he may have given little thought with regard to the wider implications of cutting down trees and what that could mean in the long term. So we can see that Aries can also sometimes have a tendency towards blinkered vision: being preoccupied with only his own immediate issues and not considering the wider implications of his actions on others and his environment.

Aries is not a loner, he is a leader, and a leader needs someone to lead. That is why Aries is the sign of the Ram. A Ram needs a flock, and wherever Aries goes, people follow. Because of his innate intuition and inspired and inspiring vision, people are naturally drawn to Aries. His confidence and vision are magnetic, and people naturally want to follow. So this brings Aries a vital lesson in responsibility. As much as he would like to be a free individual, Aries is part of the flock, and wherever he goes others follow. So he needs to carefully review his motives, raise his sights, and ensure that he is leading his flock onto the highest path and not the lowest.

When Aries awakens spiritually and listens to his highest calling, he is an inspiring spiritual leader, guiding others with his altruistic vision towards the highest goals of all: self-realization, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. If he is sleeping (in a spiritual sense) he may be mis-leading people, taking actions and decisions that are either selfish impulses from his own ego, or simply leading others from ignorance, through being too caught up in a materially-driven, selfish and destructive society.

The soul work of Aries, which show up as major themes throughout life, may relate to these areas:

• Cultivating self-awareness: awareness of both your own energy field and the effects and impact of your energy and actions on those around you. This will also awaken awareness of your spiritual energy.
• Taming your mind: evaluating the billions of ideas that pass through your mind and learning to exercise judgment about which ones to pursue.
• Focus, effort and tenacity: sticking with your creative projects and ideas long enough to birth them into reality, and applying the necessary personal effort to make it happen.
• Expand your mind. Look deep within to see where your own worldview may be limited, and limiting you. You are on a fantastic journey from lower to higher mind!
• Through meditation, become familiar with the Rainbow Bridge from lower to higher mind, so you can distinguish between an “impulse to act” that arises from lower mind, and one arising from higher, Divine Mind.
[callout]The Ascendant is directly concerned with the purpose and the plan, and the more one is prepared to attune to and co-operate with the higher self the more one can unfold and manifest the energies of the Rising sign and thus fulfil one’s purpose. ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology[/callout]
If you have Aries Rising, you are here to ignite and inspire others with an infusion of Divine ideas, sacred fire, and spiritual energy so they may realize their own spiritual potential. Before you can do this, you must cultivate self-awareness and realize your spiritual potential, so you can skillfully navigate the full spectrum of the Rainbow Bridge at will: accessing the highest realms of consciousness that are currently humanly possible, and living your life as the true spiritual “Rainbow Warrior” that you are.



* For a deeper exploration of the importance of the Ascendant in spiritual awakening, see Shapter 6, “The Rising Sign and Its Deeper Significance,” in Transpersonal Astrology, by Errol Weiner.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

About the artist: This oil painting, the first in the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Seattle artist Karen MacKenzie, features Aries as a warrior of peace as new life bursts forth in Spring. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art (her prints are very affordable).

Weekly Forecast April 1: Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries

Mars Jumps Venus, by Hendrik de Clerck. Methinks ol' Hendrik did use a male model for Venus.

Mars Jumps Venus, by Hendrik de Clerck. Methinks ol’ Hendrik did use a male model for Venus. Not even Serena Williams has biceps like that.

This week is about sex, sex, and more sex, and it will be fast and hot, with Venus and Mars in conjunctio in the fire sign of Aries.

Venus and Mars are fresh from encounters with the Sun and Uranus, the latter being particularly kinky. Aries is, after all, the sign of the ram, and it rules the head.

The tension builds toward a climax overnight Saturday, so we can expect a lot of hot dates this coming weekend – especially in Weare, New Hampshire, where the conjunction will be exactly opposite the Midheaven. With Venus and Mars in fast, impulsive Aries, most encounters are likely to be one-night stands. Unfortunately, Aries has a reputation for not finishing what he starts – all the more likely, since there will be a lot of alcohol involved, thanks to the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces a few hours earlier. Pisces is legendary for its capacity for imbibing. Where do you think the phrase “drinks like a fish” came from?

Fortunately, Venus in Aries is self-sufficient and knows how to take care of herself.

That’s really the only aspect of any consequence this week. Otherwise, we have a sextile between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini on Monday. A sextile is an easy going aspect with no strings attached. In classical mythology, the Roman Jupiter and his Greek counterpart, Zeus, were incorrigible philanderers. Gemini is fickle, as we might expect from the sign of duality. I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly reminded of a campaign joke that was going around when Nixon ran for re-election. For the benefit of those who weren’t born yet, it went, “Don’t change dicks in the middle of a screw, vote for Nixon in ’72.”

The best jokes have a kernel of truth. People were feeling screwed back then, and nothing much has changed, except perhaps that with Pluto in Capricorn, the screw is bigger and harder – sort of like an S&M date gone bad. Meanwhile, North Korea is about to jump South Korea, and everyone has their missiles out of their pants, waving them in the air. Although nuclear weapons and alcohol generally aren’t a good mix, maybe too much alcohol wouldn’t be a bad thing in this case. To quote a famous line from Shakespeare, “It provokes the desire but it takes away the performance.”

Happy April Fool’s Day … sort of.

Wishing you all much love and courage in the coming week (which, while not necessarily all about sex, promises to be another wild and crazy ride).
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Mars, Mercury, and the Inner Journey of Aries, Part II

In Part I of this article, Ruth explained the meaning of Aries in Soul Astrology. In Part II, she elaborates on the concept of Mercury as the esoteric ruler of Aries. ~Pat

My Aries son in flames. © Osk Ingad Alden, 2012.

Esoteric Astrology speaks of three stages of spiritual development known as the mutable, fixed, and cardinal cross.1

Those on the mutable cross are personality centered and have little or no awareness of Soul. Those on the fixed cross have some experience of Soul. They have begun awakening, but there is still duality: separation between personality and Soul. The individual on the cardinal cross has fully integrated Soul and personality. There is no separation. Such an individual would be a highly realized spiritual being like Christ or Buddha. Most of us on the planet at this time will be on the mutable cross, while a fast-growing minority are beginning to awaken on the fixed cross.

The majority of people on the mutable cross will still relate and be receptive to Mars as the ruler of Aries. Those on the fixed cross who are awakening and becoming aware of their Soul presence will begin perceiving the qualities of Mercury and its influence in Aries. When the Being is sensitive, and receptive enough to receive Mercurial energy, then Mercury takes over from Mars and begins the process of awakening, ripening, conditioning and developing the intuitive body.

Mercury is responsible for the development of the antahkarana, or Rainbow Bridge, by which we connect lower and higher mind.2 Aries is very much a sign of the mind, and it is through this ripening and conditioning effect of Mercury that Aries arises from his lower nature to reach his full spiritual potential. The effect of Uranus in Aries lies beyond the individual and is known only at the hierarchical level. As we awaken spiritually, developing our senses and deepening our perceptive capacity, we become aware of the more subtle influences of these energies. In Aries it is the effects of both Mars and Mercury that are creating the perfect conditions for spiritual development.

During the early stages of our spiritual journey, like tender vulnerable seedlings, we are very susceptible to the energies that condition our growth, but there is a reciprocal effect that comes later. Just like a fully mature forest gives back and sustains the environment which nurtured the individual trees, so we too as fully flowering mature spiritual beings will have the capacity to emanate beneficial energies, such as compassion, to nurture and sustain all sentient beings.

I cannot too strongly reiterate the constant necessity for you to think
in terms of energies and forces, of lines of force,
and energy relationships…
The whole story of astrology is, in reality,
one of magnetic and magical interplay
for the production or externalization of the inner reality…
~ Alice Bailey

Soul Astrology is astrology of our inner world: our energy field, of all five “bodies.” The natal chart is our own personal mandala, showing us the energetic patterns and dynamics that were present at the precise moment that we came into incarnation and the planets that are co-creating the conditions for our growth. How much we grow spiritually and increase our capacity to receive and perceive the potential influences depends very much on us — on our motives, intention, motivation, and the choices we make. We must strive to expand our perception if we are to be aware of more subtle influences.

Will we recognize Mars as the benevolent father of life on earth, driving us steadily towards Mercury and the revelation of our Higher Self? Or will we continue to cast him down as a god of war? The choice is ours.

Next Month we will explore Venus, Vulcan and the Inner Journey of Taurus.




1. This is not the same as having a grand square or cosmic cross in one’s own natal chart.
2. Esoteric Astrology, the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.
3. Ibid.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Mars, Mercury, and the Inner Journey of Aries

As the new astrological year begins, Ruth starts a new series on the planetary rulers of the signs according to Soul Astrology. Isn’t it ironic that both Mars and Mercury currently are retrograde, and Uranus is in the sign of Mars? The synchronicities just keep on comin.’ ~Pat

My Aries son in flames. © Osk Ingad Alden, 2012.

Aries season is upon us once again, heralding the spring and marking the beginning of another zodiac year. At the Soul level, Aries also marks the beginning of a fantastic journey: the journey of life.

In Esoteric Astrology, the twelve signs of the zodiac tell a story – the magical story of consciousness incarnating into matter, in the form of a human being.1 Irrespective of different faiths and known by many names, all scriptures tell of Holy Beings that are here to help, guiding the human soul on its journey and ensuring we don’t stray too far from the path.

Every blade of grass has an Angel
that bends over it and whispers Grow! Grow!

~ The Talmud

Esoteric Astrology tells us that the twelve signs of the zodiac are Divine Intelligences, or Angelic Beings, who oversee the different stages of our Soul’s development. In this fantastic journey, the Soul begins in Aries as “a point of light in the mind of God.” 2 In Aries we see the initial spark of inspiration: the first impulse to exist, a divine idea that eventually translates into the pulse of life, an original concept.3

The Soul in Aries is carrying the blueprint and the potential, just as the seeds of spring have the potential to become trees, under the right conditions. They are not yet trees, and the seed is very different from the tree. It is similar with our Soul’s journey. We are in the process of growth and, under the right conditions, we will realize our spiritual potential. Just as the seed needs the right mix of sunlight, warmth, water, earth, and nutrients in order to grow, so a human soul is also conditioned by a number of factors, not least of which are the planets.

The planets play a vital role in this conditioning of our Soul, and three planets have an important relationship with Aries: Mars, Mercury, and Uranus. At the personality level, Mars is the primary energy providing the motivating, driving force. Mars is related to the vital body and brings life force energy into physical existence.

As we navigate our inner journey, we become more familiar with our inner world. The dedicated master yogis and saints who have trodden this inner path before us have described their experiences in scriptures, leaving a kind of map, so we can know what to expect on our own journey. Although each journey is unique, there is some common ground that we can all expect to experience.

Patanjali, one of the founders of modern Yoga, described five bodies we can experience on our inner journey.4 He related these to five elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether. These he called the physical or “earth” body (annamay kosh), the energy “fire” body (pranamay kosh – this is also known as the vital body in other traditions), the mental “water” body (manomay kosh), intuitive “air” body (vigyanamay kosh), and the bliss “ether” body (anandmay kosh). Our journey is one of awareness and movement through each of these inner bodies. Once all five have been transcended, we attain Universal Mind.

Mars brings drive, motive, and motivation.5 It is the driving force that pushes life-force energy into the physical world. It is the energy of creation, conception, and new life (think sperm!). It enlivens and vitalises, brings life and vitality, and is closely related to Patanjali’s energy body. The driving force of Mars motivates us into action. This universal force is present throughout nature.

Animals live and are driven primarily by their vital, or energy, bodies. Only in humans did Mars fall out of favor as its influence historically became associated with war and aggression. This is because of man’s misinterpretation through his lower consciousness. The message of Mars is, “Take action,” or “Move.” When this pure life-giving energy is distorted through the filter of a human mind, it all too often becomes, “Let’s fight,” or “Go to war.”

This is partly due to the consciousness of humanity at this current time and the effect of Mars vitalising our lower nature. In time, as we expand our consciousness, we will experience and respond to Mars differently and perceive its influence as largely beneficial.

The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great struggles but eventually leading to great revelation. In Aries, it is the final revelation of the nature of knowledge and the purpose of incarnation.
~ Alice Bailey

Mars moves us into action. Ultimately it is up to us to choose the action we take: conscious action or unconscious reaction. The outcome of our actions depends on our own motivation. It is important for anyone with planets in Aries, especially Mars, to continuously check their motives. Are your actions motivated by the needs of your head (ego) or the call of your heart and Soul?

Mars rules the lower octave of Aries, the personality, and empowers Aries with motive – the need to move the Self forward into life and light.6 For the Soul-centered individual, who has fully integrated personality and Soul, the ruler of Aries is Mercury. The hierarchical ruler of Aries is Uranus.2

As we evolve in consciousness, our spiritual eyes are opened, and we are suddenly able to perceive that which we could not before. More subtle energies and influences become apparent to us. At this point in our evolution, the Hierarchical level is beyond our perception, so we will focus on the personality and Soul rulers: Mars and Mercury.

Next: From Mars to Mercury in the three stages of spiritual development.




1. Incarnate: From Ecclesiastical Latin incarnates, past participle of incarnari (“be made flesh”), from in- + caro (“flesh”). All definitions from Wiktonary.
2. Esoteric Astrology, the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.
3. Concept: From Latin conceptus (“a thought, purpose, also a conceiving, etc.”), from concipere, present active infinitive of concipi? (“to take in, conceive”).
4. Mastery Over The Five Elements, by OSHO.
5. Motive: From Medieval Latin motivus, “serving to move, motive.” From Latin motus, past participle of movere, “to move.”
6. For more about the lower and higher octaves of Aries, see my previous article on Aries.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Weekly Forecast April 4: Neptune Enters Pisces, Pluto Retrograde

Spring explodes into bloom. © Osk Ingad Alden, 2011.

The Mars effect gets ratcheted down a notch this week when Neptune enters Pisces.

For the past few days, since Mars entered his own sign of Aries, he has dominated the sky. Right on cue, conflicts around the world intensified. Even Neptune deposited to Mars, which I have to admit I found hard to wrap my head around.

Hopefully, Neptune’s move into Pisces on Monday will be the chill pill we need to return from the brink of insanity. I can’t think of a better antidote to the overdose of aggressive Mars energy we received at the New Moon on April 3.

With his ego-denying qualities, Neptune could be considered the “anti-Mars.” Whereas Mars stands for war and lust, Neptune is about peace and love . . . well, maybe. It’s hard to know much of the time exactly what Neptune is about, but peace and love are in there somewhere.

Neptune is said to be a higher vibration of Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, so it’s better still that Venus in Pisces will feed into Neptune for the next three weeks.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces, from 1847 to 1862, the Transcendental Movement flourished in the United States, led by Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman, and others. Spiritualism became a trend, with séances to contact spirits of the dead. Edgar Allen Poe wrote his most famous poem, “The Raven.” The first oil well was drilled. The first surgical operation using general anesthesia was performed. The Opium Wars occurred during this time, and while the conflict wasn’t entirely over the drug, it’s still interesting to note that there was a major war named for a narcotic while Neptune was in Pisces.

This time around, I expect there will be a widespread spiritual awakening. I know I sound like a broken record – I’ve been writing this for more than five years – but I do believe we’re getting closer and closer to understanding what “spirit” is. There likely will be major developments in the oil industry, too. Given current trends, it’s likely that we’ll have to find alternatives due to a declining supply. Maybe the new Opium Wars will be the Oil Wars.

Back to the here and now, we not only have been under the red sky of Mars, but the warrior planet is now moving through the early degrees of Aries, activating the cardinal T-square of last summer. The alignment isn’t as close as it was back then, but it’s still intense, with the Sun and Jupiter conjunct at 16 degrees Aries on Wednesday, in wide opposition to Saturn. We’re being pushed relentlessly forward, no breaks allowed.

On Saturday, Pluto begins his annual retrograde, which lasts close to six months. I haven’t observed any particular trends in events during Pluto retrograde. However, if Pluto is transiting a personal planet in your chart – especially the Sun or Moon – you’re about to get the second pass, during which a situation could reach a crisis stage. The third pass, which will happen later this year or early next year, will mark resolution. The pattern is similar if Pluto is transiting a chart angle (cusp of the first, fourth, seventh or tenth houses).

Lastly, Mercury is in his second week of retrograde and conjoins the Sun on Saturday. This aspect favors revising plans for the future, revisiting an unresolved issue to exchange facts (remember to listen) and to try to clarify statements that may have been misinterpreted. If you have an opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding, do it early this week. Waiting until the weekend will put you in a no-win situation as a contentious square builds between Mars and Pluto.

We’re going to need a lot of love and courage to get through the next couple of weeks. Wishing you all a bottomless well of both,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

New Moon in Aries, April 3

© Daniel Boiteau for Dreamstime.com

The New Moon on April 3 belongs entirely to Mars. How will we experience this blast of pure energy, the violence of birth, the burst of a star being born?

I can’t think of another time when only one planet ruled an entire chart like this. Usually, two or three planets dominate a chart, sometimes more. At this New Moon, six of the nine planets will be in Mars-ruled Aries, and the three that aren’t – Venus, Saturn and Pluto – deposit to Mars. (It goes like this: Pluto is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, so Pluto goes to Saturn; Saturn in Libra goes to Venus, Libra’s ruler; Venus is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune; Neptune is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus; Uranus is in Aries, ruled by Mars.)

Every beginning astrologer knows about Mars and Aries. Mars is the planet of war and anger, but he also confers high energy, raw sex appeal, and courage in the face of danger. Aries is the me-first, impulsive, “shoot first, ask questions later” sign. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is cardinal fire, the spark that initiates life. How we’ll experience that spark is the big question as Sunday approaches.

At 13°30′ Aries, the New Moon is square the solar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 4 and the solar eclipse at 9°12′ Cancer on July 1 – the last eclipse in the Capricorn-Cancer series. If you didn’t notice any changes at the beginning of the year, you may get them now. The New Moon typically brings new beginnings and open doors, but any change that occurs now could happen so fast it makes your head spin (Aries rules the head). That’s the difference between a New Moon ruled by Saturn and a New Moon ruled by Aries.

Speaking of Saturn, he was square the eclipse in January and also will be square the eclipse in July. This time, he’s in a near-perfect opposition with the New Moon. Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn forms a cardinal T-square, although it will be wider than the one we had last summer.

Friends and clients tell me that although they’re still encountering difficulties in circumstances that came to a head over the summer, they’re not struggling as hard as they were last year. I’ve attributed that to Saturn’s advance beyond the early degrees of Libra. At its peak, the 2010 T-square occurred at 0-4 degrees of the cardinal signs. Once Saturn moved on, the brick walls that had us so frustrated began to crumble.

They never did entirely go away, though, and we may experience some flashbacks at this New Moon. I’m hoping that it will be in the good sense; in other words, we’ll be able to make the breakthroughs we felt so close to last year and just couldn’t reach. So many of you wrote to me in frustration and distress, and I certainly had my share of it, too.

In an attempt to be optimistic, I’m also hopeful that Mercury retrograde will be helpful in revisiting unresolved issues. The ideal outcome would be to go back to the point at which we got hung up last year in order to make the breakthroughs that eluded us no matter what we did.

Indeed, the explosive energy of this New Moon may just blast through the last of the obstacles and take us to the new place that was so close yet always just out of reach. If you start getting the jitters or a situation begins spinning out of control, try to keep your eye on the prize. You know what it is!

For those who did manage to make a major breakthrough, this New Moon represents the next step. It may be too fast for comfort, but that’s the nature of this high-energy New Moon.

Now, I also have to mention the possibility that all this Mars energy is so intense that global hotspots around the world burst into flames, and people’s anger gets totally out of control. If you feel that happening to you, the best way to handle it is with vigorous exercise. You won’t want to sit still, that’s for sure.

Right after the New Moon, Mars conjoins Uranus. I don’t need to tell you what an explosive combination this is – especially with Uranus in Aries. The last time Mars and Uranus conjoined in Aries was in April 1934, with the Sun also in conjunction. Jupiter was in opposition and, as now, Pluto was at the apex of a cardinal T-square. On April 12 of that year, a few days before the conjunction was exact, researchers at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire clocked winds at 231 mph – the standing record for surface winds on earth. That’s not exactly an explosion, but we could safely classify it as an extraordinary high-energy event.

I guess you could say the winds of change are upon us, and man, are they blowing hard.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 13°30′ Aries is a serpent coiling near a man and a woman,” with the keyword REVELATION. This is the symbol of the union of the divine masculine, represented by Mars, with the divine feminine, represented by Venus. In occult studies, it pertains to the union of logic and intuition, the “sacred marriage.” I’ve written plenty here and on my old blog, The Pisces Chronicles, about the core wound of humanity being the split between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, and about the healing of this wound in our time.

As for the keyword REVELATION, that’s the meaning of “apocalypse.” Ruth recently wrote an excellent post about this, and I wrote a post on the Apocalypse seemingly ages ago on PiChron. You can find that article in my archives.

So, will this be an apocalyptic New Moon? I’m on the edge of my seat. Then, there’s no way I’ll be able to sit still through this, and you probably won’t, either.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. Don’t forget to write your abundance check!

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in 1925 with the help of Elsie Wheeler, a gifted psychic. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Aries-Libra: From Creation to Humanity, with Love, Part II

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In The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Perspective, by Alice Bailey, the first labor in Aries requires Hercules to capture and corral a herd of flesh-eating horses that have been ravaging the land and terrorising the people. Full of joy and enthusiasm, Hercules quickly manages to round up the horses thinking “well that was easy.” He hands over the horses to his friend, telling him to stick them in the corral, while he goes back to his teacher to find out what the second labor will be.

The horses escape, ravage the local villages, and kill his friend. Filled with sadness for the loss of his friend, Hercules re-captures the horses and completes the task himself.

This illustrates some important lessons for the Aries Soul:

• To recognise that Divine gifts come from the Divine, not the personality. They are not “ours” but come through us, to benefit all.
• That if we have a Divine gift, it is our responsibility to use it, since it may not be available to others.
• That impulse alone is rarely beneficial, unless we skillfully follow our impulses through to completion.

This story also illustrates the naiveté of Aries. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is sometimes called the “child” of the Zodiac, for he has yet to develop wisdom and skill. Having never left God, Aries has no worldly experience, has never experienced challenges, and therefore cannot anticipate the obstacles that can arise. This is where the ethical thinking of Aries’ polar opposite, Libra, are needed.

At its highest Soul vibration, Libra is about ethics, justice and Divine harmony. This is where the personality-centered Libra has a tendency to develop rose-tinted spectacles. The desire for harmony can lead a Libra personality to be a bit of a PollyAnna, avoiding conflict and real challenges by trying to “keep the peace,” come what may.

Nevertheless, the Libra individual does have an innate understanding of harmonics. This leads Libra into ethical questioning. Often it is said that Libra individuals are indecisive – in contrast to the apparent decisiveness of their polar opposite, Aries. But this is an over-simplification of what is really happening. For Libra, it is important to understand the process of decision-making. How can we know when a decision is the correct one?

This is the purpose of ethics – the process whereby we can make “right” decisions. The Soul purpose of Libra is “right human relations,” and the essence of Libra carries the very wisdom that Aries needs. Aries will develop wisdom by being more Libra-like and thinking about why a decision is the “right” one. What makes it “right?”

Before charging into an impulse, Aries is always wise to ask, “What makes this right?” This allows Aries to explore whether his impulse is of Divine origin or merely a personality driven impulse. In this way, Aries will be able to see when his or her decisions will be most beneficial and when, like Hercules, they may be impulsive and incomplete.

Libra invites Aries, through ethical questioning, to become aware of harmonics. Libra answers a very important question for Aries. The highest vibration of Libra innately knows that what makes a decision right is harmonics. The right decision is the one that is harmonious, because it is in alignment with the whole of Creation. Eventually, the influence of Libra brings truth, beauty and harmony to Aries. This is when the higher vibration of Aries will awaken and Aries will finally understand how it is that he knows what he knows. However, before Aries can access the wisdom of Libra, he has to exercise discipline to control his impulsiveness.

Mercury is the Soul-ruler of Aries,* whereas Mars is the personality ruler. Mars can be seen to rule the unconditioned responses and reactions of our lower animal-urges, whereas a Mercurial influence on Aries encourages development of the Higher Mind. The Soul path of Aries speaks of the journey from lower mind to Higher Mind, through discipline and the development of wisdom. It really is a Divine, magical mystery tour that takes us from the Divine to Earth, through Right Human Relations and then back to Heaven again, with greater wisdom.

Once Aries accesses Higher Mind, he or she becomes a clear channel for Divine light and wisdom and the higher Soul purpose of Aries (which is to inspire others with ideas) unfolds. Aries, the sign of the Ram, then fulfils his own highest potential by leading his flock, through Divine Light, Wisdom, and Inspiration.



* Aries is associated with the development of the mind. The “wild horses” can be seen as a metaphor for taming our unruly mind. Mercury, Soul ruler of Aries, is also associated with the development of the “Antahkarana” or “Rainbow Bridge” which, once fully formed, allows access to Higher Consciousness and Higher Mind.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer
Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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Aries-Libra: From Creation to Humanity, with Love, Part I

In Ruth’s continuing series on the signs in Soul Astrology, we explore the qualities of Aries and Libra. ~Pat

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The spiritual path of Aries-Libra speaks of a magical journey from Heaven to Earth and back. So is it a beautiful magical mystery tour filled with heavenly voices and Divine Love? No. Well, at least, not yet.

In Soul Astrology we are often speaking on two levels. First, it is important to know the difference between the personality interpretation of the Zodiac energies, and their higher, Soul vibration. The 12 Zodiac signs represent 12 Divine Intelligences. In their purest form, these energies carry a high vibration and Divine Purpose. By the time this energy has filtered its way through a foggy, confused and egoic human mind, its original “tune” is distorted somewhat. This is the distinction between an Aries Soul (Ascendant) and an Aries personality (Sun/Moon).

The Aries Soul is carrying the higher vibration of Aries (albeit unconsciously for the most part*) or the original “song,” whereas the Aries personality is working on the egoic level of that sign. It’s a bit like waking from a dream in which you understand everything and all is clear. However, upon waking the details become blurred and you lack the language to express what you experienced. (I guess you had to be there!) Just as we go through our day without really knowing how we are breathing or digesting our food, in this way most of us are still largely unaware of the energies that are an inherent part of us at Soul level, and we are therefore personality-centered and personality-driven.

There are two points of balance in the year, when the day and night, the polarities of dark and light, are of equal length. This happens when the Sun enters Aries, at the Spring Equinox, and again when the Sun enters Libra, at Fall (Autumn) Equinox. The Aries-Libra polarity is therefore concerned at the highest level with the energies of Divine Will, Balance, Equanimity and Divine Harmony.

Aries is the energy of Creation in its purest form. It is the spark of Divine Will that initiates all Life. In Esoteric Astrology,** it is said that the Soul begins its journey in Aries as a “point of light in the mind of God.” As the first Zodiac sign, Aries is often said to be the sign that is “closest to God,” because the “point of light” (which is the newly-concieved Soul) has not left God’s mind yet. Which also explains why Aries is one of the most intuitive signs. It’s as though Aries has an “access-all-areas” pass into the mind of God! This is most often felt by the Aries subject as an urge, an impulse, or a spontaneous movement into action.

The Aries individual just “knows” things, without knowing how they know, which can really spook their friends! Aries-type intuition can be described as “spontaneous knowing.” You don’t know how you know, you just do. We might describe Aries as pure intuition-in-action.

These spontaneous urges are what probably gets the Aries personality into the most trouble and brings on accusations of “arrogance” from others around them. In fact, it is often not arrogance but this inner knowing that moves Aries into action. Arians often make extremely good leaders for this very reason, if they allow themselves to move with their inner knowing and lead people. There is, however, one type of Aries who doesn’t ever take the lead but prefers to take a back seat and just complain that “nobody around here knows what they are doing. Can’t they see that if they just do so and so, that is the solution?” This is because what seems so obvious to Aries cannot be seen by everyone, leading some Arians to erroneously conclude that everybody else must be stupid. They cannot believe that others cannot see the solutions as obviously as they do.

It is important for the Aries personality to realize that other people aren’t stupid, just because they cannot see what you can see. If you are the only one who can see, then you have a responsibility to take the lead. This is the first key to the Soul path of Aries. Aries energy is somewhat pre-egoic in the sense that it is a Divine spark. Ego arises when the human mind steps in and takes the credit. This is not making ego “wrong.” Our ego is necessary, but it is important that we fully understand what it is. Ego is when our mind is thinking about itself.

So our Aries friend receives a God-given impulse and acts on it. This solves a problem or brings some kind of benefit. Nothing wrong in that. Then our friend has the thought, “I did that.” That is ego. So this brings us to the second important understanding about the Soul path of Aries: “Who is doing the doing?” We’ll explore this question in Part II.



* According to Esoteric Astrology, our Soul Development is described in terms of being on the Mutable, Fixed or Cardinal Cross. The Mutable Cross means we are wholly personality-driven with no experience of our Soul. The Fixed Cross means we are awakening, and although we are still largely personality-driven, we’re beginning to awaken and have some Soul Awareness. Those on the Cardinal Cross are “fully awakened” in the fact that they have completed the process of Soul Integration; the fusion of Soul and personality is complete, and they are Soul-Centred Beings. Our capacity to consciously perceive our Soul’s development and purpose is dependent upon which “cross” we are currently on.

** Esoteric Astrology (1951) by Alice Bailey. Lucis Press, London. The work of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channelled through Alice Bailey.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer
Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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Weekly Forecast March 21: Sun Conjunct Uranus, Venus Enters Pisces

Grand Coulee Dam. The first concrete was poured on Dec. 6, 1935, with Saturn (structure) in Pisces (water), and Uranus square Mars and Pluto. © Pat Paquette 2011.

This promises to be an exciting week, starting right out with an electrifying conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in Aries. I just hope my circuits can stand it.

If I had to describe this transit in one word, it would be “revolution.” Not that you need astrology to tell you that movements around the world for freedom from oppression will continue to build. I am somewhat concerned about what will happen next week, when Mars enters Aries and Mercury turns retrograde. Mars is the planet of war and conflict, and he’ll be on the side of the revolutionaries. Eventually – by the second week in April – they’ll provoke authoritarian governments and their corporate backers to take extreme action against them. It will be very interesting to see which side the United States supports in individual countries in the Middle East.

In our individual lives, the Sun-Uranus conjunction brings surprises and a break from our normal routine. At its best, it can help us blast through blocks that are holding us back. That’s the good side of this transit. The danger is that you may feel an urge to do extreme things like telling your boss to go to hell, without considering the consequences. For an idea of how this might manifest in your life, look at where Uranus currently is transiting your chart. Most of you have enough of an understanding of astrology that you probably know this already. If you’re in your early 20s or early 40s, be extra mindful not to act on selfish impulse.

There are no other major planetary aspects until Saturday, when Venus conjoins Neptune at 29 degrees Aquarius. The following day, she enters Pisces, sign of her exaltation. Venus is a lower vibration of Neptune, so her entrance into Pisces right after their conjunction should provide us with some early insight into what will happen when Neptune himself enters Pisces on April 4. Neptune’s counterpart in ancient Greece was Poseidon, who ruled over the sea, fresh water and earthquakes.

Venus is happy in Pisces, the sign of mystical union and merging into the underlying source of all things. She doesn’t seek love for physical gratification, adoration or financial rewards, but to merge into oneness with her partner.

Speaking of which, Mars remains in Pisces until April 1, and he’s being “fed” by planets in Aries, the sign he rules. Although Mars in Pisces can be a warrior for the poor and underprivileged, he also will fight on the behalf of religious beliefs. Let’s hope his energy is channeled into helping the thousands left homeless by the earthquake in Japan and not fanning the flames of religious conflict in the Middle East.

Overall, we’re a step farther into Aries territory and a Brave New World. However, with Mars still in Pisces, one foot remains in the past. This week, we continue to evaluate our past and decide what to keep and what to leave behind. It’s never too late to throw unneeded baggage overboard, especially if it has been weighing you down and preventing you from moving forward.

There is one other interesting astrological event this week that I’d like to discuss, and that’s the conjunction of the lunar North Node and the Galactic Center. Indeed, this may be the most important transit of the week, if not the entire month, as it portends the opening of a portal into higher consciousness. The conjunction isn’t exact until March 31, but the North Node is now at the same degree as the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius and will remain there until the end of the month.

What’s really intriguing is that the North Node turns direct for a few hours on Friday, March 25. The lunar nodes normally are retrograde in motion, but every now and then, they turn direct. It’s like the opening of a doorway, and when this occurs in conjunction with the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy – the source of powerful radio waves – it’s hugely significant.

As if that’s not enough, the Moon conjoins the North Node a few minutes after it turns direct! Keep a notebook with you on Friday, and write down any dreams you have Friday night. The nodes are direct from 1:57 p.m. PDT on Friday to 5:30 a.m. PDT on Saturday.

Finally, I’d like to remind everyone that there’s just one more week to go before Mercury turns retrograde. Even though Mercury is in pre-retrograde shadow, he’s not officially retrograde yet, so there’s still time to sign papers, close accounts, and take care of anything else of that nature. Wrap up as much business as you can this week.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat