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Below is a selection of articles from the RealAstrologers blog and from the archives of The Pisces Chronicles, my former blog about the astrology of world affairs, the evolution of human consciousness, and the state of the universe. If you don’t see your favorite article here, e-mail me and I’ll be happy to add it to the list.

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The Definitive Word on Ophiuchus
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Ophiuchus: Authoritative Facts Ophiuchus: Authoritative Facts About the ‘New Sign’
Has My Sun Sign Changed? What About Ophiuchus?
How Much of Scorpio Is Ophiuchus? How Much of Scorpio Is Ophiuchus?
The 13th Sign Saturday Extra: 13th Sign of the Zodiac

Love & Relationships
Pluto and Obsession in Relationships
When Will I Find Love?
Will He Come Back to Me?
Are We Meant To Be Together?
The Basics of Astrological Compatibility

Sun Sign Astrology
Is It Valid?
How Astrologers Write Horoscopes
Ophiuchus: Authoritative Facts Why Astronomers Are Wrong About Sun Signs

Lunar Influences
What Your Moon Sign Says
A Radical New Look at the Lunar Nodes

Celebrity Astrology
Uber-Scorpion Bill Gates Turns 55
Two Weddings and a Divorce: Paquin-Moyer, Clinton-Mezvinsky, Woods-Nordegren
Harrison Ford and Callista Flockhart, Married at Last
Al and Tipper Gore, Splitting After 40 Years
Overnight Sensation Susan Boyle
Oprah’s TV Deal

Obsessively Pluto
Pluto and the Past-Life Connection
Pluto in Capricorn
Retrograde Phase in 2008
Pluto on the Galactic Core

Astrology of the New ‘Dwarf Planets’
Goodbye Pluto Goodbye Pluto, Hello Ceres
Should Virgo Get a New Ruler?
Ceres Takes Her Place Among the Big Boys
Eris Tells It Like It Is
Why We Need Eris

Big Picture Stuff
The Cardinal T-Square of 2010/2011
The Cardinal T-Square, Part II
Brain Chemistry, the ‘God Particle’ and the Space Between the Eclipses
What We Believe
What Exactly Is an Apocalypse?
Jesus and the Age of Pisces
Astrology Is an Act of Sedition!
Shifting Consciousness in 2007 Shifting Consciousness in 2007
Predicting the Future Predicting the Future

Book and Film Reviews
The Future in the Stars: The Astrological Message for 2012 and Beyond
Clash of the Titans
Love Alchemist’s Notebook
2012: Science or Superstition
Sunshines: The Astrology of Being Happy