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Weekly Forecast September 6: Venus Direct, New Moon Eclipse in Virgo

After the Rain. © Pat Paquette, 2015.

After the Rain. © Pat Paquette, 2015.

The sun emerged Sunday afternoon after three days of driving rain and a windstorm that hurled tree branches through the air like missiles. I could hear the cracking as they split off the trunks – a terrifying sound when you live at the bottom of a slope covered in tall trees.

The sun stayed out just long enough for me to go for a short walk. It clouded over again before I was back at my computer, with showers in the forecast for the rest of the week. As I was walking, I was thinking about the approaching winter. We don’t get a lot of snow in the Seattle area, but it’s cold, wet, dark, and dismal. The memory of it begins rising Continue reading

Weekly Forecast March 16: Uranus Square Pluto, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Osk Ingad Alden, 2015.

Osk Ingad Alden, 2015.

We’re in one of the most stressful astrological periods of the year, and it will continue through the first week in April.

On the world stage, the biggest news is the seventh and final pass of the Uranus-Pluto square, which began in 2012 and ends on Monday (Tuesday in the Eastern Hemisphere). We began seeing events related to this long-range outer planetary cycle toward the end of 2010, with the first stirrings of the so-called Arab Spring. Since then, full-blown revolutions around the world have devolved into civil war, most notably in Syria and Continue reading

Weekly Forecast October 20: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Mercury Direct

Brilliance of the Waning Light. © Osk Ingad Alden, 2014.

Brilliance of the Waning Light. © Osk Ingad Alden, 2014.

There have been many times in my life when I needed a big change but was afraid to take that leap until a replacement came along. But for me, at least, it never seemed to work out that way. I had to have the courage to jump without a safety net.

I’m sure it has been the same for many of you.

I have to confess that I very rarely jumped off the moving train on my own. More often, something (or someone) kicked me from behind. The fall can be that much worse when you’re taken by surprise and don’t have time to figure out the best way to land. Then again, even with forethought, you don’t know what’s ahead. Depending on how fast the train is moving, Continue reading

Weekly Forecast April 28: Solar Eclipse in Taurus, Venus Enters Aries

Hinode satellite image of the annular eclipse in January 2011. Credit: Hinode/XRT

Hinode satellite image of the annular eclipse in January 2011. Credit: Hinode/XRT

This week’s solar eclipse in Taurus arrives as the cardinal grand cross is past its peak but still potent.

Solar eclipses can occur only at a New Moon. Tuesday’s New Moon (late Monday in Western time zones) is just short of 9 degrees Taurus, placing it at a favorable angle with Jupiter and Pluto, two of the planets in the grand cross. So, while the grand cross dominates the chart for this New Moon, there is a strong connection between the grand cross planets and the Sun/Moon conjunction. I interpret this as a relief valve for the extreme pressure associated with the grand cross formation.

Continue reading

Weekly Forecast April 21: Uranus Square Pluto, Venus Trine Saturn

Frontispiece from William Blake's Song of Los, 1795.

Frontispiece from William Blake’s Song of Los, 1795.

As we’ve approached this week’s powerful planetary alignment, pressure has been mounting – in our personal lives, in society at large, and in world affairs. This week, it reaches peak intensity.

We’ve been feeling the buildup in stages, starting with new developments in 2010 that reached a crisis point last summer. The tension intensified in late 2013, and by the end of March, it was at near-breaking point. After this week, the four-way alignment in the change-oriented cardinal signs begins to break up, and the pressure will begin to subside.

You likely know by now what area or areas of your life are under duress. You even might have had a breakthrough recently. If not, you should get Continue reading

Weekly Forecast October 21: Mercury Retrograde, Sun Enters Scorpio

© Pat Paquette, 2013.

© Pat Paquette, 2013.

Wet chill and dead leaves clinging to the trees are sure signs that we’re about to enter Scorpio territory. Or, I should say, that it’s about to get more intense.

Saturn and the lunar North Node have been in Scorpio for just over a year. Mercury is about to go retrograde in Scorpio on Monday. With the Sun moving into Scorpio this week, it hits us that we’re entering the darkest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the mythological descent into hell, one of the oldest stories in history.

We did get some good news last week … sort of. The U.S. Congress voted to reopen the government and raise the debt limit. But I don’t know anyone who’s overjoyed about it. We’re feeling wrung out from the stress and fear, and angry that we’ve been played yet again. The astrology of this period is indeed intense, and so I couldn’t dismiss the possibility of a default and all the implications. But the entire time, I was thinking that this was just more political theater, with a script written like a Hollywood movie in which the hero beats death at the eleventh hour to save the girl and kill the monster. And the writers made sure they created an opening for the sequel. Like Aliens, maybe. We thought the horrific monster was slain, only to find that there’s an entire nest of them, and they multiply like – well, like insects.

The primal fear for one’s very survival is a Scorpio concern, and in true Scorpio fashion, it can be manipulated by those hoarding the money and power in order to hang onto what they have – because they, too, fear for their survival. Tyrants, bullies, and control freaks typically don’t see themselves as perpetrators, but rather as victims and targets. Paranoia is another Scorpio trait.

Scorpio simultaneously draws us in and terrifies us with its mysterious power, which ultimately is the power of life and death. It requires us to let go, without any hint of what might be on the other side if we do. There are more taboos associated with this sign than any other. Thus, the powerful myth of the descent into hell. Usually, it’s portrayed as the “hero’s journey,” but I always like to point out that one of the earliest stories ever written down was about the goddess Inanna. Not coincidentally, she was sometimes portrayed with a scorpion beneath her wedding bed. All of these stories, by the way, originated with the stars, constellations, and the changing seasons. The point of the underworld journeys is that the hero or heroine returns with magical powers, usually the power to heal. That is what we often forget. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the dark drama.

I’ve written a lot about the healing aspect of Scorpio, especially in reference to Ophiuchus, the so-called “thirteenth” constellation of the zodiac. Ophiuchus isn’t an astrological sign and never will be, despite all the silliness in the media a few years back. But we might consider it a “hidden” side of Scorpio. Depending on how you calculate it – and this is a tricky business – Ophiuchus accounts for roughly two thirds of Scorpio, from about 10 to 29 degrees. So, while the Sun and the North Node currently are in Scorpio, Saturn and Mercury are in the “Ophiuchus degrees.” Moreover, Saturn is in a sextile with Chiron, named for a mythological centaur with connections to Ophiuchus.

So, as we head into the darkest time, it’s always helpful to remember that this is where we’ll find our real power. It’s cliché by now, but it’s true that to find our power, we first need to discover and own our dark, “shadow” side. In terms of the collective, we’re going through a period in which we’re beginning to understand that humans are capable of horrific cruelty. By definition, that means we all have that potential somewhere deep inside of us.

Mercury turns retrograde on Monday at 18°24′ Scorpio. He’ll remain in “reverse” until November 10. In classical mythology, Mercury (Greek Hermes) guided souls to the underworld. He was the only god who could come and go freely. We experience this phenomenon every day in sleeping and waking – slipping into the unconscious and returning to consciousness when we wake up. The dream state is where we can encounter our deep psyche, although the images sometimes require a lot of work to translate into comprehensible messages. While Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, we have a special opportunity to connect with parts of ourselves that may be hidden or buried.

Overall, this Mercury retrograde could be difficult, due to its timing with the eclipses and the Uranus-Pluto square, which is exact on November 1. Watch the headlines for scandals and state secrets exposed. It’s possible that some of what’s discovered could cause a serious public backlash, if not outright protests.

As I mentioned in a previous post, take precautions to ensure that your own secrets are safe. Double-check that you have the right e-mail addresses before hitting “send” and that you’re sending faxes to the right number. All the usual cautions apply: Back up your computer data, and take special care with your cell phone. At this point, you should have important business wrapped up, especially contractual agreements. Of course, we don’t always have a choice, and businesses that depend on contracts can’t just stop for three weeks three times a year. With Mercury in Scorpio, it’s possible that there are hidden terms and conditions, so be sure to read the fine print and ask lots of questions. If you don’t understand the answers, keep asking.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday at 2:10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time – late Tuesday on the West Coast of the United States and points farther west. I mentioned dreams above. Pay special attention toward the end of the week, as the Sun will be in a trine with Neptune in Pisces, another sign associated with the deep psyche and ancient memories. These can include glimpse of past-life experiences. In general, the veil between the worlds begins to lift in late October. Some of what comes into our field of conscious awareness could be shocking in its intensity.

We’ll also have a very brief revisit of the summer’s grand water trine when the Moon in Cancer forms a trine with the Sun and Neptune on Thursday. Think back to what was going on for you starting in July. It probably wasn’t a one-time event that was neatly concluded in a month’s time, but more likely an ongoing situation that will continue to unfold. Later this week, you may get hints of future developments.

I want to end by saying that although next week’s astrological aspects are the most turbulent of the year, we’re in that zone now. Events associated with eclipses, especially powerful ones, can manifest a month or more in advance, and up to three months afterward. Some astrologers extend that period to six months, depending on a host of factors. If it’s any consolation, most of you already know what issues you’re dealing with in this eclipse cycle, since we’ve been in it for a year. Put another way, even though the other shoe may be about to drop, at least we know which shoe we’re talking about and approximately where it might land.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

© Pat Paquette, RealAstrologers.com, 2013.

Weekly Forecast May 6: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Annular Eclipse 2012This week, we have the second of three eclipses in a row and the only solar eclipse among them, which is about new beginnings and, in some cases, dramatic and final endings.

The eclipse occurs on Thursday, with the Sun and Moon at 19°33′ Taurus. Mercury and Mars also are in Taurus, along with asteroid Pallas, which is conjunct the Sun and Moon by exact degree. Venus, the Bull’s ruling planet, leaves Taurus for Gemini earlier in the day, which means that Venus and Mercury will be in mutual reception. OK, that’s a head full of astro-babble, so let’s break it down.

Taurus is the most materialistic of all the signs. Of the three earth signs (the other two are Virgo and Capricorn), it is the most rock-solid, the most in the here-and-now, the most present on the plane of existence we call “reality.” People with strong Taurus in their charts often are materially successful, precisely because they place so much value on material possessions. While they have a well-deserved reputation for being slow and stubborn, they’re also patient and reliable – the kind of person you want around you in a crisis.

As I explained in the Thursday Q&A, eclipses occur when a New Moon or Full Moon falls near the lunar nodes. This eclipse falls very close to the transiting South Node at about 17 degrees Taurus, with the North Node at 17 degrees Scorpio. The South Node reminds of where we’ve been. Civilization as we know it arose during the Age of Taurus in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). It’s no coincidence that winged bulls were potent symbols during that time and often associated with the king.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence, either, that we’ve managed to bomb Iraq back into the Stone Age. When the United States invaded Iraq, I immediately had the sense that civilization “as we know it” was coming to an end. Not that it was an original thought. Many of us have realized that our societal structures aren’t sustainable, and there’s no amount of fixing, adjusting, or voting out the scoundrels that will save it. No, it’s broken beyond repair, and we’re in uncharted waters, trying to figure out what to do next.

That’s where Scorpio comes in, with its modern ruler, Pluto. Among other attributes, Scorpio breaks down what is rotten and useless. But before that can happen, there needs to be some recognition of the problem. That’s also Scorpio’s territory. With laser vision, Scorpio can see beneath the layers of “reality” to the source of the problem.

I’ve written a lot about the social upheaval manifesting from the Uranus-Pluto square, which is approaching another exact alignment on May 20. I’ve also written about how the mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn is working in synergy with the Uranus-Pluto square to hasten the breakdown phase to clear the way for new, sustainable structures. I haven’t written much, though, about what that new way of living and being is going to look like or how we’re going to get there. Spiritual awakening is all fine and good, and “living spiritually” is a worthy goal, but what does that mean? The fact is, on this plane of existence, we have material bodies that have material needs. Indeed, it’s precisely in meeting these needs over many millennia that we’ve managed to screw up the planet and become, in the words of cultural critic Daniel Quinn “enraged, rebellious, desperate, stressed-out borderline psychotics being torn apart by crime, hatred, and violence.”

I like Quinn’s allegories and metaphors. For example, he writes that if the plane you’re on is in trouble, you won’t save yourself by shooting the pilot. You need to strap on your parachute and jump. “Parachute” isn’t the first image that comes to my mind when I think of Taurus, but there needs to be some place to jump to, and it is the job of Taurus to create new realities. Rather than continuing to complain about how bad the current reality sucks, we need to start doing some serious hands-on building. (I know that many of you already are, and I’d like to hear from you.)

Speaking for myself, I have to say that I long ago got tired of alternative news sites that day after day sound the alarm about corrupt leaders, bailouts for bankers, injustice for whistleblowers, the rise of the police state, etcetera ad nauseam. First off, I was a reporter in Washington, D.C., in the late 80s and early 90s and saw it for myself, so this isn’t news to me. Beyond that, I wonder how much of this stuff we have to read to be “convinced.” When I read these articles, I want to scream, “OK, OK! I get it!” Are we going to just keep sharing links in the social media and clucking our tongues about those horrible awful people leading us down a path of certain destruction, or are we going to start doing something differently?

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Click on image to enlarge

Of course, it’s legitimate to talk about it first, and that’s where I see the Mercury-Venus mutual reception coming in. Just keep in mind that Mercury and Mars conjoin on Tuesday, which is a recipe for arguments. Taurus is conflict averse, but unfortunately tends to stonewall to avoid it. Sometimes remaining silent is wise, but eventually real disagreements must be addressed. Venus in Gemini can help with that. Mercury is the planet of communication, and Taurus is, among other things, the builder of new worlds. As ruler of Taurus, Venus is about artful living. Having more, more-expensive toys doesn’t make us happier. How we communicate, how we share with each other, and how we co-create new worlds together is the message this pair brings.

I want to explore this theme more in future posts and very much would like to hear what readers think. I have clients who have left untenable jobs in the past couple of years for situations that paid less but were more gratifying in other ways. Although this has been a nationwide trend for the better part of the past decade, I sense that many of you are moving beyond that into new ways of thinking about the world and your place in it. It seems like we’re all trying to find our tribe.

On that note, I’d like to express my deepest thank you to those of you who responded to my call last week for some show of support. Although in terms of numbers, only a small percentage of readers sent donations, those who did were incredibly generous, not just with donations and report orders but with notes of encouragement. It was gratifying and yet humbling at the same time to read how many of you rely on my weekly forecast to help you make sense of the turbulent times we’re in. It’s not overly dramatic to say that the human species faces life-or-death decisions. Because we are all connected, every decision we make in our individual lives ripples out into the collective and either hastens our demise or builds the equivalent of new “neural pathways.”

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. For a cool graphic showing the path of Thursday’s eclipse, check out Wikipedia.

Weekly Forecast April 15: Sun, Venus and Mars Enter Taurus

Early signs of spring. © James A. Weythman.

Early signs of spring. © James A. Weythman.

We’re now officially heading into “eclipse season,” with Uranus and Pluto moving closer to an exact square. Breakdowns are occurring more frequently, clearing the way for breakthroughs.

The breakdown energy is manifesting for me personally, so I am totally with you on this and know firsthand how confusing, upsetting, and scary the process can be. Trying to stay grounded is almost impossible and in fact may defeat the purpose. Losing one’s mind is not necessarily a bad thing. Ancient rituals were designed precisely for that purpose. The thing is, they had certain procedures and safeguards – that’s the whole idea of a ritual – whereas we’re flying by the seat of our pants, often alone, without a strong support network of people who have been through it themselves and know how to provide a safety net.

Fortunately, we’ll get some good grounding energy this week when Venus, the Sun, and Mars move into solid-as-a-rock Taurus. Venus rules Taurus, so she’ll be “at home” in her own sign starting on Monday. She has been in her detriment in Aries and closely conjunct Mars – in other words, she has been in his territory, under his control. The tables turn on Saturday, when Mars enters Taurus. Now it’s her turn to set the tone and make the rules. The Sun enters Taurus on Friday. If nothing else the hectic pace should slow down so that we get a little space to breathe and reflect as we undergo a collective metamorphosis. Venus in Taurus likes to take her time, smell the flowers, appreciate art and beauty, and enjoy a gourmet meal with a glass of good wine.

Before all that happens, though, we have a conjunction of the Sun and Mars in late Aries on Wednesday, so for most of this week, we’ll continue to feel the immediate, impulsive, spontaneous energy of Aries. Remember, too, that Uranus in Aries takes his cue from Mars. I have a feeling that all the saber-rattling in North Korea will subside while Mars is in peace-loving Taurus. After that, who knows?

The two bigger trends, as I mentioned, are the upcoming eclipses and the first of two exact squares of Uranus and Pluto in 2013. In a normal year, there are four eclipses, but occasionally there are five or six. In 2013, we have five eclipses, three of which will occur in April and May. The first is the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25, followed by the New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus on May 9 and then the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 25. Typically, eclipses occur in pairs, and we have a two-week period between them that feels unsettled and chaotic, with the ground shifting beneath our feet. Since we have three eclipses in a row, we’ll get a whole month of that, although I’d say we’re already in it and will feel it until the end of May.

It’s also interesting to note that Wesak 2013 will fall on an eclipse – either on April 25 or May 25/26, depending on whether you use tropical or sidereal astrology. The Eastern countries, where Wesak is celebrated as the Buddha’s birthday (as well as his enlightenment and death), tend to use sidereal astrology. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but essentially Western tropical astrology is a sign ahead, so on April 25, the Full Moon is in Scorpio according to tropical calculations but still in Libra according to sidereal calculations. I say there’s no reason we can’t celebrate Wesak twice.

Last year, Wesak was on May 5 according to both branches of astrology. I did my usual ritual of putting a bowl of water outside and letting it “absorb” the rays of the Full Moon, then drank it later and went into a deep meditation. I was jolted out of it by a shocking past-life memory that burst into my vision so forcefully that I started crying and cried for three days. The information changed my whole outlook on a difficult relationship I’d been in. I’d suspected, given our charts, that there were strong karmic connections, but I didn’t know exactly what they were until that memory surfaced.

Scorpio and its modern ruler, Pluto, are associated with the ability to see into other dimensions of reality, what some call “past lives” but which I prefer to call “other lives” in recognition that the human concept of time is an illusion. Pluto went retrograde last week, and suddenly we’re tapping into those other lifetimes again, especially in terms of karmic relationships. I think we’re going to experience more of this in the next six weeks, and there’s a good chance that difficult karmic connections finally will get “resolved,” to the extent possible. Major breakthroughs could occur as we get closer to the Uranus-Pluto square, which is exact on May 20, right before the eclipse on May 25. Incidentally, that eclipse is the last in a series in Gemini and Sagittarius (according to tropical astrology), which began on the solstice on December 21, 2010. As such, it represents the closing of a chapter and final resolution.

Uranus adds an element of unpredictability into the picture, and while it’s nearly impossible to foresee events when Uranus is involved in an aspect, we might get some hints this Saturday and Sunday when Mercury squares Uranus and Pluto. Mercury is the Messenger and often “brings” advance news. Moreover, with Mercury square Pluto, we can get deep insight into situations that normally wouldn’t be available to us.

The only other aspect this week is an easy sextile between Venus and Neptune. Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces are a beautiful combination of physical, sensual pleasure and higher love. This is soul mate material. Normally I wouldn’t give it much significance on its own, but given other aspects, it could provide an additional piece of information if you think you’ve found The One.

Before I go, I’d like to announce that I’m bringing back the Q&A. I’m aiming to launch it on Thursday, depending on my schedule. If you have a quick question, please send it using this form. I won’t be able to answer all questions and will select which ones to answer based on whether other readers would be interested. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to answer questions like, “My whole sucks, what do I do?”

Second, the StarGuide Spring forecast is now on sale for 25 percent off, and there’s still plenty of spring left – including three eclipses!

Wishing you all infinite love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast November 12: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Mars Enters Capricorn

Total eclipse of the sun on July 11, 1991. Image credit: Steve Albers, Boulder, CO; Dennis DiCicco, Sky and Telescope; Gary Emerson, E. E. Barnard Observatory.

It really does feel like something has shifted, even before Tuesday’s eclipse. Eclipses can be like that. We can feel the really powerful ones up to six months before and after.

The elections are over in the United States, with surprisingly few complications, given Mercury’s station retrograde just as the polls were closing on the East Coast (then, delayed effects are always possible). President Obama’s re-election wasn’t a surprise, but other results were: more women than ever in the Senate, the defeat of candidates with outdated views about women, initiatives to legalize gay marriage, and the legalization of pot in Colorado and Washington. This isn’t small change.

We’re in a period of intense change, with the Uranus-Pluto square, recently amplified by Saturn in Scorpio, the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto, and now the new series of eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus. The keywords for Scorpio are death, transformation, and rebirth. I have to think that the grand trine between Saturn, Neptune, and Ceres also has been a major influence in the 2012 elections. Neptune rules mind-altering substances, Ceres seems to have an association with plant life, and Saturn is the planet of rules and regulations. There you have it.

While it’s possible that our “big eclipse event” is already behind us, it’s hard to imagine that there won’t be more to come, especially as the Scorpio-Taurus series unfolds over the next two years. A lot can be accomplished in this time, if we put our minds to it, and given the intense nature of Saturn and Pluto, all of our courage and ingenuity will be needed to meet the tests still to come. This applies individually and collectively.

As I wrote in last week’s forecast, “For years, astrologers have spoken of this time period as a critical point in human development, during which we go through a collective transformation. The time of testing is here, with Saturn, lord of time and karma, and the lunar North Node, symbol of destiny, both in Scorpio. We’re in the thick of it now. Lessons we learned over the past two years – since the cardinal T-square of 2010 – will be invaluable as we go through this dark and confusing rebirthing process.”

Looking at the details of this New Moon Eclipse, both Sun and Moon are at 21°57′ Scorpio, not far from the lunar North Node at 26 degrees Scorpio, which gives us a total eclipse. The Sun and Moon make no close aspects with other planets. Of course, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto features prominently in the eclipse chart. Other aspects are a near-exact square from Mercury to Neptune and inconjunct between Saturn and Uranus. We’re still in a period with a high risk of lies, confusion, and distortion. Certainly, the losing party is in serious confusion. According to some press reports, Republicans were so sure of a big victory that they couldn’t believe the results. It’s not unreasonable, given these aspects, that we eventually could learn of some election fraud. The Saturn-Uranus aspect highlights the vast gulf between those who want to preserve the status quo and forces for change.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Click on image to enlarge

Astrologers disagree on the meaning of eclipses. It gets a bit tricky when you’re dealing with unseen forces we don’t yet understand – or with symbolism. Some astrologers say eclipses are a sort of collective reboot. According to others, they are like supercharged New Moons and Full Moons, representing endings and radical new beginnings. Some say an eclipse has no effect at all if you can’t see it from your location. This eclipse will be at its maximum over the Pacific Ocean and will be most visible in northern Australia.

In my observation, eclipses have a great deal of meaning in your personal life, whether or not you can see them. The house position of the eclipses indicates which areas of your life are most subject to fast change. When doing consultations, one of the first things I look for is where the eclipses are falling in a client’s chart. Nine times out of then, the issues causing them the most stress are associated with the houses where the eclipses fall. Incidentally, we have two eclipses left in the Sagittarius-Gemini sign pair. One will be a lunar eclipse on November 28, and the last will be a dramatic lunar eclipse on May 25, 2013 – not a total eclipse, but with a powerful planetary alignment.

Looking at the rest of the week, Mercury re-enters Scorpio on Wednesday. I have a feeling that things will calm down a bit afterwards, as Mercury no longer will be in mutual reception with retrograde Jupiter in Gemini. The Sun and Mercury conjoin on Saturday, which could manifest as light being shed on deep secrets.

On a personal note, since retrograde Mercury didn’t wreak the predicted havoc on the U.S. elections, I guess that means I can take personally all the havoc he wreaked in my life over the past week. It started before he even officially went retrograde, which is often the case, according to the feedback I’ve received over the years from readers and clients. There’s a pre-retrograde “shadow” period in which Mercury passes through the degrees that will be activated during his retrograde phase, and often this can feel like the retrograde itself. For me, it has been classic, with frustrating delays, miscommunications, and no communications at all. The producer who was considering taking on my documentary project has fallen off the face of the earth. To top it all off, the county elections board rejected the signature on my ballot, a snafu that took three days to correct. As a result, I’m way behind on reports.

Aside from the eclipse and Mercury retrograde, the other big news this week is Friday’s ingress of Mars in Capricorn, sign of his exaltation. As long as Uranus is in Mars-ruled Aries – another six years or so – the position of Mars takes on additional significance. In Capricorn, Mars deposits to Saturn, “feeding” the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto. It will be interesting to watch this relationship unfold. The square between Uranus and Pluto represents conflict between forces for revolutionary change and resistance by authoritarian control. With Mars in Capricorn, rebel forces could be co-opted rather than confronted by military might. Likewise, rebel leaders might seek backroom deals with those in power. There might even be a discreet back door into the halls of power for those seeking major change. Mars in Capricorn represents the military, so watch the headlines for unusual developments in war and military spending. The proverbial dirt hits the fan when Mars and Pluto conjoin at the lunar eclipse on November 28.

On Saturday, Mars sextiles Neptune. Among other things, this seems to be a perfect planetary configuration for severe winter storms. I write that with the caveat that I’m not schooled in astrological weather forecasting, so you can take that with a grain of salt … or a truckload for icy roads.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast July 4: Mars at Eclipse Degree, Uranus Retrograde

© Sheli Spring Saldana for Dreamstime

The eclipses of June and July continue to reverberate into our lives this week as we find closure to old issues and move farther into exciting new territory. The fireworks midweek could be better than the Fourth of July.

Getting right into the week … On Monday, Venus enters Cancer and immediately begins another round of the cardinal grand cross. But first, she forms a sweet, romantic trine to Neptune, just as Mercury in light-hearted Leo trines Uranus. Magic happens when our hearts and minds are open. If you want love, abundance, inspiration, creative genius and just plain fun, you have to be open to receive. With Uranus stationed to go retrograde on Saturday, you could surprise even yourself by what flies into your world.

A square from Mercury to Jupiter makes Tuesday a great day for coming up with a plan to make your vision a reality. Everything starts with a dream, but without action, the dream stays in your head and never sees the light of day. Figuring out how you’re going to get from point A to point B requires seeing the big picture but not overlooking details, which can happen when we rush into action without thinking things through first.

Wednesday gets my vote for the biggest day of the week, when Mars crosses the degree of the June 1 eclipse at 11 degrees Gemini. As I wrote in my post on that eclipse, it was for the most part positive and productive, but eclipses don’t always play out right away. Eclipse energy can take 30, 60, or 90 days to manifest – or, it can release when another planet crosses the degree of the eclipse and acts as a trigger. Mars, the action planet, is the most powerful trigger there is. So, if you didn’t notice any new developments at the beginning of the June or at the lunar eclipse on June 15, you could get the “news” this week.

As it so happens, Mars also makes a productive trine to Saturn on Wednesday. You’ll recall that Saturn’s favorable angle to the Sun and Moon was one of the main reasons astrologers predicted happy results for the June 1 eclipse. Saturn in Libra is especially beneficial for committed relationships, but the Mars-Saturn trine is positive overall for talking the talk and walking the walk.

On Thursday, Jupiter trines Pluto in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, supporting growth, expansion and positive change, particularly in finances or material assets. Later in the day, Venus squares Uranus, who’s sitting at a near standstill – a powerful moment. Romance, money, or a lavish gift could appear out of the blue.

Friday is “Venus day,” and she’s the star of the show, making contacts with Chiron, Pluto and Jupiter (Saturday in some parts of the world). Because Venus also is associated with wealth, this is another possible “lucky” day for material gain. However, the Venus-Pluto opposition may be challenging for some – again, depending on where these two are transiting your chart.* If you’re normally prone to obsessing, you may get an intense twinge of it toward the end of the week. This pair is sexually charged as well.

Mercury sextiles Saturn on Saturday, another aspect supporting planning, good mental concentration and the ability to see a project through. Marketing, PR, and any form of communications are favored. If you work weekends (like yours truly), spend some extra time applying butt to chair.

To my readers in the United States, have a safe and happy Fourth of July – no blowing any fingers off, OK?

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

* Your StarGuide Monthly Forecast for July will tell you whether Jupiter and Venus also are making contacts to your natal planets, which would give this aspect a further boost.