Author Profiles

The authors of the reports you’ll find on RealAstrologers not only are real astrologers, but they are among the most talented on the planet – all internationally known and experts in their field.

Anne Mogul

Anne is the author of Life Path, which is included in the Evolving Self Natal Report. An astrology enthusiast for many years, she took up the art in earnest after her two children were grown and she had more time to devote to developing her interest. Anne stays very busy traveling to various conventions to introduce the benefits of astrology to others, and she also offers a simplified home study course available on her Website, Sky View Zone. “Many of the people I’ve met expressed a desire for instruction that emphasized the how-to aspect of astrology, presented in an easy-to-comprehend format,” she says. Among Anne’s biggest supporters is her husband, David. As he puts it, “Like so many others who had never experienced real astrology, I didn’t give it much merit – that is, until Anne introduced me to the kind of astrology that goes way beyond what you read in the daily newspaper!”

Gina Ronco

Gina Ronco Gina is an incredibly gifted astrologer with more than 30 years’ experience. She is the author of Karmic Insight, which is included in the Soul Journey Karma Report, and Starlight Solutions, featured in the StarGuide personal transit forecast. She also wrote the interpretations in True Love, The Complete Compatibility Report. In addition, Gina is a flower essence practitioner and energy healer whose interests include investigating the connection between art and healing. Gina has written many of the best-loved reports available online – which is ironic, because she originally was dubious about the value of computerized astrology for anything other than chart calculations. A Sagittarius born in Miami, she has lived in Florida most of her life.

Mary Fortier Shea

Mary Fortier SheaMary is the author of Planets in Solar Return, which is included in the Full Circle Solar Return Report. She literally wrote the book on Solar Returns, and her written report is hands-down the best available. Mary is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, counselor, and astrologer. A lifelong student of mysticism and metaphysics, she integrates spiritual principles with psychological concepts to foster personal growth, give clarity to life purpose and vocation, and harmonize the body, heart and mind. For the past 30 years, Mary has developed and conducted creative education programs on astrology and pathways to Higher Consciousness. She is the author of Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth (Revised Edition), which you can buy right here by following the title link.