Diane’s Pantry

As of March 26, 2010, Diane is no longer with RealAstrologers and won’t be cooking up anything new here. However, she kindly has agreed to leave her archive of articles and posts for our “pantry.” If you’d like to contact Diane for a reading, you can reach her through her new website, Libra Seeking Balance.

This collection of articles is from her previous blogs, Neith.net and Neith on Synastry, which now are incorporated into her new website. The first group is devoted to synastry and compatibility taking a look at both how our natal chart reflects the way we operate in relationships and the way two charts interact or synastry. Compatibility between individuals is seldom simple – a reflection of the human condition. The following articles were some of her readers’ favorites.

Outer Planets in Synastry
First Thoughts on Pluto in Synastry
Second Thoughts on Pluto in Synastry
Neptune in Synastry . . .
Saturn in Synastry . . .

A Closer Look at the Natal Chart in Synastry
The Natal Chart in Synastry, Part 1 – Pluto
The Natal Chart in Synastry, Part 2 – Neptune
The Natal Chart in Synastry, Part 3 – Uranus
The Natal Chart in Synastry, Part 4 – Saturn
The Natal Chart in Synastry, Part 5 – Jupiter

Other Factors in Synastry
The Inconjunct in Synastry
The Shared Degrees Impact in Synastry
Research on Node Reversal in Synastry
The Composite Chart and Lifestyle

More Articles on Pluto
Sex, Lies and Biology from a Scorpio Perspective
A Tale of a Pluto Transit through the 12th House
Assorted Pluto Observations

Jupiter & Ceres Articles
The Jupiter Effect – Positive or Neutral
Another Perspective on Ceres, now a Dwarf Planet: Natural Cycles

The Moon’s Nodes
Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South . . .
Transits, Transitions & the Nodes

Family Synastry Posts
Some Family Synastry – Mother and Son
Another Example of Family Synastry – Father & Son
Mother & Daughter – Air & Fire = Hot Air!
Synastry between Sisters, a Family Matter
Evolution of a Family’s Synastry

Couples Compatibility Posts
Couple has been together 19 years . . . Why?!
Difficult Separation with Neptune involved
Lasting Potential or Just a Learning Experience – Choices
Moon’s Nodes and Saturn conjoined in Synastry – One Case
Friendship with Pluto Overtones – is Age Difference a Factor?
The Appeal of the “Bad Boy” vs. the “New Guy”
Attraction to Aries Sun Co-worker. Possibilities?!
Love at a Distance, is there Hope?
What is going on with this Relationship? Where’s the attraction?
Love Triangle needs Resolution
Looking Past Square Sun Signs
A Fiery Duo – Independent Leo Lady & Aries Man
A Watery Mix – Two Moon Children
Relationships after Second Saturn Returns . . . Different Priorities?
Lack of Relationships . . . Why? A Look at the Natal Chart