What My Clients Say

My clients often write after a reading to thank me for my insight. Here are some of the comments I’ve received:

For the first time in weeks I feel like I can breathe and get through this transit and maybe even feel loved! You really helped me get to this new place and I am very grateful. Thank you for the work you do, Pat.  ~ Boulder, Colo.

After half an hour with you, I understand more about my marriage than in two years of group therapy.  ~ Vashon, Wa.

You have such tremendous insight, and I believe that you are indeed psychic. You read me so well, that it is uncanny. So many things you covered or hinted at, I have been thinking about. But you brought it all out into the open for me to become consciously aware.  ~ Columbus, Ohio

It was just what you said would happen!  ~ Seattle, Wa.

Many thanks for the extra attention to the karmic indicators. I knew there had to be something there. I could feel it and I sensed it very strongly when we met.  ~ Netherlands

I wanted to say thanks so much for the report. It’s very comprehensive and detailed, and I will be sure to access it often as a sort of map … or just to compare signposts along the way as I go. I’d love to keep in touch with you and keep up as a client.  ~ Los Angeles, Calif.

I want you to know how good I feel. Thank you. I will contact you in the future.  ~ Colorado

Pat, you’re amazing!  ~ Union, Wa.