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Weekly Forecast October 13: Full Moon in Aries, Mercury Direct

Mercury and Psyche, by Adriaan de Vries I won’t be so bold as to proclaim that all hell is going to break loose this week, but do be prepared for major movement.

With the Full Moon in dynamic Aries just as Mercury is stationing direct, much of the activity that has been stalled over the past three weeks could take place all at once. To get an idea of how you may be impacted personally, look at where Libra and Aries fall in your natal chart.

Neith already has written a complete report for Tuesday’s Full Moon, and I will add only that growth and change, even when positive, can be unsettling. When we seek to fulfill our heart’s deepest desires, we typically have to go through a period of testing and challenge, and we need to do the work. Rarely do we value what is handed to us on a silver platter.

On Wednesday, barely 24 hours after the Full Moon, Mercury stations at 7 degrees Libra. The Messenger passed this degree on September 3. Think back to what was happening around that time for you and what has (or hasn’t) transpired since then. This will give you a clue about what to expect this week. It may take a few days for Mercury to gather speed before you see any results. I’d give it until Friday.

As I was searching for an appropriate image for this week’s forecast, I found reference to Mercury in the story of Cupid and Psyche. Quick and dirty plot summary:

Venus, jealous of Psyche’s beauty, sends her son Cupid to foul up the young woman’s love life. He botches the job and falls in love with her, but he attempts to keep his identity secret by coming to her only at night, in the dark. Through trickery encouraged by her sisters, she discovers who he is, and he flees. She is so desolate that she wants to kill herself and eventually appeals to Venus, who makes her perform a series of tasks until she is deemed worthy of true love.

The sculpture in the photo depicts Mercury, transporter of souls, carrying Psyche to Mount Olympus, where she is granted immortality and allowed to marry her beloved.

In classical mythology, Mercury is the only god who has free passage to and from the underworld. Symbolically, this speaks to our thought processes and how our thoughts impact our lives. Libra not only is an intellectual air sign, but it is the ruler of relationships. For women especially (but not exclusively), the trials and tribulations of love are among the most painful in our lives, and they are often what causes us to grow, evolve, and attain higher consciousness.

Speaking of Venus, the planet of love leaves jealous Scorpio on Saturday and enters merry Sagittarius, where she is more light-hearted. Her downfall here is only that she may party a little too hard and overindulge herself and her friends. She also can be competitive, but as long as you keep it fun and friendly, there’s no harm in a good contest.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Mercury and Psyche, by Adriaan de Vries, 1593. The Louvre, Paris. Mercury bears Psyche aloft to Olympus where, after forced to undergo many trials by a jealous Venus, she attains immortality and is reunited with Cupid, her beloved.

Full Moon in Aries, October 14, 2008

Full Moon in AriesFire sign inspiration and dynamic energy has been in short supply for quite awhile now, so the Full Moon at 21° 51′ Aries  on October 14 will inject some much-needed leavening into the atmosphere, if only temporarily.

To help us understand the tone this Full Moon will bring, I am going to lead off with the Sabian symbols for both the Moon and Sun, because they hold the key to how best to position ourselves during this lunation.

For the Full Moon it is, the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires, with the keyword COSMIC OPTIMISM. Both luminaries are harmoniously aspected by Neptune in Aquarius, bringing a message of cooperation and inspiring the collective with a sense of community. With economic unrest making headlines around the globe, this is the best time to reach out to our fellow travelers with the recognition that we are all in this together and that it is through cooperation and understanding we can reduce the stress in our lives.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 21° 51′ Libra 51′ is, a child giving birds a drink at a fountain, with the keyword SOLICITUDE. The theme of finding anew a sense of childlike wonder or beginner’s mind is common in many cultures and belief systems as a key component for resolving difficulties from a fresh perspective. Often the secret is letting go of preconceived notions and ideas and cultivating a sense of innocent joy. Here again we can draw on Neptune’s gift of understanding that we are all part of the greater whole to ignite Libra’s desire for compromise and elegant equitable solutions.

On the Full Moon, Mercury in Libra is virtually at a standstill, preparing to go direct almost exactly 24 hours after the Full Moon. We gradually will see the unleashing of all that has been on hold for the past three weeks while Mercury was retrograde. Mercury is closely semi-sextile Mars in Scorpio, and this rather irritating aspect asks us to think before we speak to avoid causing hurt feelings when remaining silent will better serve us in the long run.

Another fly in the ointment is a square between Venus in Scorpio, Libra’s ruling planet, and Neptune in Aquarius. Here we can get caught up in unrealistic expectations, especially where our loved ones are concerned. Scorpio’s need to rehash all the details, important or not, could really spoil the mood too. Venus will move into Sagittarius on October 18, just four days after the Full Moon, and lighten things up considerably. Keep in mind the Libra principal of catching more flies with honey instead of vinegar to avoid sabotaging your relationships inadvertently.

There are two grand trines with asteroids in play:  one in air with the Sun, Neptune, and Pallas; and one in fire with the Moon, Juno, and Ceres. Pallas/Athena brings a clear sighted organizational ability to the table, and in Gemini she shines brightly. Pallas will happily discuss options for conflict resolution with wise Neptune and equitable Libra, and we could all use a dose of this in our lives. The fire sign trio brings together the enthusiastic innocence of the Aries Moon and the desire of Juno in Sagittarius to find a common belief system, while Ceres in Leo adds nurturance through creativity and joy. Both of these grand trines contribute to the dynamic of complements represented by the Full Moon, and if we consciously draw on the energies they represent, we can go far toward improving our relationships with others.

Yes, Saturn in Virgo is still trine Jupiter in Capricorn and moving to exactly oppose Uranus in Pisces on November 4. These two very different aspects present challenges to all of us, but if we keep in mind that earth and water are compatible elements, the path to resolution is possible. An attitude of acceptance and a willingness to do the work are needed here.

This Full Moon provides us with tools and concepts we can draw on in the days and weeks ahead to work with the challenges the Saturn-Uranus opposition heralds. We are definitely experiencing the final throes of Pluto’s march through Sagittarius now and getting some idea what his move into Capricorn will bring. As the Sabian symbols suggest, we can find our way to abundance through togetherness and cooperation while holding within ourselves the joy of solicitude for others. As always, practice kindness and forgiveness, starting with yourself and then extending it to others.

Libra is about balanceposted by Neith . . .