Visualizing Taurus

Did not! Did so!I got a kick out of this photo in the news headlines on Wednesday. Not only did it appear just as Mercury and the Sun were on the threshold of entering Taurus, but it perfectly depicts one of the most well-known keywords for the second sign of the Zodiac:


It takes a lot to get a rise out of Taurus (or someone with strong Taurus in his chart). If you’re trying to get a particular action out of them or to convince them that you’re right and they’re wrong, good luck! Taurus not only is stubborn but has unlimited patience. Chances are, you’ll get frustrated and give up way before your Taurus opponent does unless you’re a Taurus, too. Then you may find yourselves like these two, eyeball-to-eyeball and locking horns. 

Some other keywords for Taurus are artistic, creative, practical, dependable, short-tempered, argumentative, and materialistic.

Of course, keywords don’t apply universally across the board. They are learning tools only and a shorthand method to use in synthesizing the energies in a birth chart. You are far more than your Sun sign, as you know if you’ve had your chart done or if you’re a serious student of astrology.

Mercury enters Taurus on Thursday, April 17, at 2:07 p.m. on the West Coast of the United States. The Sun enters the sign of the Bull on Sunday at 9:51 PDT.

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Also a fixed sign and known to be a wee bit stubborn :-)Pat

Photo credit: Lee Jin-man for The Associated Press.

3 thoughts on “Visualizing Taurus

  1. Neith

    This photo cracks me up! Spent too much time around cattle and Taurus folks I guess. ::grin::

    Mercury and the Sun will join Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn to form a Grand Trine in Earth this weekend. If anyone has tasks demanding patience and critical attention to detail, this is a great time to do them. Maybe I’ll take a look at that little problem I’ve been cussing over with the code . . . :-D


  2. Jane

    My progressed Moon and Ascendant are now in Taurus so I am paying attention to Taurean energies and lessons.


  3. Neith

    Yes, Jane, with your progressed Moon in Taurus having just crossed your P Ascendant, this is a big time theme for you now. [the Moon is the fastest moving planet by progression and a key to the flavor of the year! (well, every two & 1/2 yrs . . .)] So all things Taurus are very much emphasized. Just to give you something to think on, your P Moon conjuncted your P ASC at the beginning of the year . . . ::ducking now:::


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