Pole Dancing on May Day

hotforwords.jpg“It’s every girl’s dream to be on the Internet in her underwear.”

I was at my day job, and the TV was on, tuned to the E! Channel. The show was called The Sexiest Jobs in Las Vegas, or something like that, and the first thing I noticed, besides all the pole dancing, was that the screen was frequently blurry in certain spots.

At first, I couldn’t figure out why they were spending hours on topless dancers, until I caught the gist of the show (I was working, catching glimpses here and there). In one segment, there was a guy talking about how the women who work these jobs make videos and put them on the Internet to get discovered. And that’s when he popped out the quote above.

I was a bit shocked to hear that. I mean, where have I been? I thought girls still grew up wanting to be ballerinas and maybe supermodels, with an occasional astronaut thrown in. It never occurred to me that posing in lingerie for Internet videos was even a profession, let alone a desired one.

But this clearly is a trend, and so I set out to understand it.

Now, I’m not exactly sure that astrology will explain this, but the timing was interesting. The show (a rerun from 2004) was being aired while Mercury was in Taurus – Mercury being the planet of communications, and Taurus being one of the two signs ruled by Venus, planet of love and desire. I admit that this could be a mere coincidence.

The bigger trend at work here appears to be the return of feminine energy to the planet. There’s been a lot of discussion about this in the astro-blogosphere, and we assume that return of the feminine means that we will see a resurgence of values such as nurturing rather than killing, cooperation rather than competition, intuition integrated with logic, and many other attitudes and behaviors that are kinder and gentler.

But what about feminine sexuality?

Tell me that this subject doesn’t make a lot of people nervous. I was squeamish watching hour after hour of firm, smooth cheeks in thongs writhing around a pole. I had to have a talk with myself to understand my discomfort. And I think the simple answer is, we’ve been programmed to believe that it’s bad, so even if we’re cool with it intellectually, we make up “reasons” to object. The biggest is that it’s degrading to women, that it sets up an impossible ideal that most women can’t meet – and that even the women in question didn’t meet until they were surgically enhanced – that we want to be loved for more than our bodies … all the usual suspects.

Enough already. It has to be OK for women to be sexual beings, in any way we wish, and if pleasing men is the objective, that’s OK, too. Ideally, when the masculine and feminine energies on the planet are integrated, the pleasing will be a two-way street. That’s what we should be aiming for, but someone has to go first.

I hope that this is what’s behind the surge of soft porn on the Internet, so I’ve made a pact to allow this energy to flourish. Something to think about as Venus enters Taurus, the day before the sexiest holiday of the year.

Dancing around the May Pole indeed.

Not into conventionPat

Marina, pictured above, is a 27-year-old Russian philologist and Internet phenom whose video series “Hot for Words” gets millions of hits a week. If I thought I could get millions of hits posing in my underwear, I might try it, too. :-)

5 thoughts on “Pole Dancing on May Day

  1. hotforwords

    I like your thinking! Nice article! I never really thought what was going on here.. but perhaps you are right.. it might be a return to “femininity”! I have been trying to break down the stereotype that sexuality and brains are mutually exclusive. It’s nice to read a well thought out analysis of what is going on in society with various trends. Good job!



  2. Tseka

    “It’s every girl’s dream to be on the Internet in her underwear.”

    But this brings to mind an experience of being in a dressing room overhearing two young women talking. One tells the other in a hushed-gush, “you’ll never guess what I’m getting for graduation….tits. My dad said yes!” squeals…


    How we celebrated May day when i was a kid- we made baskets then went around the woods and through our mother’s gardens picking flowers to fill them. We hung them on the “grannies” doors, knocked then ran like heck to hide in the bushes to watch while she discovered our little bouquets.
    I think I am a traditionalist. I’ll keep my Mayday.

    The Valborg or Beltane feminine principle is all about sexuality and eroticism and completely intimately tied with the Earth’s electro-magnetism.

    You make very interesting points comparing these images to the pole dancer.


  3. Pat Post author

    Marina, welcome! Thank you for the compliments. BTW, loved your explanation of “three sheets to the wind.”

    So, everyone, shall we guess Marina’s sign? I say Gemini, Gemini Rising, or strong third house. Probably some Libra in there, too, although I just looked at Marilyn Monroe’s chart (Gemini, Moon in Aquarius), and she didn’t have particularly strong Venus energy.

    When we’re done, maybe Marina would send us her birth data, and we could see how we did. :-)


  4. Pat Post author

    Tseka, you mean you never once fantasized about making a scantily clad Internet video?

    j/k. Until I saw this on TV last week, it would never have occurred to me. Totally clueless…

    So what’s this about the Earth’s electro-magnetism? I want to know more…


  5. Tseka

    Heh. NO

    As to the Electro-magnetic forces. I just pulled out my old dissertation- in the back I put data to support some of my thesis. Maybe i will cull it and put it up on tseka.com. I’ll let you know. In a nutshell we as humans all respond to weak electro-magnetic forces – our moods, behaviors and health align and respond to shifts in this energy field. You’ve likely heard of SAD? It is one long-season cycle responses. Our bodies also change in a daily acidosis / alkalosis tide. There are many large and small examples. People who lived close to the earth created archetypal entities to describe these changes. The myths of our ancestors, always interesting- just the OLD science.


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