New Moon in Cancer, July 2-3

Portland Japanese Garden strolling pondThe New Moon on July 2 (July 3 in the Eastern Hemisphere) falls at 11° Cancer and represents a major sea change from the New Moon in Aries right after the spring equinox.

Even though the New Moon in Aries was a fiery one, Mars, ruler of Aries, was still in Cancer, bringing a balance between the polarities. Now the balance has shifted to the feminine or “negative” polarity, and we are being asked to learn about the strength found in yielding rather than in aggression.

Ceres, lady of the seasons and natural cycles, conjoins the Sun and Moon with Venus drawn in to form a stellium in Cancer. With Ceres amplifying Cancer’s natural urge to mother and protect the innocents, we may find ourselves devoting time to caring for family members and following up on all issues related to the care and well-being of children in general. Uranus in Pisces is widely trine the Cancer stellium, reminding us to give others space to grow and change and become their authentic selves.

Jupiter in Capricorn is exactly opposite Venus in Cancer, and as oppositions are about bringing balance into being, this is a classic situation where we may find ourselves pulled between pushing ahead in our careers and still finding time to devote to our home and family. A new love interest could be a big distraction on the job at this time, too.

Thankfully, Mercury is now direct in Gemini and trine Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, encouraging creative ways to heal old wounds with kindness directed not only toward others but toward our own sore places. However, Uranus just turned retrograde in Pisces and is squaring Mercury, so be prepared for the occasional miscommunication . . .

Another significant event is Mars entering Virgo and closing in on Saturn in Virgo. This conjunction will be exact on July 10 at 5° Virgo and for those of you who have planets and chart angles close to this degree, be prepared for frustration. Fortunately, Mars will move past Saturn fairly quickly and release the energy. This is one of those times when we will be forced to stop and think about what we’re doing before taking action, no bad thing in my opinion.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message,” and the keyword is MATERIALIZATION. This Sabian symbol ties in beautifully with the astrology of this New Moon, reinforcing the directive to nurture our inner beings to help us find our way to our higher good. In practical terms, this is an excellent time for a mini-vacation away from the frantic pace of our daily lives. A simple idea is to take a relaxing bath with candles, scented oils, and your favorite soothing music playing in the background.

This is particularly powerful time to feed and water what we wish to materialize in our lives, because the usual sense of gestation engendered in a New Moon is supported by the sign, cardinal Cancer, and the conjunction with nurturing Ceres and creative Venus conjoining the Moon. Taking time to quiet the busy mind in whatever manner works best for you can be very fruitful in the long run!

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3 thoughts on “New Moon in Cancer, July 2-3

  1. devil mood

    ooh, the mind has certainly been busy lately! I’ll think about quieting it a little tomorrow (see how I said: I’ll think about it? lol) but then it’s back to thinking.
    I’ve also been quite hungry these past couple of days. My belly is turning to something very …Cancerian. ;)


  2. Neith Post author

    Feeling the Cancer-Cappie opposition that started with Venus-Jupiter yesterday and moves on the Moon-Jupiter today. Not so much the urge to spend $$, just pulled between vocation and home related things.


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