Weekly Forecast July 14: Venus in Leo, Full Moon in Capricorn

The Rokeby Venus, by Diego VelazquezThis week, we begin feeling the emphasis of Leo in preparation for next month’s eclipses.

Venus entered Leo last Saturday and this Saturday, July 19, will be opposed by the Moon in Aquarius, which will carry her energy to Neptune, Chiron, and the lunar North Node. The planet of love and beauty will have just passed the South Node at the New Moon solar eclipse on August 1. When Mars crossed the South Node last month, I wrote about reopening old wounds to let out the toxins. Now it’s up to the healing power of love to make us whole again.

Many of the popular self-help books emphasize self-love, and in my opinion a lot of it goes overboard into narcissism and the delusion of not needing others. We are all interdependent and need each other, and we need love and intimacy. But there’s no doubt that we attract healthier, more fulfilling relationships if we love ourselves. And you can’t love yourself completely until you know yourself. Luxurious baths and herbal tea are nice, but sit down with a journal and write about your deepest truth. What are you most afraid of? What gives you the most joy?

Body image is an important part of the equation, and that’s where Venus in Leo comes in. Not everyone is blessed with a movie-star figure. Actually, many celebrities aren’t even so blessed, but either know how to work with what they’ve got or resort to modern technology, some of which is way beyond the means of the rest of us.

Still, the best way to be attractive on the outside is to radiate the confidence that comes with self-knowledge and to move through life with an open heart. That is the message of Venus in Leo.

There’s also a Full Moon this week, which will mark the culmination of whatever you started two weeks ago at the New Moon. Although the Moon is in her detriment in Capricorn, the Sea Goat is a feminine sign and represents physical structure and the manifestation of disembodied energies into physical reality. Neith will have more on this Full Moon in a post on Tuesday.

Otherwise, it’s a fairly smooth week. Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn on Monday and Mars on Tuesday, helping us to apply ourselves mentally and put thoughts into practical action. Mars is separating from Saturn, putting that heavy energy behind us, and Saturn still is far enough from the opposition to Uranus that we’re not on edge yet. The Sun’s trine to Uranus on Monday is stimulating and may bring a welcome break in your beginning-of-the-week routine. It’s also a great time for self-discoveries that surprise and, hopefully, delight you.

Mercury opposes Jupiter in Capricorn on Saturday, suggesting an opportunity to see how well we’re doing with our material goals. If you’ve stretched too far beyond your limits, now is a good time to balance the books and formulate a more conservative financial strategy.

Pay attention to events this weekend, as they should provide you with a major clue regarding how next month’s eclipses will manifest in your life.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Venus at her Mirror, also called the Rokeby Venus, by Diego Velazquez, c. 1647-51. National Gallery, London.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast July 14: Venus in Leo, Full Moon in Capricorn

  1. Nina Gryphon

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for a great post. My one comment on Venus in Leo is that it is not considered a terribly fortunate combination in traditional astrology; the heat of the Sun is too harsh for cold/moist Venus. Still beats Venus in fall in Virgo, however!



  2. Pat Post author

    Thanks, Nina. Always happy to have you stop by.

    For those unfamiliar with traditional astrology (sometimes called medieval or classical astrology), it is a method of astrology practiced in Europe from roughly 1200 to 1700. Many of the techniques and “rules” are from the work of William Lilly, an astrologer in 17th century England.

    Many practicing astrologers today use this method, and some are quite critical of “modern” astrology, which they see as too vague or undisciplined. Conversely, many modern astrologers consider traditional astrology to be too negative and fatalistic, while not allowing for free will and evolution of consciousness.

    I may do a post at some point on this topic over at PiChron, if anyone is interested.


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