Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Leo’s, Love ’em or Not

It’s Leo season and there is a lot more fire in the sky now with Venus already in Leo and Mercury arriving on Saturday. We all know Leo loves being appreciated so I thought a poll about them would be fun!

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In honor of last week’s Full Moon we inquired about how closely you all followed the Moon.

19.4% Love to watch the Moon wax and wane but have no idea what sign it’s in.
03.2% Gardening by the Moon is my thing.
74.2% I check my ephemeris daily to track the lunar cycle.
03.2% The Full Moon makes people crazy, right?

As we’ve noticed before there are a lot of astrology buffs among our readers and these results confirm that once more. Almost two thirds of you are checking your ephemeris on a daily basis to track the Moon through the signs. This is a great tool for learning more about your chart and aspect patterns as the Moon passes over critical degrees. At least the Moon moves right along unlike certain outer planets we won’t name.

Almost all the rest who voted enjoy watching the Moon wax and wane in the sky. This is a great way to develop awareness of natural cycles and an appreciation for the stately rhythm of the planets and stars. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a Full Moon creep over the horizon in the evening sky in my opinion.

Gardening by the Moon really works so if you are an avid gardener already; do try planting by the Moon. A general rule of thumb is plant root crops during the dark of the Moon and leafy crops during the Full Moon.

The Full Moon drives me crazy ’cause it’s so hard to sleep with all that light! And lack of sleep can make a person a little loony.

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