Ask Real Astrologers: Help, Major Pluto Transits Coming!

 This week’s question is from Ben in Tucson.

Here’s my fear:  This last solar eclipse (August 1) doesn’t have anything in common (points/planets, etc.) with my natal.  BUT, the angles are EXACT for my upcoming solar return here in Tucson.  I have just been  awarded my US patent, I want to finally launch my website, but I need lots more time and my main business is falling apart (and I’m pretty depressed).  I have MAJOR pluto transits coming up…Should I up my life insurance?

Libra ponders . . .Neith’s response:

Ben, it is my philosophy to look for the simplest answer. Bernadette Brady’s KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) approach to predictive astrology is a favorite of mine.

Rather than placing too much weight on your Solar Return, I feel your progressed chart right now is important. You do have a progressed Moon-Jupiter conjunction now in your second house, and Jupiter is also coming up on squaring your natal Midheaven, so you may be experiencing Jupiter’s amplification effect. I am not one of the astrologers who believe Jupiter is automatically beneficent and Saturn is the bad guy. If a person is feeling upbeat, then Jupiter magnifies that and the reverse if one is feeling down, while Saturn helps us stay grounded and pragmatic.

Mars, Venus, and Mercury all are transiting your natal Midheaven, and this has been stirring the pot, too. As a Libra Sun-Moon person myself, I know what it’s like to feel like you are running from one end of the seesaw to the other. Do you have a partner to bounce ideas off? Remember Jupiter and Pluto both just turned direct and will take awhile to get back up to speed, particularly Pluto, so all may come out right yet. The current trine between Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn favors tackling difficulties one small bite at a time for best results.

Hang in there and do whatever you can to find some balance and apply your favorite stress-reducing tactics to your life.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s Answer:

I agree with Neith about keeping it simple. We can drive ourselves crazy looking at all the seemingly conflicting messages of the various techniques available in astrology.

I am always inclined to start with transits to the natal chart. Although the current eclipse series in Aquarius and Leo isn’t hitting any chart angles or natal planets, their position by house does have an effect. As you probably know, they are falling in your two key financial sectors, the second and eighth houses. The second house rules earned income, while the eighth house is associated with non-salary income such as joint income with a partner, insurance benefits, return on investment, venture capital, and so forth. This series began in February 2008 and ends in August 2009, so you can expect more changes in the financial structures in your life.

This eclipse series is indirectly impacted by the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is taking place in your third and ninth houses, both of which have to do with publishing and Internet business.

The second thing that jumps out at me is Pluto’s transit through your first house. With a tight Sun-Pluto conjunction in your natal chart, you are one of those strongly Plutonian types who needs control. Control is exactly what we lose with Pluto transiting the first house. You are going through a long, subtle transformation. Let it happen! Trust the unfolding mystery of your life.

I strongly recommend that you get a full astrological consultation. I am not accepting new clients at the moment, but Neith is, and you probably would resonate more strongly with her anyway, as a fellow Libra.

Best of luck with your new venture! Let us know how it goes.

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  1. BenBaker

    Thank you for your insight! I will surely let you know how this plays out. These are surely interesting times!

    Ben (in Tucson)


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