Ask Real Astrologers: Need Help with a Cardinal Cross

This week’s question comes from Jay in London, UK:

I apparently have a cardinal grand cross, which I heard isn’t really a positive thing to have, but I don’t understand much about it. What does a cardinal cross say about a person? (I think it’s Moon in Aries, Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune/Saturn/Uranus in Capricorn.)

Libra ponders . . .
Neith’s response:

Yes, Jay, you do have a cardinal grand cross in your chart, and when Jupiter transited over the Capricorn corner in December 2007 and January 2008, it likely gave you a jolt and brought it to your attention.

The cardinal signs are the self-starters of the zodiac, and you have more planets in cardinal signs than either of the other two modes, fixed and mutable. However, a grand cross is so well balanced that it can create inertia rather than forward momentum. You also have far more planets in earth and water signs, giving your chart a negative polarity. This suggests that you may be far less aggressive than the preponderance of cardinal signs would imply.

“Positive” a lot of times is in the eyes of the beholder. For instance, a chart with lots of sextiles and trines can be so easy that the individual does not accomplish much in this life, whereas the power generated by the tension of squares and oppositions can encourage one to grow and mature.

Your chart says you have lots of creative potential to tap into, and as Pluto in Capricorn transits trigger your grand cross from the fifth house over the next few years, you may be pleasantly surprised at the inspiration made available. Leo is all about creativity after all.

Take heart, Jay and continue to pursue your dreams.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Wow, you sure do, Jay! But it is not necessarily a bad thing — there’s really no such thing as a “bad” chart. It does, however, require some special handling. And you need to know about some upcoming transits that will affect you significantly.

Before I get to that, though, I’d like to comment on something about your chart that you share with others born in 1989 and, to some degree, in 1988. The conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune at that time was rare and extremely powerful. Think of all the things that happened in that year, culminating with the fall of the Berlin Wall! This was the beginning of a new Saturn-Uranus cycle, which is coming up on its peak with the current opposition of these two outer planets.

It’s probably no coincidence that I’m starting to get questions and inquiries from young people born during this time period. It appears that you are coming of age now, as this cycle peaks and as Pluto begins to transit this configuration in your charts. Naturally, you want to know more about yourselves. Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-discovery, and it will help you with the deep transformation that you are about to go through. I encourage all of you who are at this awakening stage to find an astrologer you resonate with and get a reading.

In your case, Jay, Pluto will transit not just your outer planets, but will aspect all of the planets in your cardinal cross over the next several years. Between now and your Saturn return (roughly 28-29 years old), you will go through some deep and significant changes.

Back to your original question, the key to managing this energy, which Neith described very well in her response, is to know yourself. This should be your main focus for the next few years. Once you’ve got a strong sense of who you are, you will be more able to keep your mind on the bigger question of why you’re here and how to best fulfill your purpose in this life.

Much love and courage to you.

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