Ask Our Readers: The Saturn-Uranus Opposition

Next Tuesday (November 4), the first of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions will be exact at 18° on the Virgo-Pisces axis. I’ve received a sharp reminder that this is an aspect to be reckoned with.

A few days ago, a routine delivery of heating oil turned into a huge mess in short order. We are now in the process of cleanup, and a complete return to normalcy has yet to be determined. In my chart, Uranus is transiting my fourth house and Saturn my tenth, and the opposition is triggering my natal Mars-Uranus inconjunct.

So, anyone else starting to see the effects of this opposition in their charts and lives?


I also want to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the truly amazing stories you have been willing to share about Pluto transits and the subsequent profound rearranging of your lives. Part of the reason Pat and I started Real Astrologers was to provide an opportunity for this kind of sharing, because this is how we all learn more about ourselves and astrology.

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10 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: The Saturn-Uranus Opposition

  1. Pat Post author

    First, let me add my thanks for the incredible feedback we’ve received on Pluto transits. I’m proud and humbled at the same time by how much our readers know about astrology and how much a part of your lives it is, and also by the trials and challenges that you are all going through. Human consciousness is evolving, it can be extremely painful at times, and we are all going through it together, even though our individual experiences are quite different.

    As for the Saturn-Uranus opposition, it is occurring exactly on my second- and eighth-house cusps, and I am getting the first signs that my day job may be in jeopardy. The struggle for me is always how to balance astrology and the unpaid work we do here to keep Real Astrologers going with a practical means of survival. There has been a growing imbalance, and Uranus (my chart ruler, to boot) tends to take care of these things in the most disruptive possible way unless we’re willing to make the changes ourselves. But in this case, Saturn is struggling to keep the status quo, so there is real pressure not to make any sweeping changes.

    I suspect that Uranus will win, though. :-)


  2. Jennifer R

    It’s not affecting me at all, but I have NO planets in either Virgo or Pisces. I am hoping this gets me off the hook for spending the next few years having an emotional meltdown the way everyone else is.

    Of course, I hang around enough Virgos/Pisces/rising folks that I’ll probably pick up their angst anyway.


  3. flip58

    No more than the normal insanity. I was super stressed for no real reason. However, I think that I have been able to relax recently. My Sun is Pisces 14 degrees 44’15” in my 9 house and my moon is Virgo 15 degrees 31’in my 3rd house. I might be holding my breath on 11-4. Hahahah


  4. Mandy H.

    Occuring over my 6th (Pisces) and 12th (virgo) axis.

    Transiting uranus is coming into opposition with my natal uranus (virg 9 deg 26 (R) )as far as I can tell.

    Had a … confrontation with Mom (very strong saturnine Cappy – although I don’thavea chart for her as I don’thave an accurate birthtime) on Saturday night past, which although is deeply hurtful maybe cathartic as well… Other than that – just the usual chaos with my scorp boys.


  5. KayKay

    This transit is a deeply puzzling one for me in terms of my personal situation. I have no personal planets that are impacted by the Saturn/Uranus opposition. The only way I’m directly impacted: the opposition is in separating square from my ascendant at 16 Gemini; and square my Jupiter at 18 Gemini. (Jupiter is the ruler of my descendant.)

    Not only that … but I’m at the end of a long trail of miserable transits that have left my life in a shambles. And when I have my “me me me!” blinders on, I feel thankful that things are about to “lighten up” in my chart.

    But now the dropping of the other shoe: I am the sole caretaker of my father who is 84 years old, suffering from diabetes, “mild” heart failure, and “mild” dementia.

    His ongoing and upcoming transit picture: His Uranus return at 20 Pisces. This has been ongoing for around a year … and now we add that dastardly opposition from Saturn! Plus, he will come into T Pluto opposite N Venus sometime next year … his Venus being at 3 Cancer.

    I feel nothing but love and compassion for this man who has always been a loving (though stubborn and old fashioned) father to me. I am his only child. I’m committed to making the end of his life as happy, comfortable, and trouble free as possible …

    But, exhausted and having learned the hard way just how harsh the seas can get … I can’t help quietly despairing for myself and thinking “I have spent years suffer through my own mean transits … now must I suffer through all of his as well?”

    Such is love, I guess.


  6. mm

    Wired/stressed. A strong sense that there will be a breakthrough of some kind bere too long. Wanting to break free of constraints, particularly the job where there are mega upheavals and a massive staff turnover, but playing a waiting game for now. Will probably leave at Xmas ……

    My Ascendant is 26 Virgo. No planets in Pisces.


  7. Rossa

    Well with Venus in Pisces (1st House) and Pluto in Virgo in my 7th this just reflects all the stuff I’ve been going through this year with my identity as a woman etc. As an Aquarian I guess this Saturn/Uranus opposition may just ignite something else for me to work through. At least with my Chiron Return coming up the healing is well aspected.

    Even though I’m in the UK, I would like to wish everyone well for next Tuesday 4th. We’re watching this side of the pond with bated breath as well to see where we’re all going to be headed. Much love and my thoughts are with you all.


  8. hitchhiker72

    Well, I’ve got Saturn on the MC right now, and Uranus on the IC. It’s going to be spectacular either way, I reckon… I’ll write back if there’s anything to report…


  9. leslee

    Direct hit – my Sun is 18 Virgo (2nd house) and my Saturn is square at 19 Sag (5th house cusp). Physically quite stressed (but this could also be Chiron Return on my Descendant opposite Moon, too) – joints (suddenly developing arthritis) and muscles. At least the muscle tension I can understand with that Saturn-Uranus opposition going on! I’ve been mostly in good spirits anyway, but today we had our 401(k) managers in to talk to us at work and it brought up all the wrong turns I made in the past and really upset me. But I’m going to go for a consult and, as stupid as I’m afraid I’ll look, hopefully they can help me make the best of the remaining savings time I have.

    Also some possible work advancement in the wings – Jupiter is trining my Sun at the same time.

    As if all this wasn’t enough, I’m doing the internet dating thing again, after a very long hiatus. ‘cuz, you know, that wouldn’t be a stressful thing to add to my life right now! Partly Chiron Return on Descendant, and maybe also the Saturn-Uranus transit to my Sun affects the house with Leo on the cusp (Ascendant-Moon) as well as Saturn on my 5th house cusp (and I guess Uranus and Saturn both relating to my Aquarius Descendant). Hold on, we’re in for a bumpy ride. ;-)


  10. astralal

    Hi – direct hit also. My Sun is at 18 degrees Pisces in the 2nd, so got Uranus on it and Saturn just inside the 8th.

    I lost a full time job a month ago to go back to college. I had 3 part-time jobs a week or two ago and then lost two of those. I dont have enough money day to day to live on and my income has fluctuated wildly all year and especially lately (Uranus in the 2nd on my Sun?).

    I have a flat unsold, which is in my ex-partners name (but me and my Dad own it) and I owe my Dad (Saturn in the 8th) ALOT of money, which I cant pay back. It was his retirement fund he lent me and he needs it.

    I have huge debts on loans and credit cards on massive interest and am having to take money out of dwindling savings to cover the payments. My mortgages didnt go down recently with the rate cut, so I am having to pay more than I can afford there. I split with my Leo partner of 9 years last year, but I owe him money (although he doesnt realise and hasnt asked for it back) and cannot separate from him financially, as we cant sell the property, nor buy each other out, so I am still tied to him.

    I found out from friends in the Mercury R trine Neptune, 25th September, that he is seeing someone he had met at work the previous year that he had concealed from me and insisted he was not interested in (Neptune R on my North Node !?? And in Aquarius – deluding a partner, as he is a Leo?). We have been in some email contact and he phoned on Sunday, but made no mention of our split or this girl, just chit chatted! I was hoping to see him this weekend, as I havent seen him for the 2 months he has been dating her. I was hoping we finally have an honest conversation – as we havent since he ended it November 2nd 2007 (Neptune and Mercury direct that day), when he couldnt give me a reason. He appears to have left me to be with this woman and I hoped we could face that, without blame this week (Neptune direct this weekend !).. hopefully I wont see him on Monday, with that being the day of the opposition! short, feels like my life has been stripped bare and pulled apart and nothing is concrete, constant change, loss and having to keep up with new developments. Everything I count on, or hope for, either doesnt materialise or appears then gets swept away. Its been the hardest time in my life by far !


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