Astrology Poll: How do you feel about Scorpio?

This week’s poll is about the sign of the month, Scorpio.

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Scorpio is a sign that attracts strong reactions and is often misunderstood. Since they tend to be reserved as a group and enjoy their reputation as the sexy, strong, silent types, the tremendous amount of good they do can be overlooked. Those in the healing professions often have a strong Scorpio signature in their charts for instance. To be sure, the Scorpio “sting” is something to be reckoned with but in many cases it has to do with Scorpio’s lack of tolerance for foolish behaviors. On the other hand, Scorpio is noted for being loyal to their friends and loved ones.

Hey, as many of you know I’m a Libra Sun person with a strong Scorpio rising so in interests of fairness (Libra) I have to stand up for my Scorpio brethren! Anyone else have thoughts and opinions about Scorpio?

Libra with Scorpio risingposted by Neith . . .


18 thoughts on “Astrology Poll: How do you feel about Scorpio?

  1. Jennifer R

    Another Scorpio rising here, with Taurus sun. I am literally surrounded by Scorpios ALL THE TIME. Taurus and Scorpio are like PB&J. So, I am heartily in favor of Scorps and pretty much think I’m as much Scorp as Taurus :)

    Just don’t piss ’em off.


  2. KayKay

    I have worked with many Scorpio suns and enjoyed a number of them as friends. In a workplace, I have known more Scorpios than any other sign who will take real risks with their job status/security to correct an injustice. When you’ve got a Scorpio on your side, you have a powerful supporter. Despite their reputation for being negative, the only thing I’ve noticed is that they don’t like people who don’t treat others well. An odd thing I’ve noticed: A lot of professional card players have the sun, moon, or stellium in Scorpio!


  3. flip58

    HahahHaha, I said that I run as fast I can in the other direction. I am a Pisces, who has a Taurus husband with a Scorpio moon, a daughter with a scorpio rising, a mother with a scorpio rising, a scorpio dad and a scorpio boss.

    Apparently as far as Scorpios are concerned I can run, but I can’t hide.


  4. Neith Post author

    Great comments all! You are right about pissing off Scorpio’s, Jennifer. The best of them will leave you with a case of frost bite and often totally disappear.

    KayKay, I have noticed both in other Scorpio types and myself, a deep dislike of true injustice. But if someone is faking, Scorpio will pick up on that and ignore them.

    I have lots of Scorpios in my family, flip58, and an amazing number of my clients have Scorpio rising. We really do connect with those we share a chart wheel with! :-)


  5. Mandy H.


    I only have neptune in scorpio and its one of the signs that I don’t know a lot about – apart from the obvious. I suppose I should -my two boys are both Scorps…

    Lot of water in my house – hubby is a Cancer, two Scorps and then I’m the water carrier…


  6. Rossa

    Looks like I’m with Mandy H. I’m a water bearer with my MC, Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio, though don’t know what that should mean, but no Scorpios in my life at all. Always seems to be Aries, Virgo and Pisces. Knew one Scorp lady years ago and all I remember is that she was very intense about everything.


  7. veramae

    I was born on the Sag side of the Scorpio/Sag cusp. I do express my “Scorpio sting” towards those with foolish behaviors. Now I understand my deep dislike of true injustice. I am very loyal to my friends. For me, natally, Mercury is in Scorpio. Now I understand my decision to study biological sciences and earm my living in biopharmaceuticals. I live with my partner who is a Scorpio Sun. I am learning to bring my Sag “undying optimistic” attitude into our home. I have come across several Scorpios who turn me off in a heart beat.


  8. leslee

    Yeah, I’ve been on the wrong end of a Scorpios sting before. Don’t corner ’em!

    I have Jupiter and Neptune conjunct my Scorpio IC, and they’re sextile to my Pluto-Venus-Mercury stellium. Plus my progessed Sun, progressed Venus and progressed Mercury are now all in Scorpio! My Leo Moon-Asc-Uranus may not like it, but I’m getting more in touch with my dark side! ;-)


  9. inishglora

    I can’t think of a single thing to add to the comments. Personally, if nothing else, astrology has helped me to become more comfortable with *being* a Scorpio Sun, or at least less likely to worry about being different.


  10. KayKay

    A strange story about one of my Scorpio workmates:

    I once worked a “temporary job” for 3 years. During this time, my immediate supervisor was a sun in Scorpio, moon in Leo man who was exactly two weeks older than my mother. I’m sun in Leo, and most of my key male/female relationships have involved moon in Leo males.

    The older Scorpio and I really hit it off and enjoyed a mildly flirtatious friendship. Our flirting never got out of hand; I never regarded him as any kind of a letch or worried about him cornering me in the copy room. He was a class act all the way. I always felt that we might have become more than friends were it not for the age difference.

    Near the end of my third year at the job, when we both knew that my special project was close to ending, my Scorpio friend invited me to his home to celebrate 12-31-1999 …the turn of the century. Thinking it was going to be a regular party, I accepted the invite.

    But that night when I arrived at his waterfront home, he was alone. He greeted me with 2 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne and a midnight supper laid out before a huge picture window overlooking the water. We ate and drank while watching fireworks blaze across the sky over the bay. After the fireworks, he produced a ring box with an amazing diamond/emerald ring. I’ll be darned if he didn’t get down on one knee and propose marriage!

    Believe me … plump, plain and generally befuddled, I’m not the kind of woman this sort of thing “always happens to!” I was flabbergasted. As gently as possible, I declined the offer … siting the age difference. He seemed to take it in stride.

    A few weeks later, he was gone. Evidently he had learned he was terminally ill and would not seek treatment. Genuinely fond of me and knowing I was flying through life by the seat of my pants with no truly steady job or pension plan, he wanted to marry me, knowing that I would have inherited his home (fully paid for), his pension, and his medical plan. To me, that’s the essence of a Scorpio: when they care, they put all they’ve got behind it.

    I still have that amazing ring and several beautiful pictures that I took of my Scorpio friend that magical turn-of-the century night. Whenever lapse into a pity party and grow full of “God hates me” angst, I look at the pictures of my special Scorpio friend and realize how much I miss him.


  11. Nathan

    KayKay, you have certainly experienced the best Scorpio can offer. My father’s Scorpio Sun is opposite my Taurus Sun and conjoined my Moon. Many of my encounters with Scorpio Suns have been tinged with this oppositional quality I experienced between me and my father. I grew up dealing with the shame of sexual abuse and the silence of homophobia within my family and society at large. My experiences forced me to dig deep within myself to discover how to balance these extremes and become a whole person. My father and I are good friends now, but it has been a long journey and I still have to work against my own prejudice to appreciate the full blessing of Scorpio.


  12. KayKay

    Nathan, I admire the work you’ve done to make the best of some very sticky situations, and appreciate that you’ve used astrology as one of the more powerful tools at hand for working out these kinds of issues.

    Regarding family relations, I’ve learned over time that when there’s a sun/moon conjunction or opposition between parent and child, you have a very tight connection–attended by many deep-seated issues and a high capacity for each party to seriously wound the other. I once read a remark by another astrologer that while sun/moon connections are generally healthy and happy between non-relations … it can point to a “co-dependent” situation when it happens between relations. That certainly seems to be the case between my father and I … he is sun in Taurus, moon in Leo; while I am sun in Leo, moon in Taurus. There is no bottom to love we have for each other … but it’s also fair to say that our horns have been locked since the day of my birth!

    It seems to me that in your situation with your father, a lot would depend on conditions surrounding your Saturn … and also whether he has any “heavy-hitters” impacting your angles.


  13. Neith Post author

    Just want to thank all of you who posted such amazing comments on this post. What an excellent example of the power of Scorpio to polarize and demand a deep emotional response. It is difficult to be neutral about Scorpio unless you happen to be one of course. hee hee

    KayKay, I happen to completely agree with about using Astrology as a tool for greater understanding of ourselves, our lives and our relationships. I have always found the language of astrology beneficial for creating just enough distance for all concerned to gain perspective.

    Nathan, you ROCK! :-D


  14. WillD

    A favorite friend is an Aries with Scorpio rising (March 26.1952) Ponce, Pr, 9:00pm. The thing about him that I find interesting is that there are no lines to read between. When he says something its exactly that and nothing more or less. Being a Virgo, I find that I have to let go of the need to overanalyze everything. With a strong Scorpio influence there is a great need for patience, as they take their time to move.


  15. Neith Post author

    WillD, that’s my husband’s birthday and I couldn’t agree more about them saying exactly that and nothing more or less. However my husband has an Aries rising to go with the rest of the planets in Aries. Yup, VERY Aries!! :-)

    I’m the Scorpio rising person.


  16. Nathan

    Thanks for all the positive reinforcement, everyone. And thanks KayKay for the mention about Saturn and the angles. My Saturn is in my third house conjoin Venus in Pisces, not an easy placement, and yet I feel the soberness that brings me is my rudder in life. Perhaps even more significant is that retrograde Chiron is in an even closer conjunction with Saturn, suggesting a real need to heal wounds within myself in order to grasp the guiding structure of Saturn.

    Luckily, my father has all his personal planets in Scorpio and no planets on any of my major angles. The message becomes clear here when you consider how much Scorpio is a part of my eleventh house of friendship; a solution to understanding my relationship with my father is to treat him as a friend, an attitude that often leads to more “co-dependency”, but in our case actually has strengthened it.


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