Full Moon in Taurus, November 12-13, 2008

 Full Moon in Taurus is here
The Full Moon on November 13 (late November 12 on the West Coast of the United States and points west) is a powerhouse at 21° 15′ Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio. Neptune in Aquarius exactly squares both luminaries, creating a turbulent atmosphere with many unfolding possibilities.

Neptune stationed direct on November 2 but will remain at 21° until mid-December. As usual, we have a choice between using the tenacity of the fixed-sign T-square to cling to our illusions or to start manifesting the changes we need to continue down the path to becoming our authentic selves.

With Mars in Scorpio conjunct the Sun, this may be the time to start unearthing long-buried anger issues and allowing the light of the Sun to help us find the key to unraveling these. Stress abatement can be a prelude to better overall health, and unresolved anger and resentment are definitely sources of stress. Scorpio does not receive the acclaim it deserves as a healer, especially of wounds relating to suppressed rage. The tension created by the 90° aspect can be very useful in prodding us to finally do something, and Neptune in its highest expression represents unlimited compassion and acceptance, providing balm to emotions (the Moon) and self-image (the Sun).

There is a second T-square in this chart with the waning Saturn-Uranus opposition as the base and Pallas in Gemini at the apex. Pallas in Gemini is razor-sharp with words, and it may be a good idea to count to ten before expressing the frustration of dealing with the results of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. By the Full Moon, those of us who got hit by this opposition will be well aware of the challenges it has and will create in our lives. Here, the tension of the T-square brings out the warrior goddess side of Pallas-Athena. Slaying those around us with words is not likely to accomplish much, even though it may feel good in the moment.

Ameliorating the harshness of the two T-squares is a grand trine in earth between the Moon in Taurus, Saturn in Virgo, and Jupiter in Capricorn. This pattern features the practical but comforting side of earth and is celebrated by an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Prepare your favorite comfort food, put on some relaxing music, and see if you can find someone to give you a good foot massage to help ease the turmoil and tension swirling around. This pattern also favors those willing to eat their vegetables first and then enjoy dessert.

An innovative aspect is the trine between Uranus in Pisces and the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. This is an excellent time to take on a research project that requires digging deep to get all the facts and to think outside the box. Scorpio delights in gathering data and compiling it behind the scenes before presenting the finished product to a properly awed audience.

Venus, having moved into Capricorn the day before, is trine Ceres in Virgo. These two combine to offer support and nurturance with little fanfare but a great deal of class. Don’t be surprised if you opt for elegance and simplicity in buying for your home or wardrobe.

The Sabian symbol for 22 Taurus is, White dove flying over troubled waters, with the keyword GUIDANCE. Here we find reassurance by maintaining perspective and seeking inner quiet during times of emotional upheaval. As the Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle is beginning to unfold, this is important to hold in your heart and mind.

For the Sun at 22 Scorpio, the Sabian symbol is, Hunters shooting wild ducks, with the keywords SOCIALIZATION OF INSTINCTS. The Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio in this chart is far more socialized in the expression of aggressive instincts than, say, Mars in Aries. Scorpio is inclined to weight the consequences before taking action and is very controlled and contained in expression for a martial sign.

Shining light on Neptune’s illusions and Saturn’s doubts and fears can help lessen the impact of those tendencies in our lives. We always have the choice of acknowledging our darker aspects within and forgiving ourselves our shortcomings, but no one will hold our feet to the fire and force us to do so – barring a major Pluto transit, of course. For all those who just want a lighter atmosphere, Mars will be moving into Sagittarius on November 16 and the Sun will follow him on November 21. Hang in there and practice kindness!

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  1. Neith Post author

    Just want to add another interesting note: November 13, 2008 also begins Day #6 in the Mayan Calendar.

    Day #6: Fruits or seed pods begin to form 11-13-2008 to 11-07-2009
    Mankind moves beyond technology, Spirit manifests desires
    Undefined period of growth in consciousness

    Here’s a link to other information of Day #6:

    Day #6 Mayan Calendar

    All food for thought! :-D


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