Weekly Forecast November 24: Pluto Enters Capricorn, New Moon in Sagittarius

Hanging Heart, by Jeff KoonsI feel as though we’re in some sort of weird time warp, in suspended animation, waiting for something to happen but not knowing what.

Pluto is in the final minutes of Sagittarius and re-enters Capricorn on Wednesday. As he slips out of the sign of the Archer — not to return for another 230 years or so — we’re shifting out of one reality and into a new one. Neith and I have written a lot about this and will continue to update you, but be prepared for some major belt-tightening and contraction.

At the same time, Uranus is stationed, preparing to return direct less than an hour before the New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday. The energy of Uranus is electric and erratic, and it produces swift and sudden change. This will be all the more true, as all of the planets will be direct once the Magician wakes up. There is evidence that our ancient ancestors tracked astrological movements and looked specifically for periods when no planets were retrograde to undertake important activities. To put it another way, all systems will be go, and we’ll be making up for lost time.

Because Uranus also is the planet of unpredictability, there’s a good chance that we’ll see a sudden turnaround in some area of our lives, both individually and collectively. The nature of this reversal will depend on where Uranus is transiting your chart. Rising Aquarius and Pisces will be especially affected by this shift. I am Rising Aquarius and will keep you posted about what’s happening for me. If anyone else experiences something like this, leave a comment and let us know.

Neith already has written a lovely report for the New Moon. As she noted, Venus will be in favorable aspect to both Uranus and Saturn, which were in exact opposition earlier this month. For Venus to be in contact with Uranus just as he’s waking is powerful. If you’ve been stuck in issues of love or financial well-being, this will provide the shove you need to get you out of a rut and into a new groove. Just be forewarned that these things often don’t happen in the most convenient or pleasant way. Watch for developments on Friday and Saturday.

Mercury and Mars conjoin on Friday as well, although we could see the manifestations of this volatile combination at the New Moon the day before. In Sagittarius, Mercury doesn’t hold anything back and will blurt out the goddess-honest truth without stopping to think of the effects. That said, Mars knows exactly what effect he’s going for, so if someone has been wanting to give you a piece of their mind, have your deflector shields up. If you’re on the giving rather than the receiving end, do stop to consider whether the person you’re aiming at deserves the barbs. Even if they do, don’t say anything deliberately hurtful.

I have a feeling we’ll be in a much different place a week from today, so stay tuned, and keep those cards and letters coming.

Much courage and love to all…
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Hanging Heart, a sculpture by U.S. artist Jeff Koons, on display earlier this year at the Chateau de Versailles, outside Paris. When I first saw this photo, I thought it was a painting, as it is so surreal. It nicely expresses the surreal energy of this week and especially how I feel in matters of the heart. Photo by Stephane de Sakutin for Agence France Press.