Weekly Forecast December 29: Saturn Retrograde, Venus Enters Pisces

Ancient Sentinels, by Ellen HillDespite the revelries to welcome in the New Year, this week could feel unusually somber, with Saturn’s turn retrograde on Wednesday.

As I wrote in last week’s forecast, the opposition of Saturn and Uranus has been unequal so far, as the stabilizing energies of Saturn have been reinforced by Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign that Saturn rules, and the chaotic, unpredictable nature of Uranus has been kept in check. Saturn’s turn retrograde will weaken this stabilizing force, just as Jupiter is about to enter Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. Once that happens, we are in for some turbulent astro-weather.

I am not writing this to frighten you, but just to give you a heads up that you may have unexpected circumstances to deal with. Actually, if you’ve been paying attention, events probably won’t surprise you too much, as you’ve seen the handwriting on the wall. If you weren’t paying attention or intentionally ignored the signs, then you could be thrown for a loop. How this will manifest in your life depends on where the Saturn-Uranus opposition is positioned in your natal chart.

The Moon in Pisces on Friday conjoins Uranus and opposes Saturn, so you may feel a blip in this ongoing situation, whatever it may be. The Moon goes through Pisces once a month and Virgo once a month, so these little reminders may continue to happen every couple of weeks.

On the plus side this week, Mercury enters Aquarius on Thursday and Venus enters Pisces on Saturday. Both planets will be in the sign of their exaltation, and this should bode well for communications between friends, siblings, and romantic partners. Even if a key relationship in your life is breaking up or going through some other kind of disorienting or disruptive change, you should be able to talk about it and view each other with compassion. Forgiveness, both of yourself and others, is possible, and a little goes a long way.

Wishing you much love and courage in the new year…

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Ancient Sentinels, by Ellen Hill, whom many of you know as Tseka. To see more of Ellen’s phenomenal work, including her new line of talisman jewelry, visit her site, Tseka – One Dance.

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