Ask Real Astrologers: A Second Look at Pluto on Venus

Last week, Tarja from Finland posed a question about Pluto approaching her natal Venus, and we answered based on a chart with Libra Rising. Well, we used the wrong chart, so we’re going to take her question again this week, using the right chart. Happy Mercury retrograde!

Here is Tarja’s original question. Our revised answers are below:

I have been reading a lot about meeting someone and that when it usually happens both have the same sort of planet situation. So if my Pluto is conjunct Venus will his be as well, or what does it mean? And can one see that in one’s own chart?Also everywhere the Pluto on Venus is said to be very strong (like a big bang, unavoidable) but usually nothing happens to me, so how sure it is that anything will happen at all?Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

First I would like to apologize, Tarja, for not getting your chart right before . . . classic example of Mercury Rx overload. You do indeed have Scorpio Rising and Libra on the Midheaven, making Mars your chart ruler along with Pluto. Your natal Mars is in Pisces and with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant in Scorpio, learning to effectively assert yourself is very important, because Neptune’s influence can create confusion and a lack of clarity about how you take action.

I have been thinking about the effects of Pluto’s transit to your Venus, too. It is easy to lose sight of the fact Pluto provides a much needed service – that of clearing away the dead and dying parts of ourselves to make way for positive change. A Pluto-Venus transit can teach us to value ourselves, increasing our self-esteem and the capacity to love both ourselves and others. That Pluto is currently transiting your second house just underlines the need to reconsider what is truly of value to you.

Your Sun and Moon are both in the detached, air sign of Aquarius – very different from your intense water sign Scorpio Rising. If you wish people to see who you feel you truly are, you will need to make an extra effort to present your authentic self to the world. Find someone you feel comfortable with and trust to help you learn how others see you and how to modify your outward behavior to reflect your true self.

Take advantage of Jupiter in Aquarius transiting your Aquarius planets to initiate positive change in your life and how you see yourself. In fact, you have Jupiter and the North Node conjunct your Sun in your Solar Return chart for this coming year, a perfect combination for realizing your gifts and talents. Best of luck and many blessings to you, Tarja! [Note: Neith and Pat both do Solar Return charts.]

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Hi again, Tarja!

The general information I gave you last week about astrological markers for first meetings remains true, as does what I told you about the Pluto-Venus transits and the timing of it for you.

That you are a Rising Scorpio and not a Rising Libra does change things somewhat, though. As a Rising Libra, you have Venus as your chart ruler, whereas Rising Scorpio gives you more intensity, and this definitely is at odds with your Aquarius Sun and Moon, which are much cooler-headed and prefer to stay more detached. This also may explain why you don’t feel the full effects of certain transits.

When two major components of a natal chart are so opposed, we often have difficulty integrating these two sides of ourselves. I can say this from personal experience, as I have an Aquarius Sun and Ascendant, with a Pisces Moon. It took me many years to own that poor Pisces Moon, and when I finally did, it took roughly three years to figure out what to do with her! Perhaps you are experiencing something similar with your competing Aquarius and Scorpio energies. If so, a Pluto-Venus transit that helped you claim your sexuality would greatly contribute to your personal growth, and I think this would be more important than meeting a particular someone.

That said, we typically learn these lessons through relationships, so you may well meet someone who will trigger an intense and obsessive reaction in you, and this may cause a secondary reaction of guilt and shame. It’s’ easier said than done, but try not to judge yourself. Rather, use the experience to understand yourself better, and you will be very surprised by the results.

Thanks again for your great question. Your solar return is coming right up here, too, so happy birthday!

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1 thought on “Ask Real Astrologers: A Second Look at Pluto on Venus

  1. Soniar

    Hi Neith and Pat, thanks for this article!

    It made me want to ask you a question about a synastry chart between a guy I met recently and myself. I can feel a very strong connection and the good aspectas a really sooo good so that doesn´t surprise me at all.. but what do you think about the Saturn opp Saturn? Is that a killer?
    And what about my Pluto/Uranus conjuction right on his ascendant. Is that really heavy or what?
    And his Chiron conjunct my Venus? Is that healing or wounding?

    Thanks for any comments! I am so intrigued by this guy..

    Grand trine involving the following aspects:
    Him Aspect Me
    Moon Conjunct Moon (Aquarius)
    Sun Conjunct Moon (Aquarius)
    Moon Trine Sun (Aquarius -> Gemini)
    Sun Trine Sun (Aquarius -> Gemini)
    Pluto Trine Moon (Libra -> Aquarius)
    Pluto Trine Sun (Libra -> Gemini)

    Other good aspects:
    Him Aspect Me
    Mars Trine Venus (Virgo -> Taurus)
    Jupiter Trine Venus (Virgo -> Taurus)
    Chiron Conjunct Venus (Taurus)
    Mars Sextile Jupiter (Virgo -> Cancer)
    Jupiter Sextile Jupiter (Virgo -> Cancer)

    Bad aspects:
    Him Aspect Me
    Mercury Opp Pluto (Pisces -> Virgo)
    Mercury Opp Uranus (Pisces -> Virgo)
    Saturn Opp Saturn (Virgo -> Pisces)
    Chiron Opp Saturn (Virgo -> Pisces)
    Neptune Opp Sun (Sag -> Gemini)
    Mars Square Mars (Virgo -> Gemini)
    Jupiter Square Mars (Virgo -> Gemini)
    Neptune Square Moon (Scorpio -> Aquarius)
    ASC Conjunct Pluto (Virgo)
    ASC Conjunct Uranus (Virgo)

    “Link to the chart here”


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