Weekly Forecast January 26: Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, Mercury Direct

Photo by Aaron Favila for the APAs you know from reading last week’s forecast and Neith’s New Moon report, this week starts right out on a high-energy note, with an annular eclipse of the Sun in close conjunction with Jupiter.

If you’ve got key planets and chart points in early Aquarius, you’re going to feel this event in ways that are hard to imagine right now. Other fixed-sign planets in your chart will be activated as well. Two weeks from now, there will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo. My experience is that the period between eclipses is always tumultuous. That is likely to be even more true right now, with Mercury coming out of retrograde mode between the solar and lunar eclipses.

For anyone who’s interested, I wrote a companion post on my personal blog, The Pisces Chronicles, about how I’m experiencing this weird, chaotic energy.
I’m an Aquarius with Aquarius Rising, so I’m being doubly smacked. Not all of you will be, and this is a great illustration of how planetary transits work. Each of us has an energy imprint that I liken to a radio frequency. When a transit is broadcasting to a certain frequency, those who are tuned in pick it up, and others don’t, or they pick it up faintly or just feel a bunch of static.

Just to liven things up a little more, retrograde Mercury conjoins Mars in Capricorn on Tuesday, increasing the risk of serious arguments. They may be due to misunderstandings, but it’s just as likely that they will emerge from unresolved issues. When we don’t confront problems head on, they pile up and eventually overwhelm us. Given Mercury’s retrograde motion, it’s not likely that reasoning is going to work too well. It may be best to just blow off steam, or let the other party do so, if necessary. Then wait a week or so, until Mercury returns direct, to see if you can find some common ground. By then, you may wonder what you were arguing about in the first place.

As always, remember my caveat: Otherwise intelligent people say and do stupid things while Mercury is retrograde. It’s probably not anyone’s fault, so let it go this time, forgive, and move on.

Later on Tuesday, the Moon enters Pisces, where she’ll conjoin Uranus and oppose Saturn on Thursday. As the opposition between Saturn and Uranus creeps closer to exact, lunar transits may act as a trigger to set off events manifesting out of these energies. Just have your antennae up on Thursday and take note of any unusual situations.

Mercury goes direct on Sunday (Saturday night on the West Coast of the United States and points west). Typically, everything stops up while Mercury is stationed, so don’t expect to see any sudden effects. That will start happening next week as the Messenger gains speed. Have your seat belts fastened and hang on!

Much love and courage to all!
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: This incredible photo of the eclipse was taken at Manila, Philippines, by Aaron Favila for The Associated Press.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast January 26: Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, Mercury Direct

  1. Jennifer R

    Well, this one hits my Juno/DC. So far, I’m spouse-free and want to spend as much time at home as I usually do (i.e. not much, enough to sleep/eat/watch TV and then I run out again). I keep hearing “OMG YOU’RE GONNA WANT A NEW HOUSE OR REPAINT OR SOMETHING, home home home,” with the Jupiter transit too, but I’m still just as disinterested in home stuff as ever :P

    Really, Aquarius just does NOT work well as a house of home, unless you grew up in a hippie town. Which I sadly didn’t. Probably would have made me want to go home more if I had, but my upbringing was pretty 1950’s and I associate home with cleaning and screaming :P


  2. nnyc

    Last night’s eclipse delivered the most powerful insomnia I have ever experienced outside of jet lag.

    Anyone else have trouble sleeping last night?!

    I couldn’t sleep til 6am EST.

    And yeah, the eclipse was almost exactly opposite my natal Sun in Leo. (Neith and Pat commented on it two weeks ago.)



  3. KayKay

    The eclipse conjoined my natal north node and opposed my natal Mars/south node conjunction. It opposed my 84 year old father’s natal moon in Leo, and is not too far from his natal Mars at 09 Aquarius. Last week his MD took me aside and told me it may be time to talk to Dad about only pursuing limited medical care from here on. I love that the doc has the idea … but I’m the one who gets to have the talk with Dad.

    In the middle of the night when the eclipse was just about exact here on the west coast, Dad started a series of severe nosebleeds that is still going on. The MD just shrugs and says stuff his nose with lots of Vicks and tilt his head back … nosebleeds are hardly ever medically serious.

    So I’m without sleep like Jennifer R, but not due to insomnia. And Jennifer R, I LOVE your comment about home = cleaning and screaming. I’m really seeing that now with what seems like bloody laundry load #999!


  4. KayKay

    Oops … blame it on the Mercury Rx. I should have said sleepless like NNYC, and in sympathy with Jennifer R re: her comments on house/home.


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