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home in summerComposite charts are not only a wonderful tool for understanding our relationships, they are also fun to play with as I have done here.

I was asked about the lifestyle I have with my spouse and that started me thinking about the possibility of our composite chart reflecting it. 

We live in the farm house in a rural area in central Washington.  In fact, it’s the much remodeled house I grew up in and left many, many years ago.  When I was single, my pattern was to move every couple of years or so – and my relationships tended to be short lived too, so looking at the composite charts for those relationships wouldn’t be too informative.

Within a year after my Aries and I became a couple, we bought the property and house we still live in eighteen years later.  In fact, we got married and signed our mortgage within a couple of weeks!  Our composite chart has Sun conjunct Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn all in the twelfth house – we are a very private couple and both of us prefer it that way.  Aquarius is rising and Mercury is conjunct the Ascendant in the first house.  The Moon is in Cancer in the sixth house and sextile Saturn in Virgo in the eighth.  The thing is neither of us have any planets in earth in our natal charts yet it is strongly represented in our composite.

We live a frugal life (Capricorn Sun) and are happy homebodies (Cancer Moon).  Taurus is the sign on the cusp of the fourth house and very descriptive of our rural home with a big yard, vegetable gardens and fruit trees.  We have experimented with u-pick berries and still sell berries we pick in season.  Having the Moon in the sixth also shows the connection between our vocation of gardening and an awareness of the seasonal changes.  We often plant according to the phase of the Moon too.  Ceres in the composite is in Pisces in the second house and opposes Saturn in Virgo in the eighth . . .  another tie to the natural world and placing value on living close to it.  We are very aware of the need for a sustainable interconnection with nature and have many discussions about the best way to do this.  Heh, we’ve planted many, many trees and shrubs on our property (Saturn in Virgo) too!

I see the Aquarius rising in our determination to live our lives in the way we see fit and perhaps the close inconjunct from Uranus in Cancer on the cusp of the sixth House to the Ascendant reinforces that spirit of independence.  Uranus in the sixth is also reflected by the fact we both have chosen the burdens and joys of being self-employed. Are we living an anachronistic life or are we ahead of the times?  Whatever it is, it is our choice.


The composite chart discussed here was a simple mid-point composite. When I calculated the composite changing the location to where we met, the Ascendant shifts into Capricorn placing the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in the first house with Mercury on the cusp of the second.

The Sun moving from the twelfth into the first is important in composites – from the shadows into the light as it were. We did live together for about a year before we married and some of his more conservative friends and family members were much happier after the wedding!

Libra with Scorpio risingposted by Neith . . .

Image: Yes, this is the house we live in . . . :-)

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