Ask Real Astrologers: A Direct Hit from Neptune-Jupiter

This week’s question comes from Jan in Brisbane, Australia:

The triple conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter, and Neptune is happening on my Ascendant at 25 degrees Aquarius. What do I need to do?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

This is a great question, Jan, as it allows us to talk a little bit about this year’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. The Saturn-Uranus opposition has been getting all the press, but this very important conjunction — which, as you note, also includes Chiron — has some serious implications, and with your Ascendant at the hub of the activity, you are going to witness the effects firsthand.

Like most outer transits, this one will have three parts. The first pass occurs on May 27 at 26 degrees Aquarius. The second falls on July 10 at 25 degrees, and the third and final pass is on December 21, the Winter Solstice, at 24 degrees. The first conjunction occurs just as Neptune and Chiron are turning retrograde, making this conjunction all the more powerful and far-reaching. The second two passes occur with the Moon also in conjunction, so their energies will be further amplified as well.

How this conjunction will affect individuals depends on where it falls in their charts and whether it forms aspects with key natal planets. In your case, I see no cause for concern and every reason to be hopeful. I’ve written a lot about the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron being a powerful healing agent, both for individuals and the collective. Jupiter’s energy promotes expansion and growth, so we can expect that deep healing will lead to personal growth. In your case, there even may be opportunities to help others heal and grow.

I see two ways that you can take advantage of the positive side of this conjunction. First, if you have any unresolved issues from childhood or from your family’s past (we do carry these in our energy field), you can work on them during this time with a minimum of disruption. Those of you who have undertaken deep healing work know that it can interfere with your normal day-to-day activities. I see less chance of this happening with Jupiter in the mix.

Second, this is an ideal time to help others. If you are in a healing profession, you could have an extraordinary influence on your patients or clients. If you aren’t in a healing profession, find some way to do community service work. This could be anything from donating food or time to organizations that help the poor, to tutoring students who are behind in their studies. Or, find some other way to use your skills and talents to help others along.

This also is a great time to study astrology and other metaphysical subjects. Just take care that you don’t get involved with any groups that promise results such as money and love without having to do anything to earn it. Sitting on the couch visualizing money won’t cause any great harm to anyone in the long run, but it would be an unfortunate waste of the good you can do with this powerful energy that will be channeled directly into you.

Stay in touch and keep us posted!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Hi Jan, what I see as the greatest challenge with this transit is keeping some perspective because Jupiter is likely to inflate Neptune’s wonderful ideas for the betterment of all, and your Taurus Sun likes consistency with solid, well thought out plans.

Neptune transits to the Ascendant can be tricky to navigate due to a lack of clarity about how others see us, and how we see others. Projections and expectations can crop up unexpectedly and leave all parties shaking their heads and wondering what the heck just happened. Frankly I don’t believe Jupiter will be of much help with these issues and may even add to them. I’m of a mind Jupiter acts more as an amplifier than as a beneficent.

Chiron’s role here may have to do with bringing to the forefront the uncomfortable differences between who you are at home (your Taurus Sun in the fourth house) and the way others see you out in the world (Aquarius rising). Once those issues are highlighted, then healing is possible. You have already experienced your Chiron return, and during July 2009 when Chiron is conjunct your Ascendant, Venus will be conjunct your Chiron by transit – sounds favorable to me!

As someone with a preponderance of earth and water, Jan, staying calm and focused in the moment may be the ticket. The rulers of your Ascendant and your fourth house, Uranus and the Moon, are trine in earth signs giving you a natural sense of how to handle the unexpected.

Hey, please let us know how this transit goes for you! We always love feedback on the real world events in people’s lives because that is how we all learn more about the inner workings of astrology.

Good luck!

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1 thought on “Ask Real Astrologers: A Direct Hit from Neptune-Jupiter

  1. Rossa

    I’m hoping this conjunction is really good for me this year.

    My natal Chiron is at 22 degrees Aquarius square Jupiter conj my MC, also square my Mars and opp Uranus.

    It is the year of my Chiron Return (tomorrow), so a lot of healing of family issues around at the moment and I’m doing well in that dept. Thanks to my Synastry report from Neith, (2 friends rather than a relationship….highly recommended) my friend and I are launching a new project including work in the community with schools, disaffected youth, young offenders and a women’s refuge.

    For anyone visiting this site that may not be too sure about Astrology and whether or not it works…hand on heart I can say I was where you are last year and it has been an eye and heart opener.

    Thanks for all your support, Pat and Neith. Hope the back is getting better Pat and loved the video Neith…lol!


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