Weekly Poll: What Do You Think Of Comet Lulin?

Comet Lulin makes its closest approach to Earth today, leaving many of us to wonder whether there is any astrological significance to this rare phenomenon and comets in general. What do you think?

As usual, feel free to leave us a detailed comment.

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P.S. For more about Comet Lulin, see Pat’s Weekly Forecast for February 23.

1 thought on “Weekly Poll: What Do You Think Of Comet Lulin?

  1. Jane

    Well, all I know is, for the past two nights I have been doing active suicide intervention with (for) an online friend who wanted to end his life.

    Tonight, I got word from him that I have been successful in turning him around.

    We both run counter to the world (a la Lulin?), and in a very similar way. That’s why I was able to get through to him where others had failed.

    I need to study Lulin more…


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