Weekly Poll: Any Side Effects From The Full Moon In Virgo?

 The Full Moon is officially past but is still affecting our lives in part because while Saturn conjoined the Moon in Virgo yesterday, today is the exact conjunction between the Sun and Uranus in Pisces. We have a couple of days of diminishing fallout from this lunation to get through yet.

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Yes, Libra is an air signposted by Neith . . .

16 thoughts on “Weekly Poll: Any Side Effects From The Full Moon In Virgo?

  1. Mem

    I don’t know.

    I haven’t seen my bf for four weeks now. He hasn’t contacted me. I don’t know if the relationship is over–it might very well be due to a heavy conversation we had a month back. I told him that if he wanted to see or talk to me, the ball was on his court. And since he hasn’t gotten in touch with me, there are time when I think that the relationship probably is over. I’m tired of always being the initiator; ie, the one who calls, who comes over, etc. He never calls me.

    The weird thing is that I got extremely irritated upon finding out that my crush is gone.


  2. KayKay

    That does seem like a double kick from the cosmos, Mem. I don’t think it’s weird that you’re irritated that your crush is gone. Having sensed something in the other person that struck a chord with you, now you may never get to explore that potential. Agreeing with your point that you don’t always want to be the one that initiates, I wouldn’t try to contact him directly. But I sure would be sniffing around at work to find out what happened … and maybe get a lead as to where he went.

    Unfortunately, I think the Saturn/Uranus transits are stacked against you for the time being. One of my dearest friends is sun conjunct Saturn in Pisces, opposite Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Everything that forms in her life seems to get blasted away. She is feeling quite discouraged–and tired. It just doesn’t appear that she’s going to be able to successfully start anything until Saturn/Uranus “get off her case.”

    I hope you at least find out what became of your crush. As for your bf? It doesn’t sound like he’s worth wasting your thoughts on.


  3. Mem

    Well, as soon as I wrote stuff here I realized how angry I am. And today I’m angry as well, except it’s more about work, although it’s along the same lines. I feel like my goodness is overlooked. And it’s beginning to seriously piss me off.

    Thanks for the post, KayKay. My bf does have some wonderful traits and the relationship had some great things in it. He was extremely supportive and a terrific advocate for me. But there are other things missing for me–and for him. And in typical Venus Rx fashion, I’m going over these things in my mind and trying to figure out what I really need. And also, whether I can sustain a relationship. So, it wasn’t entirely fair of me to portray him only one way because that’s not accurate.


  4. inishglora

    Mem, for what it’s worth, I’ve been in the work situation where everything I did well was ignored or minimized and every mistake or goof was magnified. It’s *NOT WORTH IT* to stay because it will eventually crush your spirit. Trust me on that. Something better will come along if you can take the leap.


  5. Mem

    So true! I got some good news that it will all end soon, though. I know that sounds weird that I’d be happy about the possibility of losing my job but I feel like salvation is near. Or something. Anyway, I do think overall, as horrible as it’s been, the situation has been very good for me. There was a lot of stuff I needed to learn. So even though I’ve been very cranky lately (and in my comments), I’ve also felt very positive about everything, really.


  6. Neith Post author


    So even though I’ve been very cranky lately (and in my comments), I’ve also felt very positive about everything, really.

    Are you sure about that?! :::grin:::

    I do know what you mean about being happy to lose a job. It’s that kind of thing where you know you stuck it out, and no one can say other wise.


  7. steelmanner

    okay…on the day of the uranus conjunct sun..plus the venus retro…i stumbled upon..or rather,it found me…this new flat in a section of seattle i had always dreamed of living…i like my flat i have now…piano and all..but then out of nowhere comes this opportunity to perhaps live in a dreame part of the city…this really feels like the uranus sun thang,,,i have in my natal chart…sun opposition uranus…then i also have a venus conjunct a retrograde merc…..so…this ”feels” like one quick creation, and a wonderful ”perhaps” experience queing up..i sent the application in today….fingers crossed…but i feel itz already mine…a gift from the collective …i also have the saturn/uranus opposition conjunct my nodal axis….this period i find very very juicy for the ”creating”of reality…there you go….


  8. Mem

    “Are you sure about that?! :::grin:::”

    Absolutely. I haven’t even mentioned why: I’ve been very charged up creative-wise. And my bf left me stronger than when he found me.

    About the job: it’s not so much about sticking things out but about having learned some crucial things about office politics and the way the world really works. I also realized a lot of things about the way I used to take on blame automatically and let myself be gaslighted. And, more importantly, about having a sense of agency. In the past if I stuck things out, it was only bc I didn’t realize there were other options. I’d stick things out bc I felt stuck. Now? Not so much. And the same thing with my relationships. It’s a huge shift, that sense of agency.


  9. hitchhiker72

    Just ended a 5 month relationship which by all accounts was intense. In this Venus rx, not sure if it’s final, but I’m not holding my breath either way.

    I’d known about this Venus rx for months, and yet despite all the advice to lie low in relationships, not rock the boat, not say things one may later regret, etc., when feelings are intensified to this degree they’re hard to hold back. Venus rx in this case together with the full moon and the Saturn-Uranus opposition just seems to expose the few cracks there were and expand them into chasms.

    Still it didn’t end acrimoniously but rather civilly. Astrologically, I sometimes wonder if knowing the transits in advance plants something in the unconscious to deal with whatever issues need to be dealt with?


  10. deb

    Hitchhiker, I’d say yes to that last question.

    I wish I’d known about the previous Venus rx (the one in Virgo/Leo in 2007)– would’ve saved me a great deal of headaches that took me almost a year to get over!

    Awareness is always key.


  11. Pat Post author

    Deb, that is a very interesting dream. I encourage everyone to write down and share these so that we can see if there are any patterns.

    Matt from Italy has been writing a lot here about troubling dreams, also about people he knows. The challenge is that dreams often are symbolic, and we can really get freaked out if we take them literally. Once in fear mode, it’s harder to take a deep breath and attempt to put all the pieces together.

    Steelmanner, love that story about the flat! Uranus has a reputation as somewhat malefic, but sometimes the surprises are good! I do think it’s possible that this opposition will force us to come up with creative solutions to our seemingly unsolvable dilemmas.

    Thanks everyone for sharing!


  12. deb

    Thanks, Pat. I love your site.

    I’ve had insane dreams and visions in the past (in addition to “visits”, if you will), but I think that this particular dream got to me– probably because it felt real, even if I don’t exactly read the paper ;).

    Mem, part of my Venus (feminine) rx package seems to include the return of certain women into my life– friends or not. At the same time, I am introduced to women who become longtime friends (so it’s not all too bad).

    This Venus rx in Aries/Pisces feels so much better than the previous one. The one in Virgo/Leo brought a needy Leo into my life that pretty much wreaked a bit of havoc in my relationship for a short time (mainly because I allowed it to happen while being too nice– I’m Venusian), and the aftershocks lasted a few stressful months.

    To top it all off, most words coming from people’s mouths were just downright rude.

    On the bright side, I befriended another Leo female who is just an amazing person. So I don’t feel a need to complain about the past. The past is gone. But wherever I can release a tid-bit from experience, I do…

    This Venus rx is feeling mighty fine. For starters, I’m aware of it. Second, I feel so much more take-charge about my professional status and niche. Third, I LOVE that so many of us are valuing the right stuff. And finally, I’m enjoying a reconnection with my father that I haven’t felt in years!

    I guess that my advice would be to keep clingy types at arm’s length, embrace your inner-child (Aries), put your needs first (i.e., get enough sleep) and/or plan to participate in/host children-related activities.

    Just my thoughts :).


  13. Mem

    Wow, you really have observed a lot during Venus Rx. I never paid attention to it until about two years ago. Thanks for your observations. They were fun and interesting!


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