Ask Real Astrologers: Too Many Transits – HELP!

This week’s question comes from Tonya in British Columbia, Canada:

I’m confused about transits. I know I am going through several bad ones right now and I don’t know which way is up. However, how can you tell WHICH actual transit is most impactful on a chart? When they look like they are all enmeshed and tangled up with each other, none of them make much sense. Some must have more energy or “get to you” more than others. Which ones should I be most alert to right now?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Tonya, you are starting into a major life cycle now: transiting Uranus opposing natal Uranus. I see this as setting the underlying theme for approximately the next year for you. Because you have Uranus conjunct your Sun and Pluto natally, this will be an especially transformative experience – Libra speak for one heck of a ride!

Mars is your chart ruler and as I know from personal experience, his transits to the natal chart can be attention getting. Right now Mars is moving through your fourth house and will be conjoining Uranus there on April 15. Between now and then Mars will be opposing your Sun and Pluto as well as opposing Saturn in the sky on Saturday, April 4. The issues surrounding your feelings about your home, old habit patterns based on childhood experiences and sense of security are bound to be stirred up during this period.

Because this is part of the Uranus opposing Uranus cycle, don’t be too surprised to find yourself making choices that seem out of step with how you have been living. Deciding to relocate to somewhere far from your current locale is possible, perhaps due to an opportunity to take a position in another part of the world. Uranus always pushes us to break out of our old patterns and try something new and different – perhaps more in tune with our most authentic selves.

My suggestion would be at least entertain these possibilities because what might appear unrealistic at first glance may hold the keys to helping you realize dreams you thought had no hope of becoming reality. Sometimes we need to take a risk to be rewarded. Take heart and go for it!

Good luck and many blessings on this journey!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Tonya, you aren’t the only one who’s confused! Predicting the effects of multiple transits is one of the most difficult tasks an astrologer faces.

In general, the transits we feel the most are those involving outer planets in aspect to personal planets and chart angles. We tend to feel conjunctions, oppositions, and squares the most. Sextiles and trines typically bring opportunities, but it’s up to us to act, so these transits often pass by without notice. The inconjunct (150 degree angle, more precisely called the quincunx) can be challenging, but the effects aren’t always obvious.

If two outer planets are in aspect to each other and are activating a key personal planet or chart point, the impact is going to be felt more strongly, but it’s harder to predict. This is even more true if you have more than one planet or chart point involved, as you do. No wonder you are confused!

Looking at your chart, we see two major oppositions, both with several planets involved. First, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune are opposite your natal Jupiter and Venus and square your Ascendant/Descendant. Second, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is taking place on your natal conjunction of the Sun, Pluto, and Uranus.

At first glance, I would give more significance to the second transit, because it involves your Sun-Pluto conjunction, which is a powerful focal point in your chart. But due to the peculiar relationship between Uranus and Neptune, both of these transits are related, and so we need to take a more holistic approach. As I’ve observed charts over the past several months, the theme that’s emerging is that huge, unprecedented opportunities for growth and healing are occurring as we face a situation that we know is outdated and needs to be changed but that we just can’t seem to shake loose from. We are forming a new template of reality, but getting there may require sticking with the old system a little longer until we can see clearly what isn’t working and why. The wisdom that comes out of this exercise will carry us into the new way of being.

Many people I know are in complicated situations right now, which I see as a reflection of this confounding set of planetary interactions.

Hang in there, Tonya, and thanks for writing!

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