Ask Our Readers: Vanity Check

The Bridesmaid by Sir John Everett MillaisVenus recently went through a retrograde period, and while we wrote a lot about the effect on relationships and finances, we’re wondering whether anyone noticed any of the lighter effects of the planet of love and beauty.

Neith started it all by musing about whether the mode of Venus in the natal chart affects a person’s choice of hairstyle and how often they change looks. Does it matter if Venus is in a fixed, mutable, or cardinal sign? Or do other influences in the chart overrule this factor?

“Me, I have Venus in mutable Sagittarius in the first house, so my hair style has changed frequently over the years,” Neith says. “It’s gone from very long to very short and everything in between. I’ve played with curls, straight, different shades of blonde and highlights only.”

However, she knows a woman who hasn’t changed her hair style or color since she was in college . . . over 30 years ago. She has Venus in fixed Taurus. Both of Neith’s sisters have Venus in a cardinal sign, one in Capricorn and the other in Libra. They seem to have consistently chosen attractive but low-maintenance styles.

“I wouldn’t exactly call my style low-maintenance, and I am willing to work a little — mostly because I have to, with this baby fine hair,” Pat says. The keyword for Capricorn is, “I use,” and Pat is definitely all for using the help of technology, provided it comes from responsible companies that don’t harm the environment or test on animals.

To refresh your memory, the cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn; fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius; and mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

So is there a link between the mode of Venus and hairstyles? What do you think?

Image: The Bridesmaid by Sir John Everett Millais, 1851. We’ve seen hair like this in the 80’s as well as the late 60’s, early 70’s. Many a Venus in Leo would die for hair like this!

12 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: Vanity Check

  1. les

    I’ve always associated my abundant “mane” with being Leo rising. But I suppose my Venus in Virgo has also preferred a style that’s reasonably practical, and Venus conjoined Pluto recognizing the seductive aspect of hair. Venus-Pluto might also have to do with the enormous power struggles my mother and I had over my hair from early childhood through most of my adulthood.


  2. Jane

    Venus in Virgo in 7th.

    I’ve never been able to do anything with my hair and it has, I must admit, been a secret ‘shame’ or ’embarrassment’ of mine all my life. As a result (of not being able to do anything with it), I’ve kept the same (always practical) style for longgggggggggggggg periods of time. Basically, I’ve had only three styles over a period of 50 years. I figure the current style will probably see me to my grave…


  3. deb

    I’ve Venus in Scorpio (11th house).

    I also have long, fluffy, curly black hair. I had a haircut in March, five years after my last cut/trim. It was past my waistline at that point, and now it grazes my chest.

    I love long hair and allow it to grow and grow for years and then, out of nowhere, I’ll cut it. I never dye my hair– have only done so once– and only apply a tiny amount of mousse on it every once in a while. Mostly, I wear it in a sexy, just out of bed way(literally), usually in three or four styles.


  4. Anomali

    4th House Venus in Cancer (in a stellium with Sun and Mars)

    I am quite happy with my hair. It is shiny, healthy, and never has a bad day, which is more than I can say for the rest of me; )

    I have lots of fine, straight caramel-colored hair. I wear it long, without layers, with an off-center part. I have had the same hairstyle for the past 10 years following a decade of wearing bangs with my long hair. I did try short hair for a very short while in between but it was not for me.

    Now, for the astrology:

    (Aries Ascendant)
    If you were to run into me out in the world, I would be wearing my hair down, possibly with a Panama hat or fedora or with my sunglasses worn on my head.

    (4th House)
    When I am too warm or am cooking, I wear my hair in a French braid or French twist. With that Cancer stellium, you can bet that I cook a lot, so I can create these styles with lightening speed.

    Also, my hubby and I cut each others’ hair at home, which saves us money and gives us exactly what we want.

    I have a lock of hair from every decade of my life.


  5. Neith Post author

    Thanks all for great feedback!! I love playing around with the occasional post on Venus.

    Jane & les – maybe Venus in Virgo + Pluto translates into a Venus with a more fixed nature. But I also associate Venus in Virgo with a preference for practicality over extreme style, Bauhaus style elegance.

    deb – that is soooo Venus in Scorpio!! A wealth of hair . . .

    Anomali – I love your comment about saving a lock of hair for every decade of your life. That fits perfectly with my idea of Cancer, and wearing a hat is very Aries. My Aries spouse NEVER goes outside without a hat on – usually a ball cap of some kind. I will only wear something on my head if it’s too cold or raining, then usually a hood of some kind. Us Venus in Sagittarius types like the wind in our hair . . . :-D


  6. Jennifer R

    Venus in Taurus and while I make the occasional hair change in color (and one time I had a big haircut due to pneumonia making my hair fall out!), it usually ends up being the same style again and again. I just don’t do the maintenance on hair dye or hair cuts more than a few times a year.


  7. Pat Post author

    Well, now, this may be splitting hairs, but I do make a distinction between what we were given and what we do with it. So yes, Les, I would agree that your mane is probably more a function of strong Leo in your chart.

    I’m more with Jane in terms of what I got, but for different reasons. I am an Aquarius with Aquarius Rising and ruler Uranus in Leo. That means both Sun and ruler are in their detriment, and since Leo is implicated in this unhappy state of affairs, I got stuck with pin-straight, baby fine hair. I might have gone out with a paper bag over my head all my life, were it not for a very competent Venus in Capricorn who is not afraid to make use of the latest products and tools. After all, “I use” is Cap’s key phrase. The only stipulation, according to the Pisces-ruled twelfth house, is that whatever I use can’t cause harm to animals or the environment. Twelfth-house Venus also knows how to create optical illusions, whether it’s thicker-looking hair or clothes that instantly take off 15 pounds!

    Ultimately, your Venus informs us about what you find beautiful and desirable, in yourself as well as in the external world, and how far you’ll go to achieve it.


  8. Mem

    Well, hot diggity, I didn’t know that about the 12th house Venus, Pat! Thank you! Here I’d been thinking all my life that the 12th house Venus was the bane of my existence and it turns out I can be a hot momma if I put my mind to it. My Venus is in Gemini. Someone once described me as a “little woodland creature”. That kinda sounds Venus in Gemini, no? Except that I can’t stand myself with short hair. I feel very drab and unsexy with short hair.

    I have a thick mane of chocolate brown hair which went from straight to wavy when I turned 30. I used to wear it long and wild but it was getting too gnarled and I wanted to be taken seriously in the office so I got it cut shoulder length. I hope I end up being one of those women with good gray hair because I’m too lazy to be getting my roots done every six weeks. Sometimes I wear it wavy and wild and other times I’ll blow it out and look more professional. When it’s dirty, I wear it in an updo. Mostly it’s very casual, though. It IS very Leonine since I’m a Leo Sun.


  9. les

    Yes, the Leo rising mane… and the struggles with my mother over my hair might also be the Moon and Uranus on my Ascendant – I wanted to let my freak flag fly and momma didn’t like my independence!


  10. hitchhiker72

    Venus in Cancer. Definitely low maintenance hair style requiring no more than a quick blow dry.


  11. mm

    Venus in Gemini in 9th conj ruling planet Mercury trine Neptune opp Chiron.

    Very very thick wavy hair, worn short and layered when younger. A few years ago in my early 50s, after my mother died, I started to grow it (not a conscious decision but the timing is interesting). Now a jaw length wild and quirky bob – so much better than the short style. These days I really appreciate my hair.

    Go for practical, wash and let it dry naturally. Recently switched to henna rather than chemicals to cover grey (Virgo Asc).


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