Saturday Extra! The Big Wait-and-See

Photo by Wong Maye-E for The Associated Press.As I sit down to write this morning, the Moon is exactly conjunct Chiron and Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius and moving toward conjunction with Jupiter. The feeling that “something big” is happening is very strong.

I’ve heard these words from several of my “plugged in” friends, and I’ve certainly had the feeling myself. Jupiter, of course, is Mr. Big, and he’s about to turn retrograde. Neptune and Chiron recently went into “reverse,” too, so we’re in a powerful time.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but the healing potential in the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction has been huge, and when we heal from the inside out, we begin to see corresponding changes in our external world. Bigger still, as more of us heal individually, we correct imbalances in the collective, and that makes our world a better place.

The only caution is that many people are just opening to this potential, and while they’re going through the initial shift, they are in internal chaos. If more people are at this level of consciousness, then I think the world could descend into extreme chaos before balance is restored. I have no idea what the numbers are.

What I’ve also observed is that people who are just opening up to this healing power initially resist. They either don’t trust it, or it feels scary and ominous. Sort of like a dog must feel going to the vet. He doesn’t know that it’s going to help him feel better. He just knows that the last time he went into that building, somebody did something to him that hurt, and his dog brain never put two and two together (there are lots of days when I feel like I have a dog brain!).

So this is a big wait-and-see. Unfortunately I’m not able to reveal any details here about what’s happening with me, but there is no doubt that it is really big. My life is changing. If any of you are observing shifts in your own lives or in the lives of those around you, please leave a comment.

Love and blessings to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Is it real or is it La-La Land? This furniture arrangement, called “Phantasy Landscape,” was designed by Verner Panton of Denmark for the National Museum of Singapore. Photo by Wong Maye-E for The Associated Press.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Extra! The Big Wait-and-See

  1. deb

    Iran is quite uneasy.

    Personally, I am doing a thorough cleansing of my friendly circles. It’s time that I stop being so tolerant of arrogant morons.

    On the bright side, I am beginning to see the fruits of my labor. Finally. And not just that, but I’m sort of enjoying watching awful folks sink with their questionable agendas while good hearts rise…


  2. hitchhiker72

    Thanks for this, Pat. I feel like we’ve been waiting and seeing forever… I’m actually hoping for the boil to be lanced soon!

    Have been thinking about the nature of emotional pain a lot lately. Perhaps I could adjust your dog and vet story a little — I think it’s more like going to the dentist. You know it’s going to be good for you at the end, but it doesn’t stop you from dreading the visit, nor feeling the pain while you’re in there!

    Best to everyone. Hope things lighten up soon.


  3. inishglora

    Yes, it does feel like something momentous is in the offing, if the comments, posts, remarks and ideas being tossed around online and offline are any indication. I’m not going to hold my breath though… like hitchhiker72 says, we’ve been waiting and seeing forever. I guess whatever happens will happen when it’s ready.


  4. deb

    So my home is “haunted”– 100% sure of it. A couple of switches that require a semi-forceful tug have powered on “all by themselves”.

    Whoever is tinkering with our electronic stuff has a sense of humor, though! So this should be fun…


  5. nala77

    i am experiencing a shift, earlier on in the month i felt so positive and bouncy, but as my birthday nears on the 21st i am feeling so dejected and that life is pointless, at a standstill and there is no hope of getting out of this rut.

    :( hopefully it passes away soon because i feel uncomfortable feeling these emotions lol




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