Ask Real Astrologers: Wrapping Up an Eclipse Cycle?

This week’s question comes from Rossa in the U.K.:

The third of the summer eclipses, the Full Moon lunar eclipse on August 5, is directly on my natal Sun at 13 Aquarius. What impact will this have on me? The series of three eclipses are close to a number of personal points in my chart, mainly in my first house, so it looks like it may be an intensive summer. Any insights into how these eclipses may resonate with my first house?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Rossa, as you noted in your e-mail to us, you and I have some similarities in our charts, including our Sun at 13 degrees Aquarius, in the first house. And so yes, you bet I’ve been watching this eclipse and anticipating it with a little bit of anxiety. But just a little.

Somehow it got ingrained in the human psyche that eclipses are ill omens — perhaps because people didn’t understand the celestial mechanics, or maybe because they sensed the disturbance in the Earth’s energy field. Who knows? In any case, modern astrologers don’t have quite as sinister a take on this phenomenon. It’s essentially just a supercharged lunation, which can be challenging because of the intensity, but not necessarily bad.

For you and me, I see an end of one phase of our lives, leading to an open door into the next one. Since this is the last in a series in Aquarius and Leo, there almost certainly will be a wrapping up of some kind. But this could happen before August, as eclipses can be felt 30 days or even more in advance.

The new phase of our lives might include changes in a major relationship, since this series has also focused our attention on seventh-house issues. In my case, I’ve clearly been in a learning and testing period over the past couple of years. While many of the events during this period were extremely painful, I am definitely the wiser for it. Awareness of the choices we make is empowering, and it feels like I’m on more solid ground in terms of choosing who to open myself up to.

Now, I sure am interested to hear what Neith has to say about this!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Rossa, not only is this the final eclipse on the Leo-Aquarius axis but this August finds the North Node moving from Aquarius into Capricorn in your first house. These changes will be reflected in the collective as well as the personal and you will have the advantage of being able to access these energies very directly. Practical, pragmatic Capricorn replaces visionary Aquarius underscoring the need to take care of the business at hand.

This also fits with Pat’s sense of one phase ending so another can begin. What loose ends do you need to tidy up before you can move forward? It is particularly important to take care of those at this time because when the North Node hits 29° Capricorn it will be exactly sextile your natal Jupiter, triggering your Jupiter-Midheaven conjunction. A sextile does not have the attention getting “zing” of a conjunction or square but it will provide positive opportunities for you to further your career goals.

Don’t forget the Uranus in Pisces sextile to your natal Mars either – as if you could with Uranus sitting at 26° forever! Here again the aspect is a sextile and encourages change without demanding it. The key to working with these delightful sextiles is paying close attention to what’s going on around you.

I tend to believe you will be experiencing the impact of the eclipse between now and when it occurs. The eclipse its self may be the exclamation point on “The End!” Now is a great time to keep your focus on the path immediately in front of you rather than looking at the long view.

Good luck on your journey!

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  1. Jane

    My parents are coming to town, possibly for an extended stay. It sure would be nice if this visit could indeed be the closing of one door and the opening of another. Lord knows we all need it. :-/


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