Real Astrologer’s Poll: How is it going with Neptune & Co?

We had Mercury square Neptune & Co in April, May, and June; and today Venus is squaring the Aquarius stellium. Mars takes his turn next Monday.

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I know I have felt like my mind has been in a fog bank with occasional moments of clarity and inspiration because the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is sitting in my third house. What about the rest of you?

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5 thoughts on “Real Astrologer’s Poll: How is it going with Neptune & Co?

  1. Jilly

    2nd house. Vaporized my $ due to illness. Also, hitting my husband’s chart & causing difficulty.

    Not a fan.


  2. Neith Post author

    {{{Jilly}}} Not a fan here either.

    Severe communication difficulties w/friends and family. Can’t find the right frequency or volume, so they either don’t hear me at all or get the wrong message.

    At least Saturn in my 10th is helping me there. Saturn=good; Jupiter=pain in the A**!! LOL


  3. inishglora

    10th house of career. Clueless about same and have been for some time now. I want to do something different but I don’t know what, esp. since my health impacts whatever I would be doing. Hate this intensely.


  4. les

    7th house, squaring my Mars in 10th. Jury’s out on the triple conjunction – many wonderful moments, some FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt). I think the FUD is just dealing with lots of old stuff relationship-wise. And dealing with an unexpected new relationship, something I’ve not had much success with, nor practice. Jupiter will station direct on my Descendant/Chiron. And my Chiron return was just over 6 months ago. Not to mention Saturn now in its final pass over my Sun. (Just got a promotion at work.) And of course transiting Pluto in a long trine to my natal Venus-Pluto. So, lots going on!


  5. Taurus41

    I have a Virgo Asc, so Saturn seems to be jerking Neppie back to reality (or some version of it) before I lose touch altogether. But my exes keep bubbling up from the broth…I am reminded of Macbeth. :-)


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